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Ya know I could say I dedicate this website to so and so for helping me with whatever, BUT why would I do that?? Did they make this site NO.  So I dedicate this site to ME

*If you don't like that you can talk to my agent. He's about 2 inches high, has purple skin and likes to run around yelling things about vanilla pudding*

Now you may ask yourself "what is this site about" or "and the reason this guy ISN'T in an asylum is what?"  but that's perfectly ok.  Because I ask myself the second question all the time.....

Anyways this site is about me, my friends, what ever pops in my head at the spur of the moment, and whatever I feel like putting.  If you don't like my website STOP LOOKING AT IT AND GO MAKE YOUR OWN!!!!

Here's some information about me:  I have brown hair and eyes,  I am about 5 foot but I like to pretend I'm not short.  I'm 12 (soon to be 13) and I go to Arthurs Middle School. I'm funny.  I enjoying making people laugh uncontrollably but then they stop because they realize the joke is about them....(of course they don't like it when that happens :-D   ) 

I also like cats.  I have one named Ginger.                             


Here's a shout out to some of my friends.........

Abby W,  Ryan H,  Sarah M (shes my girlfriend you idiot),   Brandon,  Corrine,  Emily,  and many others.......

If I didn't mention you its not because your not my friend, It's just, that I have a short memory span and I probably forgot.  Just tell me if you want your name added.


***Warning warning, this site may contain many animated icons that have nothing to do with the topic on the page. Warning warning***

PIGGYS!!!!!!!!!!!! (this would be one of them)

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