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"T. Rex","Electric Warrior","LP Vinyl",

"Tabackin,Lew","Rites Of Pan","LP Vinyl",

"Tabackin,Lew","Tabackin","LP Vinyl",

"Tabla Beat Science","Live In San Francisco (Disc 2)","CD",

"Tabla Beat Science","Live in San Francisco at Stern Grove (Disc 1)","CD",

"Tabla Beat Science","Ophelia","CD",

"Tabla Beat Science","Tabla Matrix","CD",

"Taborn, Craig","Craig Taborn Trio","CD",

"Tabou Combo","Live Au Zenith","CD",

"Tabou Combo","Tabou Combo Super Stars","LP Vinyl",

"Tabu-Ley Rochereau Et L'Orchestre Afrisa International","Africa Worldwid - 35th Anniversity Album","CD",


"Tacuma,Jamaaladeen","Juke Box","LP Vinyl",

"Tacuma,Jamaaladeen","Music World","LP Vinyl",

"Tacuma,Jamaaladeen","Renaissance Man","LP Vinyl",

"Tacuma,Jamaaladeen","Show Stopper","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","""(Nothing But) Flowers/""Ruby Dear""","45 RPM",

"Talking Heads","""Cities""/""Cities (Live)""","45 RPM",

"Talking Heads","""Slippery People""/""Flippy Floppy"" remixes","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","A- Talking Heads Cape Cod 8/20/83 Pt 2","Cassette",

"Talking Heads","And She Was/Television Man","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","B- David Bowie Detroit, Michigan 4/21/78 Pt 2","Cassette",

"Talking Heads","Blind","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","Burned To A Crisp","CD",

"Talking Heads","Cape Cod Colisseum Cape Cod, MA 8/20/83","Cassette",

"Talking Heads","Fear of Music","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","From The Name of the Band is.....","CD",

"Talking Heads","Houses in Motion","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","Little Creatures","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","Love For Sale","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","More Songs About Buildings and Food","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","Naked","CD",

"Talking Heads","Popular Favorites 1984 - 1992","CD",

"Talking Heads","Punch & Judy Theatre Detroit, MI 8/21/78","Cassette",

"Talking Heads","Radio Head/Hey Now","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","Remain in Light","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","Rockpop,Germany-1981","VHS",

"Talking Heads","Sand In The Vaseline (Disc 1)","CD",

"Talking Heads","Sand In The Vaseline (Disc 2)","CD",

"Talking Heads","Speaking in Tongues","CD",

"Talking Heads","Stop Making Sense-Original Version","VHS",

"Talking Heads","Stop Making Sense-WIDESCREEN REMASTER","VHS",

"Talking Heads","Stop Making Sense: Special New Edition (1984 Film)","CD",

"Talking Heads","Storytelling Giant","VHS",

"Talking Heads","Talking Heads at the Masonic Temple Detroit, MI 10/30/80","Cassette",

"Talking Heads","Talking Heads LIVE (To be aired Saturday April 7 9pm)","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","Talking Heads: 77","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","The Lady Don't Mind","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","The Name of this Band Is Talking Heads","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","Tokyo 2/27/81","CD",

"Talking Heads","True Stories","VHS",

"Talking Heads","True Stories","LP Vinyl",

"Talking Heads","Wild Wild Life","LP Vinyl",

"Tamba 4","We And The Sea","CD",

"Tambo","Al Santiago Presents Tambo","CD",

"Tambu","Charlie's Roots","LP Vinyl",

"Tamia-Pierre Favre","de la nuit... le jour","LP Vinyl",

"Tangerine Dream","Canyon Dreams","VHS",

"Tangerine Dream","Luminous Visione-VHS","VHS",

"Tangerine Dream","Luminous Visions","CD",

"Tangerine Dream","Oasis","VHS",

"Tangerine Dream","Reims Cathedral 1974 2 disc set","CD",

"Tangerine Dream","Towards The Evening Star ORB Remix","CD",

"Grupo Taone","En Dos Tiempos","VHS",

"Tapscott, Horace","The Dark Tree, Vol 1","CD",

"Tapscott, Horace","The Dark Tree, Vol 2","CD",

"The Taste","Live At The Isle Of Wight","CD",

"Tate,Buddy","Tate-A-Tate","LP Vinyl",

"Tavaglione, Steve","Blue Tav","CD",

"Taxi Connection","Live in London!!!!","Cassette",

"The Taxi Gang","Electro Reggae","LP Vinyl",

"The Taxi Gang","The Sting","LP Vinyl",

"Tayla","Producer 04","CD",

"Taylor, Mick","Coastin Home","CD",

"United DJ's of America presents: Taylor","Resonance","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","3 Phasis","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","Air Above Mountains-Buildings Within","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","Celebrated Blazons The Feel Trio","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","Conquistador","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","Dark To Themselves","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","For Olim","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","Garden","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","In Florescence","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","In Transition","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","It Is In The Brewing Luminous","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","Jazz Advance","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","Live In Bologna","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","Live In The Black Forest","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","Live In Vienna","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","Looking Ahead!","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","Mixed","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","Momentum Space","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","Nefertiti,The Beautiful One Has Come","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","One Too Many Salty Swift And Not Goodbye","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","Qu'a LIve at the Iridium vol. 1","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","Qu'a Yuba Live at the Iridium Vol. 2","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","Segments II","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","Silent Tongues","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","Spring Of Two Blue Js","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","Student Studies","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","The Cecil Taylor Unit","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","The Complete Candid Recordings Of Cecil Taylor and Buell Neidlinger","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","The Eighth","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","The Great Concert Of Cecil Taylor","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Cecil","The Willisau Concert","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","Tzotzil-Mummers-Tzotzil","CD",

"Taylor, Cecil","Unit Structures","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Koko","Force Of Nature","CD",

"Taylor, Koko","From The Heart of a Woman","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Koko","I Got What It Takes","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Koko","Jump For Joy","Cassette",

"Taylor, Koko","Live From Chicago-An Audience with The Queen","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Koko","Queen of the Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Koko","The Earthshaker","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Arthur","A.T,'s Delight","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Arthur","Charlie Rouse / Frank Foster / Taylor's Tenors","CD",

"Taylor, Arthur","Mr. A.T.","CD",

"Taylor, Arthur","Taylor's Wailers","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Arthur","Wailin' At The Vanguard","CD",

"Taylor, Gene","Handmade","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Hound Dog & the HouseRockers","Beware of the Dog","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Hound Dog & the HouseRockers","Genuine HouseRocking Music","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Hound Dog & the HouseRockers","Hound Dog Taylor","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor, Hound Dog & the HouseRockers","Natural Boogie","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor,Billy","Cross Section","LP Vinyl",

"Taylor,Billy","The Billy Taylor Trio with Candido","LP Vinyl",

"Tchicai, John","Real Tchicai","CD",

"Teegarden ,Jack","Jack Teegarden's Big Eight/Pee Wee Russell's Rhythmakers","LP Vinyl",

"Television","Adventure","LP Vinyl",

"Television","Arrow Head","CD",

"Television","Double Exposure","LP Vinyl",


"Television","Interference","LP Vinyl",

"Television","Live Adventures","CD",

"Television","Marquee Moon","CD",

"Television","Portable Electricity Live","CD",

"Television","Portland Oregon 1978","CD",

"Television","Royce Hall,LA-3/15/02","VHS",


"Television","The Blow Up (Disc 1)","CD",

"Television","The Blow Up (Disc 2)","CD",


"Tempest","Live at the BBC","CD",

"Tempest","Tempest / Living In Fear","CD",

"Ten Seconds","Ten Seconds","CD",

"Ten Years After","A Space In Time","CD",

"Ten Years After","At The Marquee","VHS",

"Ten Years After","Cricklewood Green","CD",

"Ten Years After","Live At The Fillmore East (Disc 1)","CD",

"Ten Years After","Live At The Fillmore East (Disc 2)","CD",

"Ten Years After","Ssssh. & Cricklewood Green (Gold Disc)","CD",

"Ten Years After","Stonedhenge","CD",

"Ten Years After","Ten Years After-Watt","CD",

"Ten Years After","Texas International Pop Festival","CD",

"Ten Years After","Undead","CD",

"Tenaglia, Danny","Back To Mine - Danny Tenaglia","CD",

"Tenaglia, Danny","Global Underground - London","CD",

"Tenaglia, Danny","Global Underground 10 - Athens (Disc 2)","CD",

"Tenaglia, Danny","GlobalUnderground 10 - Athens (Disc 1)","CD",

"Tenaglia, Danny","GU017: Danny Tenaglia - London (Disc 1)","CD",

"Terroade,Kenneth","Love Rejoice","LP Vinyl",

"Terry, Clark","Big Band-Live In Poland","LP Vinyl",

"Terry, Clark","Clark Terry/Bob Brookmeyer Quintet Gingerbread Men","Cassette",

"Terry, Clark","Color Changes","Cassette",

"Terry, Clark","Duke With A Difference","LP Vinyl",

"Terry, Clark","Memories Of Duke","LP Vinyl",

"Terry, Clark","Serenade To A Bus Seat","LP Vinyl",

"Terry, Sonny","Whoopin'","LP Vinyl",

"Terry,Lillian","""oo-Shoo-Be-Doo-Be ...Oo,Oo"" '...Oo.Oo""","LP Vinyl",

"Te Vaka","Ki Mua","CD",

"Texas Tornados","Austin City Limits","VHS",

"Texas Tornados","Los Texas Tornados Showcase","CD",

"The Time","Ice Cream Castle","LP Vinyl",

"The TriSaxual Soul Champs","Go Girl","LP Vinyl",

"Them","""Gloria""","45 RPM",

"Thiele, Bob","Light My Fire","LP Vinyl",

"Thiele, Bob","Sunrise Sunset","CD",

"Thielemans,Jean","Man Bites Harmonica!","LP Vinyl",

"Thievery Corporation","DJ-Kicks: Thievery Corporation","CD",

"Thigpen, Ed","Mr. Taste","CD",

"Thigpen, Ed","Out Of The Storm","CD",

"Third Eye","Hardware","CD",

"Third Kind Of Blue","Third Kind Of Blue","LP Vinyl",

"Third Rail","NorthSea Jazz Fest 7/12/97","CD",

"Third Rail","South Delta Space Age","CD",

"Third World","Prisioner In The Streets","VHS",

"Thirteen Of Everything","Demos","CD-R",

"Thomas, Gary","By Any Means Necessary","CD",

"Thomas, Jah & Roots Radics","King Tubby's Hidden Treasue","CD",

"Thomas, Leon","Gold Sunrise On Magic Mountain","LP Vinyl",

"Thomas, Leon","Leon Thomas/Gary Bartz PRECIOUS ENERGY Live at Ethell's","Cassette",

"Thomas, Leon","Spirits Known And Unknown","LP Vinyl",

"Thomas, Leon","The Leon Thomas Blues Band","LP Vinyl",

"Thomas, Luther","Saxrobatic Fanatic","CD",

"Thomas, Rene","Guitar Groove","LP Vinyl",

"Thomas, Rene","Live In Sesjun Vol. 3","CD",

"Thomas, Rene","Rene Thomas et Son Quintette","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard & Linda","First Light","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard & Linda","Hokey Pokey","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard & Linda","I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard & Linda","Pour Down Like Silver","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard & Linda","Rafferty's Folly","CD",

"Thompson, Richard & Linda","Shoot Out The Lights","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard & Linda","Strange Affair 1-2","CD",

"Thompson, Richard & Linda","Strange Affair 2-2","CD",

"Thompson, Richard & Linda","Sunnyvista","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Linda","One Clear Moment","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Linda","Thompson, Linda (Dreams Fly Away)","CD",

"Thompson, Linval","1975-77 Ride On Dreadlocks","CD",

"Thompson, Linval","Phoenix Dub","CD-R",

"Thompson, Lucky","Body & Soul","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Lucky","Lucky Strikes","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Lucky","Tricotism","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","A Rare Thing (Disc 1)","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","A Rare Thing (Disc 2)","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Across a Crowded Room","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard","Amnesia","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","An Acoustic Evening","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Columbia Gold","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Columbia Gold 2-2","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Daring Adventures","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard","Doom & Gloom I","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Doom & Gloom II","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Hand of Kindness","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard","Henry The Human Fly","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard","Industry","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Live At Crawley 1993","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Mirror Blue","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Mock Tudor","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Richard Thompson (guitar, vocal)","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard","Richard Thompson Band Philadelphia 1999","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Rumor and Sigh","Cassette",

"Thompson, Richard","Small Town Romance","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard","Straws In The Wind","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Strict Tempo","LP Vinyl",

"Thompson, Richard","Watching The Dark - Disc A","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Watching The Dark - Disc C","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","Watching The Dark - Disk B","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","You? Me? Us? (Disc 1)","CD",

"Thompson, Richard","You? Me? Us? (Disc 2)","CD",

"Thompson, Malachi","Talking Horns","CD",

"Thompson,Danny","Whatever","LP Vinyl",

"Thornton,Clifford","Ketchaoua","LP Vinyl",

"Thornton,Clifford","The Gardens Of Harlem","LP Vinyl",

"Threadgill, Henry","Carry The Day","CD",

"Threadgill, Henry","Easily Slip Into Another World","LP Vinyl",

"Threadgill, Henry","Everybody's Mouth's A Book","CD",

"Threadgill, Henry","Henry Threadgill's Make A Move Detroit Hart Plaza 9/1/96","Cassette",

"Threadgill, Henry","Just The Facts And Pass The Bucket","LP Vinyl",

"Threadgill, Henry","Live At Koncepts","CD",

"Threadgill, Henry","Rag,Bush And All","LP Vinyl",

"Threadgill, Henry","Song Out of My Trees","CD",

"Threadgill, Henry","Spirit Of Nuff...Nuff","LP Vinyl",

"Threadgill, Henry","Subject To Change","LP Vinyl",

"Threadgill, Henry","Too Much Sugar For A Dime","CD",

"Threadgill, Henry","Up Popped The Two Lips","CD",

"Threadgill, Henry","Wehn Was That?","LP Vinyl",

"Threadgill, Henry","You Know The Number","LP Vinyl",

"The Three Sounds","Babe's Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Tibbetts, Steve","Big Map Idea","LP Vinyl",

"Tibbetts, Steve","Exploded View","LP Vinyl",

"Tibbetts, Steve","Northern Song","LP Vinyl",

"Tibbetts, Steve","PAC Hall Western Washington University 2/14/85 2 disc set","CD",

"Tibbetts, Steve","Safe Journey","LP Vinyl",

"Tibbetts, Steve","Steve Tibbetts Minneapolis 1988","CD",

"Tibbetts, Steve","YR","LP Vinyl",

"Tierra","Tierra Tonight","CD",

"Tierra","Tierra's Street Corner Gold","CD",

"Timeshard","Crystal Oscillations","CD",

"Timeshard","Hunab Ku","CD",

"Timmons, Bobby","In Person","LP Vinyl",

"Timmons, Bobby","Soul Time","CD",

"Timmons, Bobby","This Here Is Bobby Timmons","LP Vinyl",

"Tims, Alfonia","Alfonia Tims and His Flying Tigers Future Funk/Uncut!","Cassette",

"Tipica '73","Charangueando Con La Típica 73","CD",

"Tipica '73","Into The Eighties","CD",

"Tipica '73","Rumba Caliente","CD",

"Tipica '73","Salsa Encendida","CD",

"Tipica '73","The Two Sides Of Tipica 73","CD",

"Tipica '73","Tipica '73","CD",

"Tipica '73","Tipica '73 En Cuba-Intercambio Cultural","CD",

"Tipica '73","Tipica '73/lacandela","CD",

"Tipica '73","Tipica 73","CD",

"The Tippett, Keith","Ark Frames","CD",

"The Tippett, Keith","Dedicated to you, but you weren't listening","CD",

"The Tippett, Keith","You are here I am there","CD",

"Tiso, Wagner","BAOBAB","CD",

"Tiso, Wagner","Brazilian Scenes","CD",

"Tjader, Cal","A Night At The Blackhawk","LP Vinyl",

"Tjader, Cal","Amazonas","CD",

"Tjader, Cal","Cal Tjader plays,Mary Stallings sings","LP Vinyl",

"Tjader, Cal","Cal Tjader- Primo","CD",

"Tjader, Cal","Concert On The Campus","LP Vinyl",

"Tjader, Cal","Jazz At The Blackhawk","LP Vinyl",

"Tjader, Cal","Latin + Jazz = Cal Tjader","CD",

"Tjader, Cal","Latin Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Tjader, Cal","Latin Kick","LP Vinyl",

"Tjader, Cal","Mambo with Tjader","LP Vinyl",

"Tjader, Cal","Mas Ritmo Caliente","LP Vinyl",

"Tjader, Cal","Plays Harold Arden","LP Vinyl",

"Tjader, Cal","San Francisco Moods","LP Vinyl",

"Tjader, Cal","Soul Burst","CD",

"Tjader, Cal","Tjader Plays Mambo","LP Vinyl",

"Tolliver, Charles","Compassion","LP Vinyl",

"Tolliver, Charles","Impact","CD",

"Tolliver, Charles","Live At Historic Slugs'","CD",

"Tolliver, Charles","Live At The Loosdrecht Jazz Festival","LP Vinyl",

"Tolliver, Charles","Live In Tokyo","LP Vinyl",

"Tolliver, Charles","Music Inc. & Big Band","CD",

"Tolliver, Charles","Music Inc.-Live At Slugs' Volume II","LP Vinyl",

"Tolliver, Charles","Paper Man","LP Vinyl",

"Tolliver, Charles","The Ringer","LP Vinyl",

"Tom Tom Club","Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom","CD",

"Tom Tom Club","Close To The Bone","LP Vinyl",

"Tom Tom Club","Dark Sneak Love Action","Cassette",

"Tom Tom Club","Harvard Square Cambridge, MA. 11/11/00","CD",

"Tom Tom Club","Live @ the Clubhouse (Disc 1)","CD",

"Tom Tom Club","Live @ the Clubhouse (Disc 2)","CD",

"Tom Tom Club","Pleasure of Love","LP Vinyl",

"Tom Tom Club","Suboceana","LP Vinyl",

"Tom Tom Club","Sunshine And Ecstacy","CD",

"Tom Tom Club","The Good The Bad And The Funky","CD",

"Tom Tom Club","The Man With the 4-way Hips","LP Vinyl",

"Tom Tom Club","The Specially Priced Maxi-Single","LP Vinyl",

"Tom Tom Club","Tom Tom Club","CD",

"Tom Tom Club","Wordy Rappinghood","LP Vinyl",

"Tom Tom Club","You Sexy Thing","CD",

"Tones On Tail","Everything (Disc 1)","CD",

"Tones On Tail","Everything (Disc 2)","CD",

"Tong, Pete","Essential Mix - Mixed By Pete Tong","CD",

"Toots And The Maytals","Live","CD",

"Toots And The Maytals","Live At Red Rocks","CD",

"Toots And The Maytals","Live At Reggae Sunshine","CD",

"Toots And The Maytals","Live At Santa Monica Pier-8/7/97","VHS",

"Toots And The Maytals","Live in London","CD",

"Toots And The Maytals","Live-VHS","VHS",

"Toots And The Maytals","Reggae Got Soul","Cassette",

"Toots And The Maytals","Time Tough (The Anthology) (Disc 1)","CD",

"Toots And The Maytals","Time Tough (The Anthology) (Disc 2)","CD",

"Toots And The Maytals","Toots in Memphis","LP Vinyl",

"Topping, Steve","Time And Distance","CD",

"Tormis,Veljo","Forgotten Peoples","LP Vinyl",

"Torn, David","Best Laid Plans","LP Vinyl",

"Torn, David","Cloud About Mercury","LP Vinyl",

"Torn, David","Cloud About Mercury Alvins Detroit, Michigan 10/22/87 (Early show)","CD",

"Torn, David","Cloud About Mercury Grafitti Pittsburgh 10/20/87 2 disc set","CD",

"Torn, David","Cloud About Mercury Tour Alvin's Bar Detroit, MI 10/22/87","CD",

"Torn, David","Cloud About Mercury Tour Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA","CD",

"Torn, David","David Torn 1-5 Brandeis 10/1/86 6-7 Stadtgarten 2/12/95","CD",

"Torn, David","David Torn Fest hulle Frankfort, Germany 2/7/87","Cassette",

"Torn, David","Door X","CD",

"Torn, David","Lovebubble Mirkin 2000","CD",

"Torn, David","Magic Bag Theater Wednesday, April 19, 1995 (burned copy)","CD",

"Torn, David","Nightstage Cambridge, MA 10/12/87 Late Show","CD",

"Torn, David","Philadelphia Public Radio 3/98 Stars End Gathering","CD",

"Torn, David","Polytown","CD",

"Torn, David","Polytown Bottom Line (early show) 9/22/94","CD",

"Torn, David","Polytown-Bottom Line-9/22/94-Second Set","Cassette",

"Torn, David","Polytown-Live In Seattle VHS","VHS",

"Torn, David","Polytown-Minneapolis","Cassette",

"Torn, David","Polytown-Nyc-Bottom Line-9/22/94-Second Show","Cassette",

"Torn, David","Polytown-Seattle9/11/94","Cassette",

"Torn, David","The Echos Living Room Concert 1989","CD",

"Torn, David","Tripping Over God","CD",

"Torn, David","What Means Solid Traveller-VHS","VHS",

"Torn, David","What Means Solid, Traveller?","CD",

"Toro, Yomo","Gracias","Cassette",

"Torres, J.P.","Trombone Man","CD",

"Torres,Carlos","Navidades Tradicionales en Jazz","LP Vinyl",

"Tosh, Peter","Arise Black Man","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Behind The Music","VHS",

"Tosh, Peter","Bottom Line NYC 3/7/79","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Bush Doctor","LP Vinyl",

"Tosh, Peter","Bush Doctor Remastered","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Complete Captured Live (Disc 1)","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Complete Captured Live (Disc 2)","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Honorary Citizen (Disc 1)","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Honorary Citizen - (Disc 2)","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Honorary Citizen - (Disc 3)","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","I Am That I Am","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Legalize It","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Live","VHS",

"Tosh, Peter","Live & Dangerous: Boston 1976","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Live At The One Love Peace Con","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Live Montego Bay 1982 Bob Marley Performing Arts Center","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Mama Africa","LP Vinyl",

"Tosh, Peter","Mystic Man [2002 Reissue]","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Negril","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","No Nuclear War","LP Vinyl",

"Tosh, Peter","Remedies For Babylon","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Stepping Razor-Red X","VHS",

"Tosh, Peter","The Toughest","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","WANTED","CD",

"Tosh, Peter","Wanted - Dread & Alive","CD",

"The Tough Young Tenors","Alone Together","CD",

"Toure Kunda","Natalia","LP Vinyl",

"Toure Kunda","Toure Kunda","LP Vinyl",

"Toure Kunda","Toure Kunda LIVE","LP Vinyl",

"Tower of Power","Live and in Living Color","LP Vinyl",

"Tower of Power","Urban Renewal","CD",

"Towner, Ralph","Anthem","CD",

"Towner, Ralph","Batik","CD",

"Towner, Ralph","Blue Sun","CD",

"Towner, Ralph","City of Eyes","CD",

"Towner, Ralph","Diary","LP Vinyl",

"Towner, Ralph","Five Years Later","CD",

"Towner, Ralph","Match Book","LP Vinyl",

"Towner, Ralph","Matchbook","CD",

"Towner, Ralph","Old Friends, New Friends","CD",

"Towner, Ralph","Slide Show","CD",

"Towner, Ralph","Solo Concert","CD",

"Towner, Ralph","Solstice","CD",

"Towner, Ralph","Sound and Shadows","CD",

"Towner, Ralph","Trios Solos","LP Vinyl",

"Toyah","Ophelia's Shadow","Cassette",

"Traffic","John Barleycorn Must Die","CD",

"Traffic","Last Exit","CD",

"Traffic","Live At Santa Monica-","VHS",

"Traffic","Live In Santa Monica","CD-R",

"Traffic","Memories Of A Free Festival","CD-R",

"Traffic","Mr. Fantasy","CD",

"Traffic","Shoot out at the fantasy factory","CD",

"Traffic","Soul Of The Road - Live In Fillmore West - 1st July 1972","CD",

"Traffic","Stockholm Sept 5, 1967","CD",

"Traffic","The low spark of high heeled boys","CD",

"Traffic","The Low Spark Of High Heeled Sessions","CD",


"Traffic","Traffic: On The Road","LP Vinyl",

"Traffic","Welcome To The Canteen","CD",

"Traffic","Woodstock 1994","CD-R",


"Travis, Theo","Heart Of The Sun","CD",

"Trevor & Sandy","The Attic Tracks Vol. 4","Cassette",

"Tribal Tech","Face First","CD",

"Tribal Tech","Illicit","CD",

"Trinity","Shanty Town Determination","CD",

"Tronzo, Dave","""Spin""","45 RPM",

"Tropea, John","Live At Mikell'S","CD",

"Tropea, John","NY Cats Direct","CD",

"Tropea, John","Short Trip To Space","CD",

"Tropea, John","To Touch You Again","CD",

"Tropea, John","Tropea","CD",

"TropiJazz All Stars","TropiJazz All Stars Volume 1","CD",

"Trouble Funk","Saturday Night LIVE!","LP Vinyl",

"Trouble Funk","Trouble Funk Live","CD",

"Trout, Walter & The Free Radicals","Live & Kickin'","VHS",

"Trout, Walter & The Free Radicals","Live Trout (Disc 1)","CD",

"Trout, Walter & The Free Radicals","Live Trout (Disc 2)","CD",

"Truffaz, Erik","Mantis","CD",

"Truffaz, Erik","The Mask","CD",

"Trumpet Kings","The Trumpet Kings at Montreux","CD",

"Trumpet Kings","The Trumpet Kings Meet Joe Turner","CD",

"The Trumpet Summit","The Trumpet Summit Meets the Oscar Peterson Big 4","CD",

"Assif Tsahar ","""Ein Sof""","CD",

"Assif Tsahar ","Eremite","CD",

"Tsuchiya, Masami","Rice Music","CD",

"Tsuchiya, Masami","Time Passenger","CD-R",


"The Tubes","T.R.A.S.H. (Tubes Rarities And Smash Hits)","CD",

"Tucker, Mickey","Blues In Five Dimensions","CD",

"Tucker, Mickey","Mister Mysterious","CD",

"Tucker, Mickey","Sojourn","CD",

"Tucker, Mickey","The Crawl","CD",

"Tucker, Mickey","Theme for Woodie Boogie","CD",

"Tucker, Mickey","Triplicity","CD",

"Tumbao All-Stars","Tumbao All-Stars","CD",

"Turner, Nik","Blackpool,UK-8/12/01","CD-R",

"Turner, Nik","Nik Turner & Travelers Of Space","CD",

"Turner, Nik","Past Or Future?","CD",

"Turner, Nik","Sonic Attack 2001","CD",

"Turner, Nik","Space Ritual St. Andrews Hall Detroit, Michigan 7/21/95","Cassette",

"Turner, Nik","Space Ritual 1994 ""Live"" (Disc 1)","CD",

"Turner, Nik","Space Ritual 1994 ""Live"" (Disc 2)","CD",

"Turner, Ike & Tina","River Deep = Mountain High","LP Vinyl",

"Turner, Joe","Everyday I Have the Blues","CD",

"Turner, Joe","Roomful of Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Turre, Steve","Fire and Ice","CD",

"Turre, Steve","In The Spur Of The Moment","CD",

"Turre, Steve","Lotus Flower","CD",

"Turre, Steve","Rhythm Within","CD",

"Turre, Steve","Right There","CD",

"Turre, Steve","Sanctified Shells","CD",

"Turre, Steve","Steve Turre","CD",

"Turre, Steve","Tnt","CD",

"Turre, Steve","Viewpoint","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Blue Hour - The Complete Sessions (Disc 1)","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Blue Hour - The Complete Sessions (DIsc 2 of 2)","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Cherry","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Common Touch","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Easy Walker","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Hustlin'","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Joyride","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Jubilee Shout","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Look Out!","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","More Than A Mood","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Mr. Natural","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Never Let Me Go","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Rough 'n' Tumble","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Salt Song","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","That's Where It's At","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","The Spoiler","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Up At Minton's - Vol. 1","CD",

"Turrentine, Stanley","Up At Minton's Vol. 2","CD",

"Tusa, Frank","Father Time","CD",

"The Twinkle Brothers","Dub Massacre Parts 3 & 4","CD-R",

"The Twinkle Brothers","Dub Massacre Vol, 1 & 2","CD-R",

"The Twinkle Brothers","Dub Plate","CD-R",

"The Twinkle Brothers","Dub With Strings","CD-R",

"Twins Seven Seven","Slang in Trance","LP Vinyl",

"Tyner, McCoy","13th House","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","4 X 4","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","44th Street Suite","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Asante","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Atlantis","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Bon Voyage","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Cosmos","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Dimensions","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Double Trios","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Echoes of a Friend","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Enlightenment","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Expansions","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Extensions","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Fly With The Wind","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Focal Point","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Horizon","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Inception","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Infinity","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Inner Voices","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","It's About Time","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Jazz Roots","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Journey","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Just Feelin'","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","La Leyenda De La Hora","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Live At Newport","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Live At The Musicians Exchange","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Live At The Winery","VHS",

"Tyner, McCoy","Lookin' Out","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Manhattan Moods","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","McCoy Tyner San Remo, Italy7/29/81","Cassette",

"Tyner, McCoy","McCoy Tyner - Sahara","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","McCoy Tyner And The Latin All-Stars","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","McCoy Tyner Big Band Montreaux Jazz Festival 1997","Cassette",

"Tyner, McCoy","McCoy Tyner Plays Ellington","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","McCoy Tyner Plays John Coltrane","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","McCoy Tyner With Stanley Clarke And Al Foster","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Mestre 3/13/84","Cassette",

"Tyner, McCoy","New York Reunion","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Nights Of Ballads & Blues","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","One on One","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Passion Dance","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Prelude & Sonata","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Reaching Fourth","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Remembering John","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Revelations","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Sama Layuca","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Solar - Live At Sweet Basil's","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Soliloquy","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Song For My Lady","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Song of the New World","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Super Trios","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Tendre Moments","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","The Greeting","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","The Real McCoy","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","The Turning Point(Big Band)","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Things Ain't What They Used To Be","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Time for Tyner","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Today And Tomorrow","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Together","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Trident","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Trio, Live At Sweet Basil (Disc 1)","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Trio, Live At Sweet Basil (Disc 2)","CD",

"Tyner, McCoy","Uptown/Downtown","CD",

"Tyrone Hill Quartet","Out Of The Box","CD",