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"U-Brown","Train To Zion","CD",

"U Srinivas","Dawn Raga","CD",

"U Srinivas","Dream","CD",

"U Srinivas","GannaSampoornam","CD-R",

"U&K","Concert Classics - Volume 4","CD",

"U2","Elevation Tour-Disk II","CD",

"U2","Rattle and Hum","VHS",

"U2","The Unforgettable Fire","LP Vinyl",

"U2","Under A Blood Red Sky","VHS",

"U2","WAR","LP Vinyl",

"UB40","Baggariddim","LP Vinyl",

"UB40","Labour of Love","LP Vinyl",

"UB40","Little Baggariddim","LP Vinyl",

"UB40","More UB40 Music","LP Vinyl",

"UFO","Walk On Water","CD",

"UK","Danger Money","CD",

"UK","Live At El Mocambo-Toronto","Cassette",

"UK","Penn's Landing-8/8/78","CD-R",

"UK","Road Test Cleveland 11/9/78","CD",


"The Ullulators","Pullen Free Fest 8/25/90","VHS",

"The Ullulators","The Monarchs of Mangonia","Cassette",

"Ultrasonic","Flips & Flops","Cassette",


"Underground Resistance","Interstellar Fugitives","LP Vinyl",

"Underworld","Beaucoup Fish","CD",

"Underworld","Born Slippy","CD",

"Underworld","Dark And Long","CD-R",



"Underworld","Jumbo [US Box Set Edition]","CD",

"Underworld","King Of Snake [US Box Set Edition]","CD",

"Underworld","Pearl's Girl EP","CD",

"Underworld","Push Upstairs","CD",

"Underworld","Second Toughest In The Infants","CD",

"Underworld","Videos 1993-1997-Footwear Repairs by Craftsmen At Competitive Prices","VHS",

"The United States of America","The United States of America","LP Vinyl",

"United Jazz And Rock Ensemble","Live In Berlin","CD",

"Upsetters","Eastwood Rides Again","CD",

"Upsetters","Return Of DJango","CD",

"Uptown String Quartet","Max Roach Presents The Uptown String Quartet","CD",

"Urban Africa","Jive Hits of The Townships","Cassette",

"The Urbations","Urban Dance Party","Cassette",

"Ure, Midge","Musical Biography","VHS",

"URGH","A Music War - The Album","CD",

"Uriah Heep","Live '73","CD",

"Utley, Adrian","Warminster","CD",

"Uzeb","Between The Lines","CD",

"Uzeb","Fast Emotion","CD",

"Uzeb","Noisy Nights","CD",

"Uzeb","Uzeb - World Tour 90 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Uzeb","Uzeb - World Tour 90 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Valdez, Bebo","Bebo Rides Again","CD",

"Valdez, Bebo","El Arte del Sabor","CD",

"Valdez, Chucho","Bele Bele En La Habana","CD",

"Valdez, Chucho","Jazz Bata - Jazz Bata","CD",

"Valdez, Chucho","Live At The Village Vanguard","CD",

"Valdez, Chucho","Live!","CD",

"Valdez, Chucho","Solo","CD",

"Valdez, Chucho","Solo Piano","CD",

"Valdés, Patato","Masterpiece","CD",

"Valdés, Patato","Ritmo y Candela II: African Crossroads","CD",

"Valdés, Patato","Ritmo Y Candela:Rhythm At The Crossroads","CD",

"Valentin, Bobby","""25 Aniversario Del Rey Del Bajo""","Cassette",

"Valentin, Bobby","Bobby Valentin/Soy Boricua","CD",

"Valentin, Bobby","Rey Del Bajo","CD",

"Valentin, Bobby","Va A La Carcel Vol.2 (Bronco 102)","CD",

"Valentin, Bobby","Va La Carcel Vol.1 (Bronco 101)","CD",

"Valentin, Bobby","Vuelve A La Carcel","CD",

"Valentin, Bobby","Vuelve A La Carcel","CD",

"Van Der Graff Generator","H To HE Who Am The Only One","CD-R",

"Van Damme, Art","Cocktail Capers","CD",

"Van Dyke, Earl","Earl Van Dyke + Francisco Mora Ensemble","Cassette",

"Van Dyke, Earl","The Earl of Funk","LP Vinyl",

"Van Tieghem, David","Safety in Numbers","CD",

"Van Van","With Salsa Formell","CD",

"Van Der Geld, Tom","Path","CD",

"Van Der Geld, Tom","Patience","CD",

"Vandermark5","Acoustic Machine","CD",

"Vandermark5","Free Jazz Classics","CD",

"Vandermark5","Free Jazz Classics Vol. 2","CD",

"Vargas, Wilfredo","Los Años Dorados","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","...The Funky Lowlives","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","10 Out Of 10","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","100% Dynamite!","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","20 Reggae Classics!","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","21st Century Dub","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","4 Generations Of Miles","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","A History of New ORleans Rhythm & Blues","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","A History of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues Volume Two","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","A History of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues Volume Three","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","A Reggae Christmas","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","A Six Degrees Collection: Traveler '00","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","A Tribute to Monk and Bird","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","A Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan","VHS",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","A Tribute To The Music & Works Of Brian Eno","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Abstract Day Japan 97","VHS",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","AFrican Dub All-Mighty","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","African Dub Chapter four","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","African Dub Chapter three","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","African Dub Chapter two","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Afro Cubano Chant","CD",


"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Alien Ambient Galaxy","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","All Access To Detroit's Music Festivals","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","All Through The Year","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Amarcord Nino Tora (I remember Nino Rota)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Anokha: Soundz Of The Asian Underground","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Arabic Dance Party - 3","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Art Fein Presents L.A. Rockabilly","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Art Of Dance:Exhibits","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Astralwerks 2000.1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Axiom Dub-Mysteries Of Creation","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","BaadAsssss Cinema The sounds of Blaxploitation","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Back On 52nd Street","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Battle Axe","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Beat Club:Jazz Rock","VHS",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Beat Club:Psychedelic Rock","VHS",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Beyond Planet Dub (Disc 1)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Beyond Planet Dub - Beyond Planet Dub - Disk 2 -","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","BILL GRAHAM Memorial Concert 5 CD Set","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Bird Feathers","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Birdology, Volume 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Birth Of The Groove","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Black Foundation In Dub","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Black Night - Deep Purple Tribute","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Blue Break Beats","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Blue Break Beats - Volume 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Blue Note Rare Grooves","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Blue Note Sampler 1999","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Blues Deluxe","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Blues for Coltrane (a tribute to John Coltrane)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Blues for Tomorrow","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Bond Beat & Bass","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Brain In The Wire","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Brain In The Wire [Disc B]","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","California Concert (The Hollywood Palladium)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","cancion libre coleccion de exitos de la nueva cancion","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Channel One- Maxfield Avenue Breakdown","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Chartbusters (The Best of Beserkley 1975 - 1978)","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Check The Winner","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Chemical Ravers","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Chicago The Blues Today! Vol. 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Chicago/The Blues/Today (Vol. 1)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Chicago/The Blues/Today! Vol. 3","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Christmas in Detroit","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","CIMPosium - Volume 3","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Circle Dance The Hokey Pokey Charity Compilation","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Clocktower REcords Presents Clocktower Dub","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Complete Dubnology 4 Giant CDs","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Conception","CD",


"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Crossing Borders","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Cuba Classics 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Cuba Classics 3 - Diablo Al Infierno!","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Darker Than Blue: Soul From Jamdown 1973-1980","CD",


"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Detroit Instrumentals A collection of 19 ""Detroit"" Instrumental Classics....","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Discoplates Collection Part 1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Draw Me A Riot","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Dream Session: The All-Stars Play Miles Davis Classics","CD",


"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Drop 5.1","CD-R",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Dub Revolution","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","DUB SPECIALIST: 17 Dub shots from Studio One","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Dubbing At Harry J's 1972 - 1975 Rare Dub Plates","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Earthrise.Ntone.1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Earthrise.Ntone.1 (Disc 2)","CD",


"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Eating Raoul (original motion picture soundtrack)","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","El Jazz Cubano","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Endless Miles: A Tribute To Miles Davis","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Essential Decade 1999-2000","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Evolution (Sampler)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","F**K Jungle:I Love NY Jungle","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Faith And Power: An ESP-Disk Sampler","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","FATMAN Presents Twin Spin Vol. 1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Feed Your Head","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Feed Your Head","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Feed Your Head - Volume 3 - Accelerating The Alpha Rhythms","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Filmore - The Last Days - One","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Filmore - The Last Days - Two","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","For Taylor Storer","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Frat Rock (The greatest Rock 'n' Roll Party Tunes of all time) Volumes 1,2,3","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","From The Newport Jazz Festival-Tribute To Charlie Parker","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Front Line in DUB","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Funk: This Is Jungle Sky Volume 6 (Disc 1)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Funk: This Is Jungle Sky Volume 6 (Disc 2)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Further on Down the Road","VHS",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Fusion Super Jam Aurex Jazz Festival","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Future Sunrise","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Generator: Detroit 2002","CD",


"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Geology a Subjective Study of Planet e Volume Two","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Geology: Volume 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Geri Allen Trio, New Breed Bebop Society , George ""Sax Benson","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Giants Of Jazz In Berlin '71","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","God Rest Ye Merry Jazzmen","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Gods Kitchen - Mixed By Mario Piu","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Greatest Rap Hits Vol. 2","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Grenzüberschreitungen / Trespassing Borders","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Guerrilla Showcase","CD-R",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Guitar","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Guitar Legends From Expo 92-4 Volumes","VHS",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Guitar Speak II","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Guitar Speak III","Cassette",



"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Hard Cash","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Hard to Beat Go-Go- Volume Two","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Havanajam","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Head Shot: Reggae Instrumentals, Dubs And Other Oddities","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Heartbeat Reggae","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions Chapter ONe","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Hidden Art Sampler","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","High Priests of Electronic Dub","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","HUSTLE! Reggae Disco Kingston London New York","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","I Came I Saw I Conquered","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","If Deejay Was Your Trade","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","In Yo' Face - The History Of Funk, Volume Four","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","In Yo' Face! The History Of Funk - Volume 1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","In Yo' Face! The History Of Funk - Volume 3","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","In Yo' Face! The History Of Funk - Volume 5","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","In Yo' Face! The History Of Funk Volume 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Incursions In Illbient","CD",


"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Ingredients 1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Ingredients 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Instrumental Rock Revival","45 RPM",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Interpretations Of Monk (Disc 4)-Mal Waldron","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Interpretations Of Monk (Disk 1) - Muhal Richard Abrams Set","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Interpretations Of Monk (Disk 2) - Barry Harris Set","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Interpretations Of Monk-(Disk 3) Anthony Davis","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Jam Miami A Celebration Of Latin Jazz","CD",


"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Jazz Gala Concert","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Jazz is Bustoing Out all Over","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","JazzActuel Disc One-2000","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","JazzActuel Disc Three-2000","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Jazzactuel Disc Two-2000","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Jim Payne's New York Funk! Vol. 1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","June 2, 1974","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Kansas City - Original Motion Picture Sountrack","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","King of Dub","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Klangbad - First Steps","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Knights Of The Blues Table","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Knitting Factory Tours Europe 1991","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","KONBIT burning rhythms of haiti compiled by Jonathan Dame","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Kool Roots Earth & Stone (pressure sounds 11)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","La Bamba","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","La Planete Sauvage An Original Soundtrack Recording","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Latin Legends Live (Disc 1)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Latin Legends Live (Disc 2)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Liquid Sky Music Presents: This Is Jungle Sky Vol. 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Live & Direct","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Live at Montreux '77","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Live at the Knitting Factory 1989","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Live at the Knitting Factory volume 2","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Live at the Knitting Factory Volume 3","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Live at the Knitting Factory Volume 4","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Live at the Knitting Factory Volume Four","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Live At The Watts Jazz Festival Volume 1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Live From Soundscape : Latin Jazz","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Live From Soundscape : Latin New York 1980-83","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Live under the sky","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Living Chicago Blues","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Living Chicago Blues Volume 2","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Living Chicago Blues Volume five and six","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Living Chicago Blues Volume four","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Lliving Chicago Blues Volume three","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Looking Back","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Looking Back 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Lookingback 3","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Lost in the Stars","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Manifestation - Axiom Collection II","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Mar Y Sol-(Partial)","CD-R",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Married to the Mob (Music from the film)","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Medium Cool-Imagination","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Message From The Tribe (An Anthology of Tribe Records: 1972 - 1977)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Mixmag - I Love 1991","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","MixMag - Instant Party","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Mixmag Presents - The Takeover Bid: Round One - Aphrodite","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Mixmag Presents Lost Classics","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Modern Music from San Francisco","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Mojo Presents Soul Riot","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","More Than Mambo: The Introduction To Afro-Cuban Jazz (Disc 1)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","More Than Mambo: The Introduction To Afro-Cuban Jazz (Disc 2)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Motor City's Burnin'","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Mumia 911","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Music For Films","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Mystic Groove","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Natural Progression","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","New Blue Horns","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","New Music From Central And Eastern Europe","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 1976","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","New York Stories; Vol 1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Nice Up The Dance Studio One Discomixes","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Nigeria 70","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Nigeria 70","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Nigeria 70 - CD 3 Documentary","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Night of the Guitar","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Nirvana Jungle Sky IV","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","No New York","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","None But The Righteous - The Masters Of Sacred Steel","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Nu Yorica!","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Nu Yorica! (Disc 2)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Nu Yourica Roots!","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","One Night With Blue Note Preserved - Volume 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","One Night With Blue Note Preserved Volume 3","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","One Night With Blue Note Preserved, Vol. 1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Outskirts of Town","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound Series","45 RPM",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Philadelphia Roots","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Planet Dub (Disc 1)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Planet Dub (Disc 2)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Plus 8 / Plus 8 Classics Vol. 1 (1990-1992)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Plus 8 / Plus 8 Classics Vol. 2 (1993-1994)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Plus 8 Classics Volume 3 (1995-1997)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Plus From Us","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Points In Time 001","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Points In Time 002","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Points In Time 003","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Points In Time 004","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Points In Time 005","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Points In Time 006","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Points In Time 007","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Points In Time 008","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Points In Time 009","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Progday 2002","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Quadruped Volume 1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Rattlesnake Guitar","CD",


"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Reggae Christmas From Studio One","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Reinventing The 80's: A Trance Tribute To The 80's","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Return to Umoja","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Rewind: 1984 Chicago","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Richmond Jazz Festival","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Rite Sound Reggae Story","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Rock & Roll: This Is Jungle Sky Vol. V (Disc 2)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Roir Reggae 10 Years of Crucial Roots Music","Cassette",


"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Runeology","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sacred Steel - Live!","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Samba Soul 70!","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Schizoid Dimension: Tribute To King Crimson","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Secret Ibiza","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Seize The Beat (Dance ze Dance)","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sensi Dub Vol. 2","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Serenity Dub 2.1 PM","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Shake The Nations Pt.1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Shake The Nations Pt.2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Showcase Heaven #1","CD-R",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Shroom Records Sampler","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Silver Blue","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sly and the Revolutionaries","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Something Wild","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sonic Boom 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sonic Boom: The Art Of Sound","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sonic Sounds Presents ""A Vintage Christmas""","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Soul Addiction (Cookin' Records)","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Soulfood","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sound D'Afrique II 'Soukous'","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sounds and Pressure Volume Three","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sounds of OM - 3rd Edition","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sounds of Soweto","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Spike's Choice The Desco Funk 45' Collection","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Standing in the shadows of Motown Tape 2","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Standing In the Shadows of Motown Tribute to James Jameson Tape 1","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Staubgold","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Stay Awake","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Studio One Showcase Volume 1","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Studio One Soul The Original","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sun City (Artists United Against Apartheid)","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sun City (Let me see your I.D.)","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Sun City Artists United Against Apartheid","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Super Guitar Soukous","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Supershow","VHS",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Swarm Of Drones - A Sombient Continuum 1-2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Tangerine Ambience: A Tribute To Tangerine Dream","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Techniques in Dub pressure sounds 15","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Tenth Anniversary Anthology: Vol. 1 Live from Antone's","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","TEXtures (Alex Paterson Mix)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","TEXtures (Darren Emerson Mix)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","That's The Way (A Tribute to Thelonius Monk)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Ambient Way To Dub","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Best Of Ibiza Trance 2002","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Concert For New York City","CD-R",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Fox Lies Down: A Tribute To Genesis","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Future Sound Of America: Psychedelic Trance","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Herdsmen Play Paris","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Historic Town Hall Concert featuring 7 of the World's Greatest Guitarists","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Hot Spot Original Motion Picture Soundtrack","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Laser's Edge Sampler","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The League of Crafty Guitarists - Get Crafty I","Cassette",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Lost Grooves","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Million Dollar Hotel","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Mongo Hotline","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Montreux Detroit Collection","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Montreux Detroit Collection Volume Three: Motor City Modernists","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Music Of Peter Green (Disc 2)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The New Bluebloods","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The New Wave In Jazz","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The New York - Montreux Connection","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Orbital bedroom seesions","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Paris All Stars - Homage To Charlie Parker","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Peel Sessions-Peel Your Head","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Perfect Beat Compilation","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Secret Policeman's Other Ball","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Spirit Of Jimi Hendrix","VHS",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Stax/Volt Revue Volume 2 Live in Paris","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Takeover Bid : Round Two, By Micky Finn","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Very Best Of Points In Time 4, 5 & 6","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Very Best Of Points In Time 7, 8 & 9","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Wire Tapper 07","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Wire Tapper 08","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Wire Tapper 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Wire Tapper 5","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","The Wire Tapper 6 Special Edition","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","This Is Home Entertainment Volume 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","This Is Jungle Sky Vol V (Disc 1: Rock)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","This Is Jungle Sky Volume VII (Disc 1)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","This Is Jungle Sky Volume VII (Disc 2)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","This is Jungle Sky: Volume 6","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","This Is Soca (with David Rudder & Charlies Roots)","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Through The Eye Presented By Roni Size II","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Through The Eyes Presented By Roni Size I","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Tigerbeat6: And The Beat Goes Off","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Time : Space","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","To Cry You A Song","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Tour De Trance-Falcon City 1.0","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Towering Dub Inferno","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Trance 2 Metropolis:Mission To Paradise","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Trance Of The Gods","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Trance Sexual:Hard Trance X-Perience","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Trance to Planet X : Influence V 3.3 Hypnotic","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Trance Tribute To New Order","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Trance-4-Mations","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Tranceculture: Endless Universe","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Tranced Out And Dreaming","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Trancemission From Raveland","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Trancemission From Raveland","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Traveling in Trance A Passport in Time Hypnotic","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Treasure Isle Dub Vol. 1 + Vol. 2","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Trench Town Dub","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Tribute To Chombo","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Tribute to John Coltrane LIve Under the Sky","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Trilogy (New Africa 2, Hard Cell, Beat Freaks)","LP Vinyl",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Trojan DUB Box Set","CD",



"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Two Moon July","VHS",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Un Junte Para La Historia (Disc 1)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Un Junte Para La Historia (Disc 2)","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Uncut Detroit II","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Various Artists/This Is Home Entertainment","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Various/This Is Home Entertainment, Vol. 3","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Velour Recordings - CD Sampler Spring 2002","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Visionfest Vol 1 and 2","CD",


"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Wall to Wall Miles 8 CD Set","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Wild Bunch-27 Instrumental Reg","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Wildflowers 1 The New York Loft Jazz Sessions","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Wildflowers 2 The New York Loft Jazz eEssions","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Wildflowers 3","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Wildflowers 4","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Wildflowers 5","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Wire Tapper 4","CD",

"VARIOUS ARTISTS","Wire Tapper 6 Special Edition","CD",

"Various Mixed By Blame","Two Revolutions-1st Revolution","CD",

"Various Mixed By Blame","Two Revolutions-Second Revolution","CD",

"MPV (Holdsworth, Gambale, Brechtlein, Earl, Ravel..)","Truth In Shredding","CD",

"Vasconcelos, Nana","Saudades Nana Vasconcelos","CD",

"Vasquez, Junior","Twilo Vol. 1","CD",

"Vasquez, Junior","Twilo Vol. 1 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Vasquez, Papo","At The Point","CD",

"Vasquez, Papo","Breakout","CD",

"Vasquez, Papo","Vol. 2-At The Point","CD",

"Vaughan, Jimmie & Duke Robillard","""Cookin'""","45 RPM",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","""Pipeline"" w Dick Dale","45 RPM",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","Couldn't Stand The Weather","LP Vinyl",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","In Step","CD",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","In The Beginning","CD",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","Live Alive","CD",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","Live at Carnegie Hall","CD",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","Live At Montreux 1982 & 1985 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","Live At Montreux 1982 & 1985 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","Live At The El Mocambo","VHS",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","Live From Austin,Texas","VHS",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","Roadhouse Blues","CD-R",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","Soul To Soul","LP Vinyl",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","Texas Flood","LP Vinyl",

"Vaughan, Stevie Ray","The Sky Is Crying","Cassette",

"The Vaughan Brothers","Family Style","Cassette",

"Vaughn, Maurice John","Generic Blues Album","LP Vinyl",

"Vaughn, Sarah","A Celebration of Duke","CD",

"Vaughn, Sarah","Song Book One","CD",

"Vega, Ray","Boperation","CD",

"Vega, Ray","Ray Vega","CD",

"Velez, Glen","Assyrian Rose","CD",

"Velez, Glen","Concert of Colors 7/20/01","CD",

"Velez, Glen","Doctrine of Signatures","CD",

"Velez, Glen","Seven Heaven","CD",

"The Velvet Underground","1969 Velvet Underground LIVE","LP Vinyl",

"The Velvet Underground","A Collection of Previously Unreleased Recordings","LP Vinyl",

"The Velvet Underground","Another View","LP Vinyl",

"The Velvet Underground","In Step","LP Vinyl",

"The Velvet Underground","Live Alive","LP Vinyl",

"The Velvet Underground","Loaded (Disc 1)","CD",

"The Velvet Underground","Loaded (Disc 2)","CD",

"The Velvet Underground","Take A Trip","CD",

"The Velvet Underground","Take A Trip ( Disk 2 )","CD",

"The Velvet Underground","The Bootleg Series, Volume 1: The Quine Tapes [1]","CD",

"The Velvet Underground","The Bootleg Series, Volume 1: The Quine Tapes [2]","CD",

"The Velvet Underground","The Bootleg Series, Volume 1: The Quine Tapes [3]","CD",

"The Velvet Underground","The Velvet Underground","LP Vinyl",

"The Velvet Underground","The Velvet Underground & Nico","CD",

"The Velvet Underground","The Velvet Underground Live at Max's Kansas City","LP Vinyl",

"The Velvet Underground","White Light/White Heat","CD",

"Ventura, Johnny","16 Exitos Con Su Combo","CD",

"Venus Fly Trapp","Shaku Netsu","CD",

"Venuti, Joe","Alone at the Palace","CD",

"Verlaine, Tom","Dreamtime","CD",

"Verlaine, Tom","Flash Light","LP Vinyl",

"Verlaine, Tom","The Miller's Tale - Tom Verlaine Anthology","CD",

"Verlaine, Tom","The Miller's Tale: A Tom Verlaine Anothology (Disc 1)","CD",

"Verlaine, Tom","Warm And Cool","CD",

"Vernon Reid / Elliott Sharp / David Torn","Guitar Oblique","CD",


"Vesala, Edward","Nan Madol","CD",

"Vesala, Edward","Ode To The Death of Jazz","CD",

"Vesala, Edward","Satu","CD",

"Vibert, Luke & B.J. Cole","Stop The Panic","CD",


"Vibes","With Drawn","CD",

"Vibration Society","The Music of Rahsaan Roland Kirk","CD",

"Vick, Harold","Commitment","CD",

"Vick, Harold","Steppin' Out","CD",

"Vienna Art Orchestra","Concerto Piccolo","CD",

"Vienna Art Orchestra","From No Art to Mo - (2) - Art","CD",

"Vienna Art Orchestra","From No Time To Rag Time","CD",

"Vienna Art Orchestra","Perpetuum Mobile","CD",

"Vienna Art Orchestra","Serapionsmusic","CD",

"Vienna Art Orchestra","Suite For The Green Eighties","CD",

"Vienna Art Orchestra","The Minimalism of Erik Satie","CD",

"Villalona, Fernandito","Los Hijos Del Rey Con Fernandi","CD",

"Vinnegar, Leroy","Leroy Walks Again!!","CD",

"Vinnegar, Leroy","Leroy Walks!","CD",

"Vinson, Eddie 'Cleanhead'","Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson & Roomful of Blues","LP Vinyl",

"New Violin Summit","New Violin Summit","CD",

"Vital Dub","Well Charged","CD",

"Vitous, Miroslav","Emergence","CD",

"Vitous, Miroslav","First Meetin","CD",

"Vitous, Miroslav","Majesty Music","CD",

"Vitous, Miroslav","Miroslav","CD",

"Vitous, Miroslav","Miroslav Vitous Group","CD",

"Vitous, Miroslav","Mountain in the Clouds","CD",

"V.S.O.P.","Five Stars","CD",

"V.S.O.P.","In The Colosseum","CD",

"V.S.O.P.","Live Under The Sky","CD",

"V.S.O.P.","The Quintet","CD",

"Vulgar Unicorn","Sleeps With The Fishes","CD-R",