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"L.A.BLUES AUTHORITY","Cream Of The Crop","CD",

"L.A.BLUES AUTHORITY","L.A. Blues Authority","CD",

"L.A.BLUES AUTHORITY","L.A. Blues Authority Vol.III, Hats Off To Stevie Ray","CD",

"L.A.BLUES AUTHORITY","L.A. Blues Authority Vol.IV Fit For A King","CD",

"La Maschera di Cera","La Maschera di Cera","CD",

"La Roca, Pete","Basra","CD",

"Labeque, Katia & Marielle","Bernstein Symphonic Dances from WEST SIDE STORY","Cassette",

"Labeque, Katia & Marielle","Gershwin:Rhapsody in Blue/An American In Paris","LP Vinyl",

"Labeque, Katia & Marielle","Gershwin:Rhapsody In Blue/Piano Concerto In F","LP Vinyl",

"Labeque, Katia & Marielle","Gladrags","LP Vinyl",

"Labeque, Katia & Marielle","Liszt:Music For Two Pianos","LP Vinyl",

"Labeque, Katia & Marielle","Stravinsky:Petrouchka/Concerto For 2 Pianos","LP Vinyl",

"Lacy, Steve","Evidence with Don Cherry","LP Vinyl",

"Lacy, Steve","Herbe De L'Oubli","LP Vinyl",

"Lacy, Steve","Hot House","CD",

"Lacy, Steve","Momentum","LP Vinyl",

"Lacy, Steve","Moon","LP Vinyl",

"Lacy, Steve","N.Y. Capers & Quirks","CD",

"Lacy, Steve","Only Monk","LP Vinyl",

"Lacy, Steve","Reflections","LP Vinyl",

"Lacy, Steve","Sidelines","LP Vinyl",

"Lacy, Steve","Snake-Out","LP Vinyl",

"Lacy, Steve","Soprano Sax","LP Vinyl",

"Lacy, Steve","The Door","CD",

"Lacy, Steve","The Forest And The Zoo","CD",

"Lacy, Steve","The Straight Horn of Steve Lacy","LP Vinyl",

"Lacy, Steve","Trickles","LP Vinyl",

"Lacy, Steve","Vespers","CD",

"Lacy, Frank","The Seriousness of the Matter","LP Vinyl",

"Laginha, Maria Joao e mario","Cor","CD",

"Lagrene, Bireli","Acoustic Moments","Cassette",

"Lagrene, Bireli","Bireli Lagrene/Standards","CD",

"Lagrene, Bireli","Foreign Affairs","LP Vinyl",

"Lagrene, Bireli","Inferno","LP Vinyl",

"Lagrene, Bireli","Live In Marciac","CD",

"Lagrene, Bireli","Special Guests","CD",

"Lake, Greg","In Concert","CD",

"Lake, Oliver","""Buster Bee""","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","Clevont Fitzhubert (A Good Friend of Mine)","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","Dancevision","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","Dedicated To Dolphy","CD",

"Lake, Oliver","Expandable Language","CD",

"Lake, Oliver","Gallery","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","Heavy Spirits","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","Holding Together","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","Impala","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","Jump Up","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","Jump Up/Plug It","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","Kinda' Up","CD",

"Lake, Oliver","Life Dance Of Is","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","NTU: Point From Which Creation Begins","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","Oliver Lake/Anthony Holland Sax Choir","Cassette",

"Lake, Oliver","Prophet","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","Shine!","LP Vinyl",

"Lake, Oliver","Talkin' Stick","CD",

"LALGUDI JAYARAMAN","Carnatic Violin","CD",

"Lamp Of The Universe","Echo In Light","CD",

"Lancaster, Byard","It's Not Up To Us","LP Vinyl",

"Land, Harold","Eastward Ho!","LP Vinyl",

"Land, Harold","Harold In The Land of Jazz","LP Vinyl",

"Land, Harold","Mapenzi","LP Vinyl",

"Land, Harold","The Fox","LP Vinyl",

"Land, Harold","West Coast Blues!","LP Vinyl",

"Landau, Michael","Michael Landau Live 2000","CD",

"Lande, Art","Desert Marauders","LP Vinyl",

"Lande, Art","Red Lanta","LP Vinyl",

"Lande, Art","Rubisa Patrol","LP Vinyl",

"Lande, Art","Skylight","LP Vinyl",

"Landreth, Sonny","Sonny Landreth Live in '95","CD",

"Lanois, Daniel","Acadie","LP Vinyl",

"Lanois, Daniel","Cool Water Toronto, Canada April,93 with excerpts from Slingblade Soundtrack","CD",

"Laraaji","Ambient 3 Day of Radiance","LP Vinyl",


"Laraaji","Essence/Universe","LP Vinyl",

"Laraaji","Flow Goes The Universe","CD",


"Larkin, Kenny","Azimuth","CD",

"Larkin, Kenny","Technology Presents-2/27/99-Mastermix","CD-R",

"Lask, Ulrich P.","Lask","LP Vinyl",

"Lask, Ulrich P.","Lask 2","LP Vinyl",

"Lasley, Phil","JASI","CD",

"The Last Poets","Delights of the Garden","LP Vinyl",

"The Last Poets","Oh My People","LP Vinyl",

"Last Exit","From The Board","LP Vinyl",

"Last Exit","Headfirst Into The Flames - Live In Europe","CD",

"Last Exit","Iron Path","LP Vinyl",

"Last Exit","Köln","CD",

"Last Exit","Last Exit","LP Vinyl",

"Last Exit","Montmartre 6/10/87","CD-R",

"Last Exit","The Noise of Trouble Live in Tokyo","LP Vinyl",

"Laswell, Bill","Axiom Dub - Mysteries Of Creation (Disc 2)","CD",

"Laswell, Bill","Baselines","LP Vinyl",

"Laswell, Bill","Dub Chamber 3","LP Vinyl",

"Laswell, Bill","Dub Meltdown","CD",

"Laswell, Bill","Hear No Evil","LP Vinyl",

"Laswell, Bill","Imaginary Cuba","CD",

"Laswell, Bill","Praxis","LP Vinyl",

"Laswell, Bill","Radioaxiom : A Dub Transmission","CD",

"Laswell, Bill","Sacred System Fabrik Hamburg 4/22/98","CD",

"Laswell, Bill","Sacred System Chapter One: Book Of Entrance","CD",

"Laswell, Bill","Sacred System: Chapter Two","CD",

"Laswell, Bill","Silent Recoil - Dub System One","CD",

"Lateef, Yusef","Cry! - Tender","LP Vinyl",

"Lateef, Yusef","Eastern Sounds","LP Vinyl",

"Lateef, Yusef","Into Something","CD",

"Lateef, Yusef","Other Sounds","LP Vinyl",

"Lateef, Yusef","Separate But Equal - Disc 2 - Yusef L Ateef - Part Of The Search","CD",

"Lateef, Yusef","The Centaur And The Phoenix","CD",

"The Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble","Just Like Magic","CD",

"Lauer, Christof","Christof Lauer","LP Vinyl",

"Lavoe, Hector","Hector","CD",

"Lavoe, Hector","Hector Lavoe - Legends Of Salsa II","CD",

"Lavoe, Hector","Hector Lavoe - The Legends Of Salsa I","CD",

"Lavoe, Hector","Live","CD",

"Lavoe, Hector","The Fania ""Legends Of Salsa"" Volume 2 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Laws, Hubert","The Laws Of Jazz","CD",

"Lawson, Hugh","Colour","LP Vinyl",

"Lazy Lester","Harp & Soul","LP Vinyl",

"Le Orme","Felona E Sorona","CD",

"Le Orme","In Concerto","CD",

"The Leaders","Heaven Dance","CD",

"The Leaders","Live at Hart Plaza 9/5/88","Cassette",

"The Leaders","Mudfoot","LP Vinyl",

"The Leaders","Out Here Like This......","LP Vinyl",

"The Leaders","Unforseen Blessings","LP Vinyl",

"The League Of Gentlemen","""Thrang Thrang Gozinbulx""","CD",

"The League Of Gentlemen","League of Gentlemen Todd's Place 6/4/80","Cassette",


"Led Zeppelin","BBC Sessions","CD",

"Led Zeppelin","BBC Sessions(disc2)","CD",

"Led Zeppelin","Celebration (Disc 1)","CD",

"Led Zeppelin","Celebration (Disc 2)","CD",

"Led Zeppelin","Coded","CD",

"Led Zeppelin","Don't Mess With Texas","CD",

"Led Zeppelin","Zofo","LP Vinyl",

"Lee, Alvin","Live In Vienna","CD",

"Lee, Alvin","Zoom","CD",

"The Left Banke","""Walk Away Renee""/""Pretty Ballerina""","45 RPM",

"Leimgruber, Urs & Joelle Leandre And Fritz Hauser","No Try No Fail","CD",

"Lennon, John","Anthology #1","VHS",

"Lennon, John","Anthology Volume 2","VHS",

"Lennon, John","Imagine","LP Vinyl",

"Lennon, John","Lennon, John (Sometime In New York City) (Disc 2)","CD",

"Lennon, John","Live In New York","VHS",

"Lennon, John","Live in New York City","Cassette",

"Lennon, John","Plastic Ono Band","CD",

"Lennon, John","Shaved Fish","LP Vinyl",

"Lennon, John","Walls & Bridges Revisited","CD",

"Les Projectionnistes","Copie Zéro","CD",

"Lesh, Phil & friends","4-17-99 (Disc 3)","CD",

"Lesh, Phil & friends","Allman Brothers Band Disc 2","CD",

"Lesh, Phil & friends","Black Crowes Disc 3","CD",

"Lesh, Phil & friends","Highlights - Volume 1 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Lesh, Phil & friends","Highlights Volume 1 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Lesh, Phil & friends","Mason's Children","CD",

"Lesh, Phil & friends","Phil Lesh and Friends Disc 1","CD",

"Lesh, Phil & friends","Playing With New Friends 2 Disc set","CD",

"Lesh, Phil & friends","There And Back Again","CD",

"Lesh, Phil & friends","There and Back Again Bonus CD","CD",

"Levin, Tony","Fron the Caves of the Iron Mountain","CD",

"Levin, Pete","Party In The Basement","CD",

"Levin, Tony","Pieces Of The Sun","CD",

"Levin, Tony","Tales From The Widow Jane Mines","VHS",

"Levin, Tony","The Tony Levin Band - Toronto 10/28/00 two disc set","CD",

"Levin, Tony","Waters Of Eden","CD",

"Levin, Tony","World Diary","CD",

"Levy, Ron","Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom","LP Vinyl",

"Levy, Ron","Safari To New Orleans","LP Vinyl",

"Lewis, John","The Wonderful World Of Jazz","CD",

"Lewis, George","Homage to Charles Parker","LP Vinyl",

"Lewis, George","Jazz in the Classic New Orleans Tradition","LP Vinyl",

"Lewis, George","Jila-Save! Mon.-The Imaginary Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Lewis, George","Shadowgraph","LP Vinyl",

"Lewis, George","The George Lewis Solo Trombone Record","LP Vinyl",

"Lewis, Meade Lux","The Blues Piano Artistry of Meade Lux Lewis","LP Vinyl",

"Lewis, Mel","Mel Lewis and Friends","LP Vinyl",

"Ley, Tabu","Babeti Soukous","LP Vinyl",

"Libre, Conjunto","Ahora","CD",

"Libre, Conjunto","Con Salsa ... Con Ritmo Volume 1","CD",

"Libre, Conjunto","Conjunto Libre Greatest Hits","CD",

"Libre, Conjunto","Detroit Jazz Festival-8/29/97","CD-R",

"Libre, Conjunto","Increible","CD",

"Libre, Conjunto","Los New Yorkinos","CD",

"Libre, Conjunto","Mejor Que Nunca","CD",

"Libre, Conjunto","On The Move! Muevete!","CD",

"Libre, Conjunto","Sonido, Estilo Y Ritmo","CD",

"Liebman, Dave","Dave Liebman Trio + One","LP Vinyl",

"Liebman, Dave","Dedications","LP Vinyl",

"Liebman, Dave","Drum Ode","LP Vinyl",

"Liebman, Dave","Forgotten Fantasies","LP Vinyl",

"Liebman, Dave","Lookout Farm","LP Vinyl",

"Liebman, Dave","Pendulum","LP Vinyl",

"Liebman, Dave","Sweet Hands","LP Vinyl",

"Liebman, Dave","The Duo Live","LP Vinyl",

"Liebman, Dave","The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner","LP Vinyl",

"Lightsey, Kirk","Everything Happens To Me","LP Vinyl",

"Lightsey, Kirk","Everything is Changed","LP Vinyl",

"Lightsey, Kirk","Kirk 'n Marcus","LP Vinyl",

"Lincoln, Abbey","A Turtle's Dream","CD",

"Lincoln, Abbey","Abbey Is Blue","LP Vinyl",

"Lincoln, Abbey","Abbey Sings Billie","CD",

"Lincoln, Abbey","Abbey Sings Billie","CD",

"Lincoln, Abbey","Devil's Got Your Tongue","CD",

"Lincoln, Abbey","Golden Lady","LP Vinyl",

"Lincoln, Abbey","It's Magic","LP Vinyl",

"Lincoln, Abbey","Straight Ahead","LP Vinyl",

"Lincoln, Abbey","Talking To The Sun","CD",

"Lincoln, Abbey","That's Him","LP Vinyl",

"Lincoln, Abbey","The World Is Falling Down","Cassette",

"Lincoln, Abbey","When There Is Love","CD",

"Lincoln, Abbey","Who Used To Dance","CD",

"Lincoln, Abbey","Wholly Earth","CD",

"Lincoln, Abbey","You Gotta Pay The Band","CD",

"Lindberg, John","A Tree Frog Tonality","CD",

"Lindberg, John","DIMENSION 5","CD",

"Lindberg, John","Haunt of the Unresolved","LP Vinyl",

"Lindberg, John","Live At The Edgefest-10/5/02","CD-R",

"Lindberg, John","Live at WDET 4/18/01","CD",

"Lindberg, John","Luminosity: Homage to David Izenzon John Lindberg, solo bass","CD",

"Lindberg, John","The Catbird Sings","CD",

"Lindberg, John","Trilogy of Works For Eleven Instrumentalists","LP Vinyl",

"Lindberg, John","Two By Five","CD",

"Pär Lindh Project","Live In America two disc set","CD",

"Pär Lindh Project","Live in Iceland","CD",

"Pär Lindh Project","Mundus Incompertus","CD",

"Pär Lindh Project","NEAR fest Impressions Par Lindh Project Live at NEARfest 2000","CD",

"Pär Lindh Project","Rondo","CD",

"Arto Lindsay","Hyper Civilizado: Arto Lindsay Remixes","CD",

"Link 'n' Chain","New Day","Cassette",

"Link 'n' Chain","S.T.O.P.","Cassette",


"Liquid Sky Music Presents","This Is Jungle Sky","CD",

"Little, Booker","Booker Little 4 & Max Roach","CD",

"Little, Booker","Booker Little And Friend","CD",

"Little, Booker","Out Front","LP Vinyl",

"Little, Booker","Victory and Sorrow","LP Vinyl",

"Little Feat","Electrif Lycanthrope two disc set","CD",

"Little Feat","Waiting For Columbus - Deluxe Edition (Disc 1)","CD",

"Little Feat","Waiting For Columbus - Deluxe Edition (Disc 2)","CD",

"Little Joe","Tejanisimo/15 Canciones Favoritas","CD",

"Live","Fela Ransome Kuti And The Africa'70 With Ginger Baker","CD",

"Living Colour","""Open Letter (To A Landlord)""/""Talkin'Bout A Revolution (Live)""","45 RPM",

"Living Colour","Biscuits (Japanese Version)","CD",

"Living Colour","Dread","CD",

"Living Colour","Funny Vibe","LP Vinyl",

"Living Colour","Glamour Boys","Cassette",

"Living Colour","Love Rears Its Ugly Head (Single)","CD",

"Living Colour","primer","VHS",

"Living Colour","Stain","CD",

"Living Colour","Time's Up","CD",

"Living Colour","Vivid (Remastered)","CD",

"Lloyd, Charles","Fish Out of Water","Cassette",

"Lloyd, Charles","Hyperion With Higgins","CD",

"Lloyd, Charles","Journey Within","LP Vinyl",

"Lloyd, Charles","The Water Is Wide","CD",

"Lloyd, Charles","Voice In The Night","CD",

"Lloyd, Richard","Field of Fire","LP Vinyl",

"Lloyd, Richard","Real Time","LP Vinyl",

"Lobo, Edu","Sergio Mendes Presents Edu Lobo","CD",

"Lockwood, Didier","FUSION","CD",

"Lockwood, Didier","Tribute To Stéphane Grappelli","CD",

"Lofgren, Nils","Nils Lofgren","CD",

"Logan, Giuseppi","More","CD",

"LOKETO featuring Arlus Mabele & Diblo Dibala","Extra Ball","Cassette",

"The London Symphony Orchestra","A Classic Case-Plays The Music Of Jethro Tull","LP Vinyl",

"The London Symphony Orchestra","We Know What We Like-The Music Of Genesis","LP Vinyl",

"Professor Longhair","Crawfish Fiesta","LP Vinyl",

"Professor Longhair","House Party New Orleans Style The Lost Sessions 1971 - 1972","LP Vinyl",

"Professor Longhair","Mardi Gras In Baton Rouge","CD",

"Professor Longhair","MSardi Gras In New Orleans","Cassette",

"Professor Longhair","New Orleans Piano","LP Vinyl",

"Professor Longhair","Rock 'n' Roll Gumbo","LP Vinyl",

"Lords of the New Church","Is Nothing Sacred","LP Vinyl",

"Los Amigos Invisibles","Arepa 3000","CD-R",

"Los Amigos Invisibles","The New Sound Of The Venezuelan Gozadera","CD",

"Los Lobos","....and a time to dance","LP Vinyl",

"Los Lobos","By The Light of the Moon","LP Vinyl",

"Los Lobos","East Los Angelenos Live in the USA 1987","CD",

"Los Lobos","El Cancionero: Mas Y Mas (Disc 1)","CD",

"Los Lobos","El Cancionero: Mas Y Mas (Disc 2)","CD",

"Los Lobos","El Cancionero: Mas Y Mas (Disc 3)","CD",

"Los Lobos","El Cancionero: Mas Y Mas (Disc 4)","CD",

"Los Lobos","Good Morning Aztlan","CD",

"Los Lobos","Good Morning Aztlan Bonus","CD",

"Los Lobos","How Will The Wolf Survive","LP Vinyl",

"Los Lobos","Just Another Band from East L.A. : A Collection (Disc 1)","CD",

"Los Lobos","Just Another Band From East L.A. : A Collection (Disc 1)","CD",

"Los Lobos","KIKO","Cassette",

"Los Lobos","KIKO LOBOS","CD",

"Los Lobos","La Pistola y El Corazon","LP Vinyl",

"Los Lobos","Pittsburgh 9/29/93 two disc set","CD",

"Los Lobos","San Francisco Fillmore 2000 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Los Lobos","San Francisco Fillmore 2000 (Disc 3)","CD",

"Los Lobos","Santa Cruz California 6/17/00","CD",

"Los Lobos","The Neighborhood","LP Vinyl",

"Los Lobos","Will The Wolf Survive? (remix)","LP Vinyl",

"Los Lobos","Woodstock 99","VHS",

"Los Super Seven","Canto","CD",

"Los Super Seven","Los Super Seven","CD",

"Louiss, Eddie","Recorded In 1968","CD",

"Lounge Lizards","Big Heart Live in Tokyo","LP Vinyl",

"Lounge Lizards","Live 79-81","Cassette",

"Lounge Lizards","The Lounge Lizards","LP Vinyl",

"Lovano, Joe","Tenor Legacy","CD",

"Lovano, Joe","Trio Fascination","CD",

"Lovano, Joe","Universal Language","CD",

"Lovano, Joe","Viva Caruso","CD",

"Love and Rockets","Earth Sun Moon","LP Vinyl",

"Love and Rockets","Express","LP Vinyl",

"Love","Forever Changes","LP Vinyl",

"Love and Rockets","St.Andrews Hall 11/21/86","Cassette",

"Lene Lovich","Lene Lovich St. Andrews Hall Detroit, MI 3/29/83","Cassette",

"Low Flying Aircraft","Low Flying Aircraft","LP Vinyl",

"Lowe, Mundell & Tete Montoliu","Sweet'N Lovely","CD",

"Lowe, Mundell & Tete Montoliu","Sweet'n Lovely (Volume 2)","CD",

"Lowe, Frank","Black Beings","CD",

"Lowe, Frank","Bodies & Soul","CD",

"Lowe, Frank","Decision In Paradise","LP Vinyl",

"Lowe, Frank","Ecstatic Peace","LP Vinyl",

"Lowe, Frank","Fresh","CD",

"Lowe, Frank","Inappropriate Choices","CD",

"Lowe, Frank","Live From Soundscape","CD",

"Lowe, Frank","Lowe & Behold","LP Vinyl",

"Lowe, Frank","One For Jazz","CD",

"Lowe, Frank","Skizoke","LP Vinyl",

"Lowe, Frank","Soul Folks","CD",

"Lowe, Frank","The Flam","LP Vinyl",

"Lowe, Frank","Vision Blue","CD",

"Lucas, Gary","Gods And Monsters","CD",

"Lucas, Reggie","Survival Themes","LP Vinyl",

"Lucca, Papo","Latin Jazz","Cassette",

"Lunch, Lydia","Hysterie","LP Vinyl",

"Lunch, Lydia","Queen of Siam","LP Vinyl",

"Lundy, Curtis","Against All Odds","CD",

"Lundy, Curtis","Just Be Yourself","LP Vinyl",

"Lyman Woodard Organization","Don't Stop The Groove","CD",

"Lynyrd Skynyrd","Free Bird","VHS",

"Lynyrd Skynyrd","One More From The Road (Disc 1)","CD",

"Lynyrd Skynyrd","One More From The Road (Disc 2)","CD",

"Lyons, Jimmy","Give It Up","LP Vinyl",

"Lyons, Jimmy","Jump Up/What To Do About","LP Vinyl",

"Lyons, Jimmy","Other Afternoons","LP Vinyl",

"Lyons, Jimmy","Something In Return","LP Vinyl",

"Lyons, Jimmy","Wee Sneezawee","LP Vinyl",

"Lytle,Johnny","The Village Caller!","LP Vinyl",