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"John B","Visions (Disc 1)","CD",

"John B","Visions (Disc 2)","CD",

"B-52's","Bouncing off the Satellites","LP Vinyl",

"B-52's","Cosmic Thing","Cassette",

"B-52's","Mesopotamia","LP Vinyl",

"The B-52's","Party Mix","CD",

"B-52's","Whammy","LP Vinyl",

"B-Side","Cairo Nights","LP Vinyl",

"B. Lancaster-O. Pop-E. Crockett-J.R. Mitchell","Philadelphia Spirit In New York","CD",

"Bad Brains","Bad Brains","Cassette",

"Bad Brains","Bad Brains LIVE!","LP Vinyl",

"Bad Brains","I against I","LP Vinyl",

"Badfinger","Day After Day","CD",

"Badfinger","Magic Christian Music","CD",

"Badfinger","No Dice","CD",

"Badfinger","Straight Up","CD",

"Baez, Joan","Any Day Now","LP Vinyl",

"Bailey, Derek","Ballads","CD",

"Bailey, Derek","Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Sonny Sharrock, John Zorn, Bill Laswell, Charles K. Notes / Improvised Music New York 1981","CD",

"Baker, Chet","Chet","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Chet","Chet Baker - My Favourite Songs","CD",

"Baker, Chet","Chet Baker in Milan","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Chet","Chet Baker In New York","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Chet","Chet Baker Introduces Johnny Pace","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Chet","Chet Baker Lee Konitz In Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Chet","Chet Baker Plays the Best of Lerner & Loewe","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Chet","Chet Baker with Fifty Italian Strings","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Chet","Chet Baker With Strings","CD",

"Baker, Chet","Chet's Choice","CD",

"Baker, Ginger","Coward Of The County","CD",

"Baker, Chet","Daybreak","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Ginger","Do What You Like (Disc 1)","CD",

"Baker, Ginger","Do What You Like (Disc 2)","CD",

"Baker, Ginger","Falling Off The Roof","CD",

"Baker, Ginger","Ginger Baker Trio 9/19/95","CD",

"Baker, Ginger","Ginger Baker's African Force with Sonny Sharrock","CD",

"Baker, Ginger","Going Back Home","CD",

"Baker, Ginger","Horses and Trees","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Chet","In Bologna","CD",

"Baker, Chet","It Could Happen To You","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Chet","Let's Get Lost","CD",

"Baker, Chet","Lonely Star: The Prestige Sessions","CD",

"Baker, Ginger","Middle Passage","CD",

"Baker, Chet","Mister B","CD",

"Baker, Chet","No Problem","CD",

"Baker, Chet","On A Misty Night","CD",

"Baker, Chet","Once Upon a Summertime","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Chet","Someday My Prince Will Come","CD",

"Baker, Chet","Stairway To The Stars","CD",

"Baker, Chet","Stella By Starlight","CD",

"Baker, Chet","Strollin'","CD",

"Baker, Ginger","The Album","CD",

"Baker, Chet","The Italian Sessions","CD",

"Baker, Chet","The Last Great Concert - My Favourite Songs (Disc 2)","CD",

"Baker, Chet","The Touch of Your Lips","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Chet","There'll Never Be Another You","CD",

"Baker, Chet","This Is Always","CD",

"Baker, Chet","Tune Up","CD",

"Baker, Ginger","Unseen Rain","CD",

"Baker, Chet","Witch Doctor","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Chet","You Can't Go Home Again","LP Vinyl",

"Baker, Mickey","The Wildest Guitar","LP Vinyl",


"Bebo Baldon","Earth Beat 95","CD",

"Balletto Di Bronzo","Trys","CD",

"Ballin' The Jack","Live At The Edgefest-10/5/02","CD-R",

"Banana, Milton","OS ORIGINAIS","CD",

"Banana, Milton","Trio Balancando","CD",

"Banco","Non Mettere Le Dita Nel Naso","CD",

"Banco de Gaia","Big Men Cry","CD",

"Banco de Gaia","Drunk as a Monk","LP Vinyl",

"Banco de Gaia","I Love Baby Cheesy (Remixes)","CD",

"Banco de Gaia","Igizeh","CD",

"Banco de Gaia","Kincajou","LP Vinyl",

"Banco de Gaia","Last Train to Lhasa","LP Vinyl",

"Banco de Gaia","Last Train To Lhasa (Disc 1)","CD",

"Banco de Gaia","Last Train To Lhasa (Disc 2)","CD",

"Banco de Gaia","Live At Glastonbury","CD",

"Banco de Gaia","Maya","CD",

"Banco de Gaia","Obsidian (Remixes)","CD",

"Banco de Gaia","The Magical Sounds Of Banco De Gaia","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","Acustico","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","B.M.S.","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","Canto Di Primavera","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","Capolinea","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","Come in un'ultima cena","LP Vinyl",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","Darwin","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","Darwin","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","En Concerto, Mexico City, May 28, 1999","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","En Concerto, Mexico City, May 28, 1999","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","Garofano Rosso","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","Io Sono Nato Libero","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","Live in Tokyo '97","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","Nearfest 2001 2Disc set","CD",

"Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso","Papagayo Club - 1972","CD",

"The Band","Academy Of Outtakes (Disc 1)","CD",

"The Band","Academy Of Outtakes (Disc 2)","CD",

"The Band","Cahoots (Remastered)","CD",

"The Band","Live at the Hollywood Bowl","CD",

"The Band","Live At Watkins Glen","CD",

"The Band","Moondog Matinee","CD",

"The Band","Music From Big Pink","CD",

"The Band","Rarities and Oddities","CD",

"The Band","Rock Of Ages (Disc 1)","CD",

"The Band","Rock Of Ages (Disc 2) Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks","CD",

"The Band","StageFright","CD",

"The Band","The Band","CD",

"The Band","The Band Roosevelt Stadium","CD",

"The Band","The Complete Last Waltz 2 disc set","CD",

"The Band","The Last Waltz","DVD",

"The Band","Woodstock 94 Saturday, August 13, 1994 Saugerties, New York","CD",

"Bang On A Can","Brian Eno : Music For Airports","CD",

"Bang, Billy","Bangception, Willisau 1982","CD",

"Bang, Billy","Billy Bang Sextet LIVE at Carlos 1","LP Vinyl",

"Bang, Billy","Fire From Within","CD",

"Bang, Billy","THE POWER Kahil El'Zabar's Tri-Factor with Billy Bang & Hamiet Bluiett","CD",

"Bang, Billy","Tribute To Stuff Smith","CD",

"Bang, Billy","Vietnam-the aftermath","CD",

"Barber, Patricia","Companion","CD",

"Barbieri, Richard","Flame","CD",

"Barbieri, Gato","Bolivia","LP Vinyl",

"Barbieri, Gato","Chapter Three Viva Emiliano Zapata","CD",

"Barbieri, Gato","Confluence","LP Vinyl",

"Barbieri, Gato","El Gato","LP Vinyl",

"Barbieri, Gato","El Pampero","LP Vinyl",

"Barbieri, Gato","Fenix","LP Vinyl",

"Barbieri, Gato","Gato Chapter four ALIVE IN NEW YORK","LP Vinyl",

"Barbieri, Gato","Inner City","LP Vinyl",

"Barbieri, Gato","Latino America (Disc 1)","CD",

"Barbieri, Gato","Latino America (Disc 2)","CD",

"Barbieri, Gato","The Third World","LP Vinyl",

"Barbieri, Gato","Transdimensional Space Window","LP Vinyl",

"Barbieri, Gato","Tropico","LP Vinyl",

"Barbieri, Gato","Under Fire","LP Vinyl",

"Barbieri, Gato","Yesterdays","LP Vinyl",

"Barclay James","Harvest","LP Vinyl",

"Barefield, Spencer","A Spencer Barefield String Ensemble 9/1/96","Cassette",

"Barefield, Spencer","A. Spencer Barefield Quartet Hart Plaza 97","Cassette",

"Barefield, Spencer","After The End","LP Vinyl",

"Barefield, Spencer","Detroit Jazz Festival 9/6/98","CD-R",

"Barefield, Spencer","Live - Detroit","CD",

"Barefield, Spencer","Live At Leverkusener Jazztage","CD",

"Barefield, Spencer","Sound Aspects","LP Vinyl",

"Barefield, Spencer","Xenogenesis 2000","CD",

"Barker, Thurman","The Way I hear It","CD",

"Barker, Andrew","Common Soldier","LP Vinyl",

"Barreto, Ray","Ray Barreto Live In Puerto Rico","CD",

"Barreto, Ray","Ray Barreto Live In Puerto Rico","CD",

"Barrett, Aston","Cobra Style","CD",

"Barrett, Aston","Familyman In Dub","CD",

"Baretto, Ray","Ancestral Messages","CD",

"Baretto, Ray","Barreto","CD",

"Baretto, Ray","Contact","CD",

"Baretto, Ray","Indestructible","CD",

"Baretto, Ray","La Cuna","CD",

"Baretto, Ray","My Summerime","CD",

"Baretto, Ray","Portraits in Jazz & Clave","CD",

"Baretto, Ray","Que Viva La Musica","CD",

"Baretto, Ray","Ray Baretto + New World Spirit 9/11/98","Cassette",

"Baretto, Ray","Rican-Struction","CD",

"Barretto, Ray","Taboo","CD",

"Barron, Kenny","""Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Ten""","Cassette",

"Barron, Kenny","Confirmation","CD",

"Barron, Kenny","Kenny Barron & Ted Dunbar IN TANDEM","LP Vinyl",

"Barron, Kenny","Kenny Barron LIVE! at Fat Tuesdays","LP Vinyl",

"Barron, Kenny","Lemuria-Seascape","CD",

"Barron, Kenny","Live At Bradley's","CD",

"Barron, Kenny","Lucifer","LP Vinyl",

"Barron, Kenny","Other Places","CD",

"Barron, Kenny","Peruvian Blue","CD",

"Barron, Kenny","Rythm A Ning","CD",

"Barron, Kenny","Spirit Song","CD",

"Barron, Kenny","Things Unseen","CD",

"Barron, Kenny","Wanton Spirit","CD",

"Barry, Robert","Duets 2001","CD",

"Bartoli, Cecilia","A Portrait","VHS",

"Bartoli, Cecilia","Mozart Arias - Cecilia Bartoli","CD",

"Bartz, Gary","I've Known Rivers and Other Bodies","LP Vinyl",

"Bartz, Gary","Juju Street Songs","CD",

"Bartz, Gary","Libra/Another Earth","CD",

"Bartz, Gary","Shadows","CD",

"Bartz, Gary","There goes the Neighborhood","CD",

"Basement Jaxx","Remedy","CD",

"Count Basie Orchestra","Live At El Morocco","CD",

"Count Basie Orchestra","The Legend, The Legacy","CD",

"Bass, Colin","An Outcast Of The Islands","CD",

"Bass, Colin","Live At Polskie Radio 3 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bass, Colin","Live At Polskie Radio 3 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bass Communion","Bass Communion","CD",

"Bass Communion","Bass Communion","CD",

"Bass Communion","Bass Communion","CD",

"Bass Communion","Bass Communion","CD",

"Bass Communion","Bass Communion V Muslimgauze","CD",

"Bass Communion","Bass Communion V Muslimgauze EP","CD",

"Bass, Collin","Acoustic Songs - Live Vol.2","CD",

"Batacumbele","Batacumbele in Concert","Cassette",

"Batacumbele","Hijos Del Tambo","CD",

"Batin, Abdul Zahir","Live at the Jazz Cultural Theatre","LP Vinyl",

"Batiste, Alvin","Bayou Magic","CD",

"Batiste, Alvin","Late","CD",

"Batiste, Alvin","Musique D'Afrique Nouvelle Orleans","LP Vinyl",

"Bauhaus","Bega 64","LP Vinyl",


"Bauhaus","Gotham (Disc 2)","CD",


"Bauhaus","Shadow Of Light","VHS",

"Bauza, Mario","My Time Is Now","CD",

"BBM","Around The Next Dream","CD",

"BBM","Where In The World","CD",

"BBM","Where In The World","CD",

"Be Bop Deluxe","Be Bop `Radioland` Deluxe/ BBC Radio 1 `Live` In Concert","CD",

"The Bears","Car Caught Fire + Bonus Tracks","CD",

"The Bears","Rise and Shine","CD",

"The Bears","The Bears at the Blind Pig Ann Arbor, MI.","CD",

"The Beatles","1","CD",

"The Beatles","A Hard Day's Night","CD",

"The Beatles","Abbey Road","CD",

"The Beatles","Beatle Jam - Majestic 3/23/02","CD",

"The Beatles","Beatles '65","LP Vinyl",

"The Beatles","Beatles For Sale","CD",

"The Beatles","Beatles VI","LP Vinyl",

"The Beatles","Blue Floyd BB King's Bar & Grille New York, NY 01/17/02","CD",

"The Beatles","Get Back, Glynis","CD",

"The Beatles","Help!","CD",

"The Beatles","Hey Jude","LP Vinyl",

"The Beatles","Kinfauns","CD",

"The Beatles","Last Year (February 1969 to Jfanuary 1970)","CD",

"The Beatles","Let It Be","CD",

"The Beatles","Let It Be-VHS","VHS",

"The Beatles","Live In Japan","VHS",

"The Beatles","Magical Mystery Tour","CD",

"The Beatles","Meet the Beatles (The first album by England's Phenomenal Pop Combo)","LP Vinyl",

"The Beatles","Please Please Me","CD",

"The Beatles","Revolver","CD",

"The Beatles","Rubber Soul","CD",

"The Beatles","Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band","CD",

"The Beatles","Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Trance Remixes","CD",

"The Beatles","The Beatles (White Album) (Disc 1)","CD",

"The Beatles","The Beatles (White Album) (Disc 2)","CD",

"The Beatles","The Beatles' Second Album","LP Vinyl",

"The Beatles","Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 4","CD",

"The Beatles","With The Beatles","CD",

"The Beatles","Yellow Submarine","CD",

"The Beatles","Yellow Submarine-VHS","VHS",

"Beck, Jeff","Arms 83 NYC","VHS",

"Beck, Jeff","Assorted Boogies","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Beck-Ola","LP Vinyl",

"Beck, Jeff","Best Shot","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Blow By Blow","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Blow Your Mind 2 disc set","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Broken Wire 6/76","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Cobo Arena 10/16/80 Detroit, Michigan","Cassette",

"Beck, Jeff","Diamond Dust","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Freeway Jamming With Jan (Disc 1)","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Freeway Jamming With Jan (Disc 2)","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Going Down","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Jeff Beck at the Fox Theatre March 13, 01","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group LIVE","LP Vinyl",

"Beck, Jeff","Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas","LP Vinyl",

"Beck, Jeff","Jones Beach,NY-6/Aug/95","VHS",

"Beck, Jeff","Out Of A Book","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","The Blues Place at the Jazz Time","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","There And Back","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","There and Back","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Truth","LP Vinyl",

"Beck, Jeff","Who Else!","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Wired","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","Wired up 1976","CD",

"Beck, Jeff","You Had it Coming","CD",

"Bieckerhoff, Uri","Frankfurt 10/24/90","CD",

"Beirach, Richie","Convergence","CD",

"Beirach, Richie","EON","LP Vinyl",

"Beirach, Richie","Hubris","LP Vinyl",

"Beirach, Richie","Richard Beirach ELM","LP Vinyl",

"Beirach, Richie","Self Portraits","CD",

"Belafonte, Harry","Calypso","LP Vinyl",

"Belew, Adrian","Excerpts","CD",

"Belew, Adrian","St. Andrew's Hall 6/6/87","CD",

"Belew, Adrian","The Acoustic Adrian Belew","CD",

"Belew, Adrian","The Guitar As Orchestra","CD",

"Bellson, Louis","Ecue-Ritmos Cubanos","LP Vinyl",

"Bendian, Gren","Ann Arbor 10/5/01+ New York 6/28/97","CD-R",

"Bendian, Gren","Interzone","CD",

"Bendian, Gren","Myriad","CD",

"Bendian, Gren","Requiem For Jack Kirby","CD",

"Benjamin, Sathima Bea","LoveLight","LP Vinyl",

"Bennett, Headley","Deadly Headley 35 years from Alpha","CD",

"Benson, George","Bad Benson","CD",

"Benson, George","Beyond The Blue Horizon (Remaster)","CD",

"Benson, George","Body Talk","CD",

"Benson, George","It's Uptown","CD",

"Benson, George","Tenderly","LP Vinyl",

"Benson, George","The George Benson Cookbook","CD",

"Benson, George","The New Boss Guitar of George Benson","LP Vinyl",

"Berg, Bob","Cycles","CD",

"Berg, Bob","The JazzTimes Superband","CD",

"Bergamo, John","On The Edge","LP Vinyl",

"Berger, Bengt","Bitter Funeral Beer","LP Vinyl",

"Berger, Karl","All Kinds of Time","LP Vinyl",

"Berger, Karl","Transit","LP Vinyl",

"Bergman, Borah","A New Frontier","LP Vinyl",

"Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra","Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra","LP Vinyl",

"Bernie, Tim","Live at the Edgefest-10/04/02","CD-R",

"Berrios, Steve","And Then Some!","CD",

"Berrios, Steve","First World","CD",

"The Beta Band","Hot Shots II","CD",

"Betancourt, Justo","Justo Betancourt/Pa Bravo Yo","CD",

"Betts, Richard","Highway Call","CD",

"Betts, Richard","Let's Get Together","CD",

"Betts, Richard","Pattern Disruptive","CD",

"Betts, Richard","The Great Southern Riff","CD",

"Big Country","1st Avenue Minneapolis 11/6.93","CD",

"Big Black","Elements of Now!","LP Vinyl",

"Big Black","Ethnic Fusion","LP Vinyl",

"Big James","Funky Blue","CD",

"Big Bud","Infinity + Infinity","CD",

"Big Bud","Intersperse","LP Vinyl",

"Big Bud","Late Night Blues","CD",

"Big Bud","Late Night Blues pt.II","CD",

"Big Black","Message to our Ancestors","LP Vinyl",

"Big Country","Steeltown","LP Vinyl",

"Big Country","The Crossing","LP Vinyl",

"Big Country","The Seer","LP Vinyl",

"Big Brother & The Holding Company","Big Brother And The Holding Company","CD",

"Big Brother & The Holding Company","Cheap Thrills","CD",

"Big Star","#1 Record/Radio City","CD",

"Big Star","Live","CD",

"Big Sugar","500 Pounds","CD",

"Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows","Live from Chicago! Bigger than life!!","LP Vinyl",

"Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows","Playing for Keeps","LP Vinyl",

"Big Youth","Natty Universal Dread (1975-1979) (Disc 3 of 3) - Hotter Fire","CD",

"Big Youth","Natty Universal Dread 1973 (Disc 1 of 3) (Hot Stock)","CD",

"Big Youth","Natty Universal Dread 1973-1975 (Disc 2 of 2) Reggae Phenomenon","CD",

"Billy ""C""","Where have you been, Billy Boy?","LP Vinyl",

"BIO","PHASES 1972-1982","CD",

"Birdsongs of the Mesozoic","Nearfest June 22, 2001","CD",


"Bishop, Andrew","Live At The Edgefest-10/3/02","CD-R",

"Bishop, Walter Jr.","Hot House","LP Vinyl",

"Raoul Björkenheim","Apocalypso","CD",

"Bjornstad,Ketil","Darling / Christensen / Rypdal / The Sea II","CD",


"Black Sabbath","Black Sabbath Numbered Limited Edition Remastered Recordings","LP Vinyl",

"Black Sabbath","Born Again","CD",

"Black Sabbath","Cross Purposes","CD",

"Black Sabbath","Cross Purposes Live","CD",

"Black Sabbath","Dehumanizer","CD",

"Black Sabbath","Eternal Idol","CD",

"Black Crowes","Foamfoot - Crowes From The Closet","CD",

"Black Sabbath","Heaven And Hell","CD",

"Black Sabbath","I Time","LP Vinyl",

"Black Sabbath","IRON MAN 2 1974","CD",

"Black Sabbath","IRON MAN 1 1970","CD",

"Black Sabbath","Live Evil","CD",

"Black Sabbath","Past Lives (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bahia Black","Ritual Beating System","CD",

"Black Sabbath","San Francisco 11/27/70","CD-R",

"Black Sabbath","Seventh Star","CD",

"Black Sabbath","The Black Sabbath Story-Pt 1 & 2","VHS",

"Black Sabbath","Under Wheels Of Confusion 1970-1987 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Black Sabbath","Under Wheels Of Confusion 1970-1987 (Disc 3)","CD",

"Black Sabbath","Under Wheels Of Confusion 1970-1987 (Disc 4)","CD",

"Black Sabbath","Under wheels of confusion vol 2","CD",

"Black Flag","In My Head","LP Vinyl",

"Black Flag","Live '84","Cassette",

"Black Flag","Slip It In","LP Vinyl",

"Black Flag","The First Four Years","Cassette",

"Black Flag","The Process of Weeding Out","LP Vinyl",

"Black Flag","Who's Got the 10 l/2? Live '85","Cassette",

"Black Rock Coalition","History Of Our Future","CD",

"Black Swan Quartet","Black Swan Quartet","LP Vinyl",

"Black Top","Blues-A-Rama Volume 3 Live at Tipitina's, New Orleans","Cassette",

"Black Top","Blues-A-Rama, Volume 4 Down & Dirty","Cassette",

"Black Top","Blues-A-Rama, Volume 5 Live at Tiptina's","Cassette",

"Black Uhuru","Brutal Dub","LP Vinyl",

"Black Uhuru","Chill Out","Cassette",

"Black Uhuru","DUBBIN' IT LIVE","CD",

"Black Uhuru","Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?","CD",

"Black Uhuru","Liberation: The Island Anthology (Disc 1)","CD",

"Black Uhuru","Liberation: The Island Anthology (Disc 2)","CD",

"Black Uhuru","Live in New York City","LP Vinyl",

"Black Uhuru","Prince Jammy Presents Uhuru in DUB","CD",

"Black Uhuru","Red","LP Vinyl",

"Black Uhuru","Sinsemilla","LP Vinyl",

"Black Uhuru","Tear It Up-Live","VHS",

"Black Uhuru","The Dub Factor","LP Vinyl",

"Black Uhuru","The Positive Dub","Cassette",

"Blackman, Cindy","Trio + Two","CD",

"Blackwell, Ed","Walls-Bridges","CD",

"Blackwell, Ed","What It Be Like?","CD",

"Blackwell, Ed","What It Is","CD",

"Blades, Reuben","Y Son Del Solar....LIVE!","Cassette",

"Blake, Alex","Now Is The Time - Live At The Knitting Factory","CD",

"Blake, John","Maiden Dance","LP Vinyl",

"Blake, Ran","A Memory Of Vienna","CD",

"Blake, Ran","Ran Blake/Jaki Byard Improvisations","LP Vinyl",

"Blake, Ran","Short Life of Barbara Monk","LP Vinyl",

"Blakey, Art","""in my prime"" vol. 1","LP Vinyl",

"Blakey, Art","Africaine","CD",

"Blakey, Art","Art Blakey and the ""Jazz Messengers"" LIVE!","LP Vinyl",

"Blakey, Art","Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers Vol 2, Mission Eternal","CD",

"Blakey, Art","Art Blakey Quartet--A Jazz Message","LP Vinyl",

"Blakey, Art","Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers With Thelonious Monk","CD",

"Blakey, Art","Caravan","LP Vinyl",

"Blakey, Art","Drums Around The Corner","CD",

"Blakey, Art","For Minors Only","CD",

"Blakey, Art","Free For All","CD",

"Blakey, Art","Freedom Rider","CD",

"Blakey, Art","Impulse!","CD",

"Blakey, Art","Kyoto","LP Vinyl",

"Blakey, Art","Live at Montreux and Northsea","LP Vinyl",

"Blakey, Art","Moanin","CD",

"Blakey, Art","Not Yet","LP Vinyl",

"Blakey, Art","Orgy in Rhythm","CD",

"Blakey, Art","Reflections in Blue","LP Vinyl",

"Blakey, Art","Ritual","CD",

"Blakey, Art","Roots And Herbs","CD",

"Blakey, Art","Second Edition","CD",

"Blakey, Art","The African Beat","CD",

"Blakey, Art","The Witch Doctor","CD",

"Blakey, Art","Thermo","LP Vinyl",

"Blakey, Art","Vol. 1-Child's Dance","CD",

"Blame","Blame Presents Logical Progression Level 2 Disk A","CD",

"Blame feat. DRS","Progression Sessions 2","CD",

"The Blasters","Hard Line","LP Vinyl",

"Bley Koglmann Peacock","Annette","CD",

"Bley, Bruce Taylor","Weird Of Hermiston","CD",

"Bley, Carla","4 X 4","CD",

"Bley, Carla","B.O.F. Mortelle Randonnee","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Carla","Big Band Theory","CD",

"Bley, Carla","Carla Bley LIVE! 1982","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Carla","Dinner Music","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Carla","Escalator Over the Hill","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Carla","European Tour 1977","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Carla","Fleure Carnivore","CD",

"Bley, Carla","Go Together","CD",

"Bley, Carla","Heavy Heart","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Carla","I hate to sing","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Carla","Live In Montral","DVD",

"Bley, Carla","Musique Mecanique","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Carla","Night-glo","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Carla","Sextet","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Carla","Social Studies","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Carla","The Very Big Carla Bley Band","CD",

"Bley, Carla","Tropic Appetites","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","AXIS","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","Copenhagen and Haarlem","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","Fragments","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","Inner City","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","Introducing Paul Bley with Charlie Mingus Art Blakey","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","Japan Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","NHOP Inner City","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","Open, to love","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","Paul Bley & Scorpio","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","Paul Bley Ballads","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","Paul Bley with Gary Peacock","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","Quiet Song","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","Ramblin'","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","The Paul Bley Group","LP Vinyl",

"Bley, Paul","The Paul Bley Quartet","LP Vinyl",


"The Blind Boys Of Alabama","Higher Ground","CD",

"Blind Faith","Blind Faith - Deluxe Edition (Disc 1)","CD",

"Blind Faith","Blind Faith - Deluxe Edition (Disc 1)","CD",


"Blind Faith","Hyde And Seek","CD",

"Blind Faith","Stepping Stones II","CD",

"Blondie","Blonde And Beyond","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","After Dark","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","America - Do You Remember The Love?","LP Vinyl",

"Blood Ulmer James","Are You Glad To Be in America?","LP Vinyl",

"Blood Ulmer James","Black And Blues","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Black Rock","LP Vinyl",

"Blood Ulmer James","Bloody Guitar","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Blue Blood","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Blues Preacher","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Elec. Jazz","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Eyelevel 5.49 Blues Don't Fail me Now 4.31","LP Vinyl",

"Blood Ulmer James","Forbidden Blues","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Free Lancing","LP Vinyl",

"Blood Ulmer James","Harmolodic Guitar With Strings","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","In Touch","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Jazzbühne Berlin '85 Vol. 12","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Live At The Bayerischer Hof","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Live at the Caravan of Dreams","LP Vinyl",

"Blood Ulmer James","Memphis Blood - The Sun Sessions","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Music Revelation Ensemble","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Music Speaks Louder Than Words","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","No Wave Music Revelation Ensemble","LP Vinyl",

"Blood Ulmer James","Odyssey","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Original Phalanx","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Part Time","LP Vinyl",

"Blood Ulmer James","Phalanx Got Something Good For you","LP Vinyl",

"Blood Ulmer James","Reunion","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Revealing","CD",

"Blood Ulmer James","Tales of Captain Black","LP Vinyl",

"Blood Ulmer James","The Blues Allnight","LP Vinyl",

"Blood Ulmer James","Wings-Zurich 4/11/88","CD",

"Blood Sweat and Tears","Child Is Father To The Man","LP Vinyl",

"Bloomfield, Michael","Don't Say That I Ain't Your Man! Essential Blues 1964-1969","CD",

"Bloomfield, Michael","I'm Cutting Out","LP Vinyl",

"Bloomfield, Michael","Live Adventures","Cassette",

"Bloomfield, Michael","Live at Bill Graham's Fillmore West","LP Vinyl",

"Bloomfield, Michael","Super Session","CD",

"Bloomfield, Michael","The Live Adventures Of (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bloomfield, Michael","The Live Adventures Of (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bloomfield, Michael","Triumvirate","LP Vinyl",

"Bloomfield, Michael","Try It Before You Buy It","CD",

"Blu Mar Ten","Producer 03","CD",

"Blue Floyd","Harper's Ferry - Allston, MA - 2-1-00 (Set 1)","CD",

"Blue Floyd","Harper's Ferry - Allston, MA - 2-1-00 (Set 2)","CD",

"Blue Floyd","Mulligan's Richmond, Va 2/7/00","CD",

"Blue Floyd","Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, GA - 2-12-00","CD",

"Blue Floyd","Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, GA - 2-12-00 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Blue Floyd","Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, GA - 2-12-00 (Disc 3)","CD",

"Blue Floyd","Wetland's Preserve 1-31-00 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Blue Floyd","Wetland's Preserve 1-31-00 (Disc 3)","CD",

"Blue Floyd","Wetlands Preserve 1-31-00 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Blue Heron","Kelvynator Funk it Up","LP Vinyl",

"Blue Oyster Cult","Blue Oyster Cult/Tyranny And Mutation","CD",

"Blue Oyster Cult","On Your Feet Or On Your Knees","CD",

"Blues Brothers","The Blues Brothers Original Soundtrack Recording","LP Vinyl",

"Blues Traveler","Blues Traveler","CD",

"Blues Traveler","Live From The Fall (Disc 1)","CD",

"Blues Traveler","Live From the Fall (Disc 2)","CD",

"Blues Traveler","On Tour Forever","CD",

"Blues Traveler","Save His Soul","CD",

"Blues Traveler","Travelers & Thieves","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","...If You Have To Ask...","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Ballads & Blues","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Baritone Nation","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Birthright","LP Vinyl",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","BlueBlack","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Ebu","LP Vinyl",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Endangered Species","LP Vinyl",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","If you have to ask.....You don't need to know","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Im-Possible To Keep (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Im-Possible To Keep (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Live At Carlos I","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Live At Carlos I-Another Night","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Live At Carlos I: Last Night","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Live At The Knitting Factory","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Nali Kola","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Resolution","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Same Space","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Sankofa/Rear Garde","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","Saying Something For All","CD",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","The Clarinet Family","LP Vinyl",

"Bluiett, Hamiet","With Eyes Wide Open","CD",

"Blythe, Arthur","Basic Blythe","LP Vinyl",

"Blythe, Arthur","Blythe Byte","CD",

"Blythe, Arthur","Blythe Spirit","LP Vinyl",

"Blythe, Arthur","Bush Baby","LP Vinyl",

"Blythe, Arthur","da-da","LP Vinyl",

"Blythe, Arthur","Elaborations","LP Vinyl",

"Blythe, Arthur","Hipmotism","CD",

"Blythe, Arthur","Illusions","CD",

"Blythe, Arthur","Illusions","LP Vinyl",

"Blythe, Arthur","In The Tradition","LP Vinyl",

"Blythe, Arthur","Lennox Avenue Breakdown","CD",

"Blythe, Arthur","Light Blue Arthur Blythe plays Thelonious Monk","LP Vinyl",

"Blythe, Arthur","Metamorphosis","LP Vinyl",

"Blythe, Arthur","Reflection","CD",

"Blythe, Arthur","Spirits In The Field","CD",

"Blythe, Arthur","The Grip","LP Vinyl",

"Bo Deans","Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams","LP Vinyl",

"Brookmeyer, Bob","Jazz Is A Kick","LP Vinyl",

"Brookmeyer, Bob","Live at Sandy's","LP Vinyl",

"Brookmeyer, Bob","The Dual Role of Bob Brookmeyer","LP Vinyl",

"Brookmeyer, Bob","The Ivory Hunters","CD",

"Bobby and the Midnites","Bobby & The Midnites","LP Vinyl",

"Bobby and the Midnites","Where the Beat Meets the Street","LP Vinyl",

"Bradford, Bobby","Comin' On","CD",

"Bradford, Bobby","Lost in L.A.","LP Vinyl",

"Bradford, Bobby","One Night Stand","LP Vinyl",

"Bobo, Willie","Juicy","CD",

"Body Count","Body Count","Cassette",

"Bola Sete","Bola Sete At The Monterey Jazz Festival","CD",

"Boland, Francy","Open Door","LP Vinyl",

"Charles Boles Explorations","Charles Boles Exploration Gary Shunk Trio y Pepper Adams","Cassette",

"Bolin, Tommy","Come Taste The Man","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","ebbets field 1974 alternate takes","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","Energy","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","First Time Live (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","First Time Live (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","From The Archives Vol. 1","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","From The Archives, Volume Two","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","Live At Ebbets 1974","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","Live At Ebbets 1976","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","Live At Northern Lights","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","Private Eyes","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","Snapshot","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","Teaser","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","The Bottom Shelf","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","The Energy Radio Broadcasts (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","The Energy Radio Broadcasts (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bolin, Tommy","Tommy Bolin & Alphonse Mouzon fusion jam","CD",

"Bolland, C.J.","DJ-Kicks: C.J. Bolland","CD",

"Bon","Full Circle/Coming Home","CD",

"Bon","To The Bone","CD",

"Bond, Graham","Jazz, Blues, Rock & Alchemy","CD",

"Bond, Graham","Solid Bond","LP Vinyl",

"Bond, Graham","The Sound of 65","LP Vinyl",

"Bonilla, Marc","American Matador","CD",

"Bonner, Joe","Angel Eyes by Joe Bonner","LP Vinyl",

"Bonner, Joe","Devotion Joe Bonner solo piano","LP Vinyl",

"Bonner, Joe","Suite for Chocolate","LP Vinyl",

"Bonner, Joe","The Lost Melody","LP Vinyl",

"Bonzo","Bonzo Goes To Washington","LP Vinyl",

"Booker T. & The MG's","Funky Broadway: Stax Revue Live At The 5/4 Ballroom","CD",

"Booker T. & The MG's","Go Tell It On The Mountain","CD",

"Booker T. & The MG's","In The Christmas Spirit","LP Vinyl",

"Booker T. & The MG's","Otis, Onions And The Blues","CD",

"Booker T. & The MG's","Time Is Tight (Disc 1)","CD",

"Booker T. & The MG's","Time Is Tight (Disc 2)","CD",

"Booker T. & The MG's","Time Is Tight (Disc 3)","CD",

"Borg, Emil","My Father's Record","45 RPM",

"Borgmann/Morris/Charles","Last Concert-Dankeschon","CD",

"Bosch, Jimmy","Salsa Dura","CD",

"Bosch, Jimmy","Soneando Trombon","CD",

"Botellita De Jerez","Botellita De Jerez","CD",

"Botellita De Jerez","El Último Guacarrock","CD",

"Botellita De Jerez","La Venganza Del Hijo Del Guacarock","CD",

"Botellita De Jerez","Naco Es Chido","CD",

"Boukman Eksperyans","Vodou Adjae","Cassette",

"Bourelly, Jean-Paul","Blackadelic Blu","CD",

"Bourelly, Jean-Paul","Boom Bop","CD",

"Bourelly, Jean-Paul","Fade To Cacophony","CD",

"Bourelly, Jean-Paul","Jungle Cowboy","LP Vinyl",

"Bourelly, Jean-Paul","Saints & Sinners","CD",

"Bourelly, Jean-Paul","Trance Atlantic (Boom Bop II)","CD",

"Bourelly, Jean-Paul","Tribute To Jimi","CD",

"Bourelly, Jean-Paul","Trippin'","CD",

"Bowie, David","""Heroes""","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","1.Outside","CD",

"Bowie, David","A& E-Live By Request 2001","VHS",

"Bowie, David","Adventures In Cyberspace (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bowie, David","Adventures In Cyberspace (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bowie, David","Aladdin Sane","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, David","Bowie At The Beeb","CD",

"Bowie, David","Bowie At The Beeb (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bowie, David","Bowie At The Beeb (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bowie, David","Buenos Aires-07-NOV-97","VHS",

"Bowie, David","David Bowie baton rouge","CD",

"Bowie, David","David Bowie Live By Request / New York 6/15/02","CD",

"Bowie, David","David Bowie 96","VHS",

"Bowie, David","David Bowie All Saints Collected Instrumentals 1977 - 1999","CD",

"Bowie, David","David Bowie State Theatre Detroit, MI Sept 22, 1997","CD",

"Bowie, David","Detroit Cobo Arena 4/21/78 Pt 1 of 2","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","Diamond Dogs","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","Earthling","CD",

"Bowie, David","Glastonbury 2000 (Disc1)","CD",

"Bowie, David","Glastonbury 2000 (Disc2)","CD",

"Bowie, David","Heathen","CD",

"Bowie, David","Heathen (Bonus Disc)","CD",

"Bowie, David","Hours","CD",

"Bowie, David","Hunky Dory","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","Let's Dance","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, David","Live","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","Live at the Kit Kat Club","CD",

"Bowie, David","Live Dance","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, David","Live. Inside (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bowie, David","Live. Inside (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bowie, David","Lodger","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","Low","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","Pin Ups","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","Radio City Music Hall-15/10/97","VHS",

"Bowie, David","Santa Monica '72","CD",

"Bowie, David","Scary Monsters","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","Space Oddity","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","Stage","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","Station To Station","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","The Man Who Sold The World","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars","CD",

"Bowie, David","Tin Machine-Live In Amsterdam 88","VHS",

"Bowie, David","Tonight","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, David","Young Americans","Cassette",

"Bowie, David","Ziggy Stardust","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, David","Ziggy Stardust (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bowie, Joseph","I Can't Figure Out (Whatcha Doin' To Me)","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, Joseph","Joseph bowie - Oliver Lake","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, Lester","All The Magic!","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, Lester","Avant pop","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, Lester","Duet","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, Lester","Funky T. Cool T.","CD",

"Bowie, Lester","Hello Dolly","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, Lester","I Only Have Eyes For You","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, Lester","My Way","CD",

"Bowie, Lester","Numbers 1 & 2","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, Lester","Rope-A-Dope","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, Lester","Serious Fun","CD",

"Bowie, Lester","The 5th Power","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, Lester","The Great Pretender","LP Vinyl",

"Bowie, Lester","The Odyssey Of Funk & Popular Music","CD",

"Bowie, Lester","The Organizer","CD",

"Bowie, Lester","Twilight Dreams","LP Vinyl",

"Bowness, Tim","Live","CD",

"Bowness, Tim","Tim Bowness & Peter Chilvers Demos 2001","CD",

"Bowness, Tim","World of Bright Futures (Disc1)","CD",

"Boyd, Eddie","7936 South Rhodes","CD",

"Boyd, Eddie","Eddie Boyd & His Blues Band","CD",

"Bozzio, Levin, Stevens","Black Light Syndrome","CD",

"Bozzio, Levin, Stevens","Situation Dangerous","CD",

"Bracha","Bracha","LP Vinyl",

"Brackeen, Charles","Rhythm X The music of Charles Brackeen Dolphy Series 4","LP Vinyl",

"Brackeen, Joanne","Ancient Dynasty","LP Vinyl",

"Brackeen, Joanne","Fi-Fi Goes to Heaven","LP Vinyl",

"Brackeen, Joanne","PRISM","LP Vinyl",

"Brahem, Anouar trio","Astrakan Cafe","CD",

"Braith, George","The Complete Blue Note Sessions (Disc 1)","CD",

"Braith, George","The Complete Blue Note Sessions (Disc 2)","CD",

"Brand X","{Missing Period}","CD",

"Brand X","Live at the House of Blues 6/2/99","CD",

"Brand X","Manifest Destiny","CD",

"Brand X","Masques","CD",

"Brand X","Moroccan Roll","CD",

"Brand X","Sheffield 1997","CD",

"Brand X","Squared Illinois 1977","CD",

"Brand X","The X-Files (Disc 1)","CD",

"Brand X","The X-Files (Disc 2)","CD",

"Brand X","Timeline (Disc 1)","CD",

"Brand X","Timeline (Disc 2)","CD",

"Brand X","Unorthodox Behaviour","CD",

"Brand X","XCommunication","CD",

"Brand, Dollar","""memories""","LP Vinyl",

"Brand, Dollar","African Dawn","LP Vinyl",

"Brand, Dollar","African Marketplace","LP Vinyl",

"Brand, Dollar","African Sketchbook","LP Vinyl",

"Brand, Dollar","Anthem for the new Nations","LP Vinyl",

"Brand, Dollar","Echoes from Africa","LP Vinyl",

"Brand, Dollar","Ode to Duke Ellington","LP Vinyl",

"Brand, Dollar","The Children of Africa","LP Vinyl",

"The Brass Company","Colors","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","10 Compositions Duet 1995","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","3 Compositions Of New Jazz","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","4 (Ensemble) Compositions-1992","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Alto Saxophone Improvistations 1979","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton Actuel Vol. 15","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton Duets 1976","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton Five Compositions (Quartet) 1986","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton For Trio","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton Four Compositions (Quartet) 1983","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton Four Compositions (Quartet) 1984","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton Kenny Wheeler Dave Holland Barry Altschul At Moers Festival","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton Six Compositions: Quartet","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton Six Duets (1982) featuring: John Lindberg","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton Solo Live at Moers Festival","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton with Robert Schumann String Quartet","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton/New York, Fall 1974","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton: Composition 113","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Anthony Braxton: Composition '98","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Charlie Parker Project 1993 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Composition No. 94 For Three I","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Creative Orchestra (Köln) 1978","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Creative Orchestra (Koln) 1978 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Creative Orchestra Music 1976","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Dortmund (Quartet) 1976","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Eight (+3) Tristano Compositions 1989","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Elements of Surprise","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Five Pieces 1975","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","For Alto","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","For Two Pianos","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","In The Tradition","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","In The Tradition Volume 2","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Knitting Factory/Vol. 1-1994","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Open Aspects '82","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Performance 9/1/79","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Quartet (London) 1985","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Quintet (Basel) 1977","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Saxophone Improvisations/Series F.","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Seven Compositions 1978","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Seven Standards 1985, Volume 1","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Seven Standards 1985, Volume II","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Seven Standards 1995","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Silence & Time Zones","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Six Monk's Compositions (1987)","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Solo Piano (Standards)","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Solo Piano (Standards)","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Ten Compostions (Quartet) 2000","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Tentet (New York) 1996","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","The complete Braxton 1971","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","The Montreux/Berlin Concerts","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","this time.........","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Together Alone","LP Vinyl",

"Braxton, Anthony","Town Hall (Trio & Quintet) 1972","CD",

"Braxton, Anthony","Trio and Duet","LP Vinyl",

"The Brecker Brothers","Heavy Metal Be-Bop","LP Vinyl",

"Brecker, Randy","Score","CD",

"Brecker, Randy","Time Is Of The Essence","CD",

"Brecker, Michael","Don't Try This At Home","LP Vinyl",

"Brecker, Michael","Michael Brecker","LP Vinyl",

"Breuker, Willem","Willem Breuker Collective","LP Vinyl",

"The Brides Of Dr Funkentein","Live At The Howard Theatre, 1978","CD",

"Bridgewater Brothers","Generations Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Bridgewater Brothers","Lightning and Thunder","LP Vinyl",

"Bright Moments","Return Of The Lost Tribe","CD",

"Brignola, Nick","Baritone Madness","LP Vinyl",

"Brignola, Nick","Burn Brigade","LP Vinyl",

"Brook, Michael","A - Michael Brook - ""ECHOES"" 6/18/90 B Steve Roadh ""Echoes"" 10/10/90","Cassette",

"Brook, Michael","Albino Alligator","CD",

"Brook, Michael","Cobalt Blue","CD",

"Brook, Michael","Falledparken Copenhagen 1987","CD",

"Brook, Michael","Hybrid with Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois","LP Vinyl",

"Brook, Michael","Live At The Aquarium","CD",

"Brook, Michael","Michael Brook and Duivan Gasparyan Park West Chicago 8/6/99","CD",

"Brook, Michael","Shona","CD",

"Brooks, Cedric","Cedric 'IM' Brooks - United Africa","CD",

"Brooks, Cecil","The Collective","LP Vinyl",

"Brooks, Lonnie","Bayou Lightning","LP Vinyl",

"Brooks, Lonnie","Hot Shot","LP Vinyl",

"Brooks, Lonnie","Live from Chicago Bayou Lightning Strikes","LP Vinyl",

"Brooks, Lonnie","Turn on the Light","LP Vinyl",

"Brooks, Lonnie","Wound Up Tight","LP Vinyl",

"Brooks, Roy","Duet In Detroit","CD",

"Brooks, Roy","Roy Brooks Montreaux Detroit Jazz Fest Michigan","Cassette",

"Brooks, Roy","Roy Brooks + Artistic Truth 9/3/88","Cassette",

"Brooks, Roy","The Free Slave","CD",

"Brooks, Tina","The Complete Blue Note Recordings of the Tina Brooks Quintets","LP Vinyl",

"Brooks, Tiny","True Blue","CD",

"Broom, Bobby","Modern Man","CD",

"Brotherhood Of Breath","Travelling Somewhere","CD",

"The Brothers Groove","layin' in the cut","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","Aoyama Crows","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","Balls","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","Broken English","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","Daredevil","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","Die Like A Dog Quartet / Little Birds Have Fast Hearts - No. 1","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","For Adolphe Sax","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","Little Birds Have Fast Hearts No. 2","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","Low Life","LP Vinyl",

"Brötzmann, Peter","Nothung","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","Right As Rain","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","Short Visit To Nowhere","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","Stone/Water","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","The ""Wels"" Concert (Parts 1 - 3)","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","The Atlanta Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Brötzmann, Peter","The Chicago Octet-Tentet","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","The Chicago Octet-Tentet","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","The Chicago Octet-Tentet","CD",

"Brötzmann, Peter","The Dried Rat-Dog","CD",

"Brown, Barry","Barry Brown / Showcase: Midnight Rock At Channel One","CD",

"Brown, Dennis","Dennis Brown In Dub","CD",

"Brown, Dennis","Showcase Sept. 14, 02","CD",

"Brown, Dennis","The Promised Land 7/22/02","CD",

"Brown, Clarence Gatemouth","American Music Texas Style","CD",

"Brown, Clarence Gatemouth","Pressure Cooker","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Glen","Sensi Dub Vol. 6 Glen Brown & Roots Radics","CD",

"Brown, Glen","Termination Dub (1973-79)","CD",

"Brown, James","Boston 68","VHS",

"Brown, James","Foundations Of Funk (1964-1969) (Disc 2)","CD",

"Brown, James","Foundations Of Funk A Brand New Bag 1964-1969","CD",

"Brown, James","Funk Power 1970-Brand New Than","CD",

"Brown, James","James Brown #2","CD",

"Brown, James","James Brown #3","CD",

"Brown, James","James Brown #4","CD",

"Brown, James","James Brown Live At The Apollo","CD",

"Brown, James","Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 1)","CD",

"Brown, James","Live At The Apollo Volume II (Disc 2)","CD",

"Brown, James","Love Power Peace - Live At The Olympia, Paris, 1971","CD",

"Brown, James","Sex Machine","CD",

"Brown, James","Soul Pride 1960-1969 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Brown, James","Soul Pride 1960-1969 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Brown, James","Soul Train Sessions","CD",

"Brown, James","Star Time - Disc 1 - Mr. Dynamite","CD",

"Brown, Roy","Aires Bucaneros , Casi Alba","CD",

"Brown, Roy","Basta Ya....revolucion","Cassette",

"Brown, Roy","Colección (Disco 1)","CD",

"Brown, Roy","Colección (Disco 2)","CD",

"Brown, Roy","Distancias","CD",

"Brown, Roy","Distancias Clasico","CD",

"Brown, Roy","En Fuga","CD",

"Brown, Roy","La Noche De Roy Brown","CD",

"Brown, Roy","Nocturno","CD",

"Brown, Roy","Poeta En San Juan","CD",

"Brown, Roy","Poetas Puertorriqueños","CD",

"Brown, Roy","Profecia De Urayoan","Cassette",

"Brown, Roy","Roy Brown Álbum 1970-1976","CD",

"Brown, Roy","Roy Brown III","Cassette",

"Brown, Roy","Yo Protesto","CD",

"Brown, Charles","All My Life","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Charles","One More For The Road","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Clifford","Clifford Brown Memorial","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Clifford","Clifford Brown Memorial Album","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Clifford","The Clifford Brown Big Band in Paris","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Clifford","The Clifford Brown quartet in Paris","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Clifford","The Clifford Brown Sextet in Paris","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Clifford","The Paris Collection","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Donald","Sources of Inspiration","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Marion","Afternoon of a Georgia Faun","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Marion","Back To Paris","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Marion","Geechee Recollections","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Marion","Marion Brown Duets","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Marion","November Cotton Flower","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Marion","Porto Novo","CD",

"Brown, Marion","Reeds 'n vibes","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Marion","Sweet Earth Flying","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Marion","Three For Shepp","CD",

"Brown, Marion","Vista","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Marion","Why Not?","CD",

"Brown, Ray","Something for Lester","LP Vinyl",

"Brown, Toni","Blue Morning","CD",

"Brubeck, Dave","1975: the Duets Brubeck/Desmond","LP Vinyl",

"Brubeck, Dave","25th Anniversary Reunion","LP Vinyl",

"Brubeck, Dave","All The Things We ARe","LP Vinyl",

"Brubeck, Dave","TIME OUT","LP Vinyl",

"Bruce, Jack","""How's Tricks""","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","1994 Koln-Germany","VHS",

"Bruce, Jack","A Question Of Time","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Almost Cream (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Almost Cream (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","BBC live In concert","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Cities Of The Heart (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Cities Of The Heart (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Concert Classics - Volume 9","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Doing This.... On Ice! (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Doing This.... On Ice! (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","First Reunion Since Cream","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Five Axemen","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Harmony Row","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","I've Always Wanted To Do This","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Inazuma - Super Session ""Absolute Live!!""","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Jack Bruce & Friends New York 1981","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Jack Bruce and Friends Live","DVD",

"Bruce, Jack","Live 1975","VHS",

"Bruce, Jack","Live At Bottom Line, N.Y.C March 19th, 1980","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Live On The Old Grey Whistle Test","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Monkjack","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Out Of The Storm","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Rollin' and Tumblin'","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Shadows In The Air","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Somethin Els","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Songs For A Tailor","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","The Collector's Edition","CD",

"Bruce, Jack","Things We Like","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","A Part, and Yet Apart","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","All Heaven Broke Loose","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","An evening with Bruford/Levin Upper Extremities","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","Bill Bruford Patrick Moraz Live at the Students' Union Ballroom","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","Bill Bruford's Earthworks","LP Vinyl",

"Bruford, Bill","BLUE Houe of Blues Cambridge, MA 4/19/98","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","Blue Nights (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","Blue Nights (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","Blue-7th House,Pontiac,MI-12/8/98","Cassette",

"Bruford, Bill","Bruford & The Beat","VHS",

"Bruford, Bill","Bruford Levin Upper Extremities","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","dig?","LP Vinyl",

"Bruford, Bill","Earthworks Live-Stamping Ground","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","Feels Good To Me","LP Vinyl",

"Bruford, Bill","Footloose And Fancy Free","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","Footloose In NYC","DVD",

"Bruford, Bill","Gradually Going Tornado","Cassette",

"Bruford, Bill","If Summer Had Its Ghosts","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","One Of A Kind","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","Providence, Rhode Island 7/17/79","CD",

"Bruford, Bill","The Bruford Tapes","LP Vinyl",

"Bruford, Bill","The Sound Of Surprise","CD",

"Bruninghaus, Rainer","Continuum","LP Vinyl",

"Bruninghaus, Rainer","Freigeweht","LP Vinyl",

"Bryant, Ray","Alone With The Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Bryant, Ray","Golden Earrings","LP Vinyl",

"Bryant, Ray","Ray Bryant Montreux '77","LP Vinyl",

"Bryant, Ray","Ray Bryant plays Basie & Ellington","LP Vinyl",

"Bryant, Ray","Trio Today","LP Vinyl",

"Bryant, Rusty","Rusty Bryant Returns","LP Vinyl",

"Bryars,Gavin","After The Requiem","LP Vinyl",

"Buchanan, Roy","""Blues For Jimmy Nolen""","45 RPM",

"Buchanan, Roy","Buch And The Snake Stretchers","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Guitar On Fire: Atlantic Sessions","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Hamburg Germany 2/24/85+Austin City Limits 1977","VHS",

"Buchanan, Roy","In The Beginning","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Live","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Live 1977","CD-R",

"Buchanan, Roy","Live in Shiba Disc 1 and Disc 2","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Live in Sydney March 1981 Soundboard","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Live In USA & Holland","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Live Stock","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Malaguena","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Roy Buchanan","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Second Album","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Sweet Dreams : The Anthology (Disc 2)","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Sweet Dreams: The Anthology (Disc 1)","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","Telecaster County","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","That's What I Am Here For","CD",

"Buchanan, Roy","A Street Called Straight","LP Vinyl",

"Buchanan, Roy","Dancing On The Edge","LP Vinyl",

"Buchanan, Roy","Hot Wires","LP Vinyl",

"Buchanan, Roy","Live in Japan","LP Vinyl",

"Buchanan, Roy","Loading Zone","LP Vinyl",

"Buchanan, Roy","My Babe","LP Vinyl",

"Buchanan, Roy","When a Guitar Plays the Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Buchanan, Roy","You're Not Alone","LP Vinyl",

"Budd, Harold","Agua","CD",

"Budd, Harold","Ambient # 2 The Plateaux of Mirror","LP Vinyl",

"Budd, Harold","By The Dawn's Early Light","CD",

"Budd, Harold","Lovely Thunder","LP Vinyl",

"Budd, Harold","Luxa","CD",

"Budd, Harold","Music For 3 Pianos","CD",

"Budd, Harold","Room","CD",

"Budd, Harold","The Moon and the Melodies","LP Vinyl",

"Budd, Harold","The Pavilion of Dreams","LP Vinyl",

"Budd, Harold","The Pearl","LP Vinyl",

"Budd, Harold","The Serpent (In Quicksilver) \ Abandoned Cities","CD",

"Budd, Harold","The White Arcades","LP Vinyl",

"Budd, Harold","Walk Into My Voice (American Beat Poetry","CD",

"Buena Vista Social Club","Buena Vista Social Club","CD",

"Buena Vista Social Club","Buena Vista Social Club-VHS","VHS",

"Buffalo Springfield","Buffalo Springfield: Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Richie Furay et al","LP Vinyl",

"Buffalo Springfield","California Daze","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","America Live 2001","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Blame Presents Logical Progression Level 2 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Earth 4","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Earth Volume Five","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Earth_1","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Earth_3","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Journey Inwards (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Journey Inwards (Disc 2)","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Logical Progression (Disc 1)","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Logical Progression (Disk B)","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Logical Progression Level 3 - Selected By LTJ Bukem","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Logical Progression Level 4 - Studio Exclusives","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Logical Progression, Level 1 CD2: Instrumental Mix","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Logical Progression, Level 1 CD2: Instrumental Mix","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","LTJ Bukem Presents Earth Volume Two","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Mixmag Live! Vol. 3 LTJ Bukem","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Producer 01","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Producer 05: Rarities","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Progression Session 004","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Progression Session 004","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Progression Sessions","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Progression Sessions 003 LTJ Bukem Featuring MC Conrad And DRS","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Progression Sessions 5 Featuring MC Conrad and DRS","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Progression Sessions 5 Featuring MC Conrad and DRS","CD",

"Bukem, LTJ","Progression Sessions 6 - America Live 2001 (Studio Instrumental)","CD",

"Bullwackies","Natures Dub","CD",

"The Bunch","Rock On","LP Vinyl",

"Bunnett, Jane","Jane Bunnett And The Cuban Piano Masters","CD",

"Brunel, Bunny","Momentum","CD",

"Burdon, Eric","Black-Man's Burdon (Disc 1)","CD",

"Burdon, Eric","Declares War","CD",

"Burdon, Eric","Sun Secrets/Stop","CD",

"Burdon, Eric","The Black Man's Burdon (Disc 2)","CD",

"Solomon Burke","Soul Alive","CD",

"Solomon Burke","Soul Alive","CD",

"Burke, Solomon","Don't Give Up On Me","CD",

"Burke, Solomon","Home is in Your Heart","CD",

"Beins, Burkhard","Yarbles","CD",

"Burning Spear","100th Anniversary","CD",

"Burning Spear","Calling Rastafari","CD",

"Burning Spear","Chant Down Babylon: The Island Anthology","CD",

"Burning Spear","Chant Down Babylon: The Island Anthology <Disc 2>","CD",

"Burning Flames","DIG","Cassette",

"Burning Spear","HAIL H.I.M. Showcase","CD",

"Burning Spear","Live In Vermont","VHS",

"Burning Spear","Man In The Hills","Cassette",

"Burning Spear","Showcase-Social Living","CD-R",

"Burning Spear","Social Living","CD",

"Burning Spear","Spear Burning/Burning Spear","LP Vinyl",

"Burnt Sugar","Blood On The Leaf - Opus No. 1","CD",

"Burnt Sugar","FUBRACTIVE Since Antiquity Suite","CD",

"Burnt Sugar","New York City 2/2/02","CD",

"Burnt Sugar","The Crepescularium","CD",

"Burnt Sugar","The Sirens Return: Keep It Real 'Til It Flatlines","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","12.15.78 Disc 1: Live At The Village Vanguard","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","12.15.78: Kenny Burrell In New York (Disc 2)","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","A La Carte with Rufus Reid","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Kenny","A Night at the Vanguard with The Kenny Burrell Trio","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Kenny","All Day Long and All Night Long","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Kenny","Blue Lights Volume 1","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","Blue Lights Volume 2","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","Generation","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Kenny","Guiding Spirit","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Kenny","Guitar Forms","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","Handcrafted","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","Introducing Kenny Burrell (Disc 1)","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","Introducing Kenny Burrell (Disc 2)","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","Kenny Burrell Prestige 7088","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Kenny","Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Kenny","Kenny Burrell At The Five Spot Cafe","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","Live At The Blue Note","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","Midnight Blue","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Kenny","Pieces Of Blue And The Blues.","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","Sunup To Sundown","CD",

"Burrell, Kenny","The Cats","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Kenny","Two Guitars","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Dave","Echo","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Dave","High Won - High Two","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Dave","Round Midnight","LP Vinyl",

"Burrell, Dave","Windward Passages","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Alone At Last","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Artist's Choice","CD",

"Burton, Gary","Crystal Silence","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Dreams So Real","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","DUET","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Duster","CD",

"Burton, Gary","Easy As Pie","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Gary Burton Quartet in Concert Recorded live at Carnegie Recital Hall","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Hotel Hello","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Live in Tokyo","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Lofty Fake Anagram","CD",

"Burton, Gary","Paris Encounter","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Passengers","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Picture This","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Real Life Hits","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","RING","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Seven Songs For Quartet and Chamber Orchestra","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","The New Quartet","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Times Like These","CD",

"Burton, Gary","Times Square","LP Vinyl",

"Burton, Gary","Whiz Kids","LP Vinyl",

"Bush, Kate","Hounds Of Love","LP Vinyl",

"Butler, Billy","Guitar Soul!","LP Vinyl",

"Butterfield, Paul","Droppin' In (Disc 2)","CD",

"Butterfield, Paul","Droppin' In With (Disc 1)","CD",

"Butterfield, Paul","East-West","CD",

"Butterfield, Paul","East-West Live","CD",

"Butterfield, Paul","Strawberry Jam","CD",

"Butterfield, Paul","The Original Lost Elektra Sessions","CD",

"Butterfield, Paul","The Paul Butterfield Blues Band","CD",

"Butterfield, Paul","Unicorn 66","CD",

"Buzzcocks","Lest We Forget","Cassette",

"Byard, Jaki","Blues for Smoke","LP Vinyl",

"Byard, Jaki","Family Man","CD",

"Byard, Jaki","Foolin' Myself","LP Vinyl",

"Byard, Jaki","Freedom Together","CD",

"Byard, Jaki","Here's Jaki","CD",

"Byard, Jaki","Hi-Fly","CD",

"Byard, Jaki","Jaki Byard Experience","CD",

"Byard, Jaki","Jaki Byard Quartet LIVE!","CD",

"Byard, Jaki","July In Paris","CD",

"Byard, Jaki","Live at the Royal Festival","LP Vinyl",

"Byard, Jaki","Maybeck Recital Hall Series, Vol. 17","CD",

"Byard, Jaki","On The Spot!","CD",

"Byard, Jaki","Out Front!","CD",

"Byard, Jaki","Phantasies","LP Vinyl",

"Byard, Jaki","Phantasies II","LP Vinyl",

"Byard, Jaki","Solo Piano","LP Vinyl",

"Byard, Jaki","Solo/Strings","CD",

"Byard, Jaki","Sunshine Of My Soul","LP Vinyl",

"Byard, Jaki","To Them-To Us","LP Vinyl",

"Byas, Don","A Tribute To Cannonball","CD",

"Byles, Junior","Junior Byles & Friends 129 Beat Street Ja-Man Special 75-78","CD",

"Byrd, Donald","Blackjack","CD",

"Byrd, Donald","Byrd In Flight","CD",

"Byrd, Donald","Fancy Free","CD",

"Byrd, Donald","Free Form","LP Vinyl",

"Byrd, Donald","Fuego (Remaster)","CD",

"Byrd, Donald","Getting Down To Business","LP Vinyl",

"Byrd, Donald","Harlem Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Byrd, Donald","Kofi","CD",

"Byrd, Donald","Mustang","CD",

"Byrd, Donald","Slow Drag","CD",

"Byrd, Donald","Tambu","CD",

"Byrd, Donald","The Complete Blue Note Studio Sessions (Disc 4)","CD",

"Byrd, Donald","The Complete Blue Note Studio Sessions, (Disc 1)","CD",

"Byrd, Donald","The Complete Blue Note Studio Sessions, (Disc 2)","CD",

"Byrd, Donald","The Complete Blue Note Studio Sessions, (Disc 3)","CD",

"Byrd, Charlie","Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros (Brazilian Portuguese: ""Bossa Nova by the Birds"")","LP Vinyl",

"Byrd, Charlie","Byrd at the Gate","LP Vinyl",

"The Byrds","Ash Grove 12/29/00","CD",

"The Byrds","Boston Tea Party","CD",

"The Byrds","Boston Tea Party","CD",

"The Byrds","Completely Unissued!","CD",

"The Byrds","Disc 1 - We Have Ignition","CD",

"The Byrds","Disc 3 - Full Throttle","CD",

"The Byrds","Disc 4 - Final Approach","CD",

"The Byrds","Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde","CD",

"The Byrds","Live At The Fillmore - February 1969","CD",

"The Byrds","Original (Untitled) - Double LP Set","CD",

"The Byrds","Sweetheart Of The Rodeo","CD",

"The Byrds","The Byrds [Box Set] (Piste 6 OK)","CD",

"The Byrds","The Byrds Play Dylan","CD",

"Byrne, David","Austin City Limits 1/20/02","VHS",

"Byrne, David","Between The Teeth","VHS",

"Byrne, David","David Byrne-David Byrne","CD",

"Byrne, David","Music for the Knee Plays","LP Vinyl",

"Byrne, David","My Life in the Bush of Ghosts","LP Vinyl",

"Byrne, David","My life In The Bush of Ghosts-Remixes","CD-R",

"Byrne, David","Rei Momo","CD",

"Byrne, David","Sessions at West 54- 1997","VHS",

"Byrne, David","Sounds From the True Stories","LP Vinyl",

"Byrne, David","The Catherine Wheel","CD",

"Byrne, David","The Catherine Wheel-VHS","VHS",

"Byrne, David","Uh-Oh","CD",

"Byron, Don","Nu Blaxploitation","CD",

"Byron, Don","Tuskegee Experiments","CD",

"Byzar","Gaiatronyk vs the Cheap Robots","LP Vinyl",