"Silver Pills"

by Luis Torregrosa & Motti Gini

A semi-official compendium of available Porcupine Tree live recordings.




















After the recent publication of Uwe Haberle's 
"Steven  Wilson - The Complete Discography" a thought crossed our collective minds;
How many Porcupine Tree shows have been recorded and are actually available in the trading community?

Silver Pills is our very humble attempt to answer this question.

Before becoming "discographers", both of us were rabid Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson collectors, who had "met" on the PT-Trans discussion group.  As part of our research, we first pooled our collections, and then proceeded to look at the lists and web sites of fellow collectors that were available for our review.  Several other collectors were also contacted, and asked to review our listings.  Their additions and corrections were then incorporated into the list.

Our approach has been a conservative one: Only those recordings known to be in the hands of collectors have been included.  We felt it prudent to err on the side of being cautious.  We accept full responsibility for any omissions, and would like to thank in advance those of you who will contact us with additions and corrections.  A project such as this cannot be complete without the help of the trading and collecting community.

Any discography of a performing artist can only be viewed as a "work in progress".  Our aim is to keep this list as current as possible.  We would greatly appreciate any assistance in keeping it up to date.

This project would not have been possible without the help and cooperation of many people, which we would like to acknowledge.


    Luis would like to thank:

My wife Sharon, who was instrumental in the development of this project. Without her "web mastering" skills, this project would have never gotten off the ground.  Her support and tolerance to my music collecting habit is always appreciated.

My dear friends Mark B. and Bryan C., who helped start me on the "slippery slope" of being a Porcupine Tree collector in the mid-90's.  It has been a pleasure to discover and follow this music together through the years.

    Motti would like to thank:

A collection  cannot rise and exist in a vacuum. It needs support and understanding from people who only benefit from it indirectly - my wife Dorit and my kids Benn, Guy, and Itay who tolerate all the mess this can sometimes create, yet enjoy it probably as much as I do :) ...and of course the US and Israeli postal service...

A true collector's pleasure cannot be full without the experience of being able to share with others. To Marcin Augustyn, Adam Borowa, Lior Shaked, Ron Aharonov, and all my other friends all around the globe (you know who you are) who have given me the opportunity to fulfill the saying "it is better to give than receive" -- I thank from the depths of my heart. Your joy is my joy, so don't ever hesitate!!!

My wonderful friends who made it possible and easier to collect PT/SW silver pills throughout the years, especially Frank Faraci, Alex Cagli, Steve Glowacky, John Comisky, John De Lorso, and of course Luis.

The band AND management, for providing one of the most exciting "wonders of the world": WE CARE!!!!

     Luis and Motti would like to thank:

Our fellow travelers in this journey, the rabid Porcupine Tree collectors who have helped this project in many ways.  David Schroeder, Luca Benporath, Frank Faraci, Geoff "#1 Fan Boy" Kieffer, Lew Fisher,  Chris Akis-Arabatzis, Lisa "#1 Fan Girl" Ondrey, Joost van Ginkel,  Andy Barnes, John Comisky, Uwe Haberle and any others we might have overlooked. They helped us get started on, develop, and enrich this magnificent journey of collecting the band's live music. It has been, still is, and always will be a pleasure to keep this motion rolling!!!

All the "secret warriors" who have kept this show on the road. To the band's crew and management, our immense thanks. We know you are always there, and many of you have become friends through the years

And most importantly: Steven Wilson, Richard Barbieri, Colin Edwin, Chris Maitland, Gavin Harrison and John Wesley -- past and present members of Porcupine Tree, for creating and providing this wonderful musical experience that fuels our collecting passion.




12/04/93   Nags Head, High Wycombe, UK 
                  "Radioactive Toy", "Up The Downstair" & "Not Beautiful    
                  Anymore" appear on Spiral Circus
12/06/93   Mark Radcliffe Sessions, London (1 CD)
                  "Burning Sky (1st part)"& "Always Never" appear on Spiral 
12/07/93   Borderline, London, UK (1CD)
                  "Burning Sky (part 2)" &" Voyage 34" appear on Spiral Circus

01/07/94   De Nieuwe Pul, Uden, The Netherlands (1CD)

06/04/94   De Kuip, Uden, The Netherlands (1CD)

10/19/94   The Garage, London, UK (1CD)

11/02/94   Chapman Theater (Salford University), Manchester UK (1CD)
11/10/94   Bradford University Union, Bradford, UK (1CD)


01/30/95   Mark Radcliffe Sessions, London (1CD)

02/10/95   Willem II, Den Bosch, The Netherlands (1 &2 CD)
02/11/95   Zaal Pan, Silvolde, The Netherlands (1 CD)
02/12/95   Paard, Den Haag, The Netherlands (1 CD)

04/28/95   Flapper & Firkin, Birmingham, UK (1CD)

05/06/95   King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, UK (1CD)
05/09/95   The Cockpit, Leeds, UK (1CD)
05/11/95   Joiners Arms, Southampton, UK (1CD)
05/17/95   The Old Trout, Windsor, UK (1CD)

07/06/95   De Arena, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1CD)
07/07/95   Openluchttheater, Antwerp, Belgium (1CD)
07/08/95   Zijdepark, Leidschendam, The Netherlands (2CD)

10/11/95   Roadmenders, Northampton, UK (1CD)
10/13/95   Roadhouse, Manchester, UK (2CD)
10/21/95   Brixton Academy, London, UK (1CD)
10/22/95   The Boat Race, Cambridge, UK (1CD)
10/30/95   The Palladium, Rome (1CD)
10/31/95   Radio Rock, Roma (Acoustic-3 songs)

12/01/95   The Forum, London, UK (1CD)
12/02/95   Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, UK (1CD)

04/06/96   Pavilion, Bath, UK (1CD)
04/12/96   The Forum, London, UK (1CD)

05/02/96   The Venue, Edinburgh, UK (2CD)
05/03/96   Market Tavern, Kidderminster, UK (1CD)
05/04/96   Varsity Club, Wolverhampton, UK (2CD)
05/08/96   Bierkeller, Bristol, UK (2CD)
05/11/96   Zodiac, Oxford, UK (2CD)
05/12/96   Duchess Of York, Leeds,  UK (2 CD)
05/13/96   The Wheat Sheaf, Stoke, UK (2CD)
05/14/96   BBC Session, Newcastle (1CD)
05/15/96   Cellar Bar, South Shields, UK (1CD)
05/17/96   Flapper & Firkin, Birmingham, UK
05/18/96   Alley Cat, Reading, UK (2CD)
05/22/96   Princess Charlotte, Leicester, UK (1CD)
05/23/96   Joiners Arms, Southampton, UK (1CD)
05/24/96   The Garage, London, UK (2CD)
05/25/96   Penny Theatre, Canterbury, UK (1CD)
05/26/96   The Boat Race, Cambridge, UK (2CD)

06/27/96   C&S Records Showcase, Don Hills, NY (1CD)
06/29/96   Stephans Hall, Progscape, Baltimore, MD (2CD)

09/21/96   Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK
09/27/96   Rotherham Rocks 96 Festival, Rotherham (2CD)

11/03/96   London Astoria 2,London,UK (2CD)
11/07/96   Roadmenders, Northampton, UK (2CD)
11/08/96   Rock City, Nottingham, UK
11/09/96   Glasgow School Of Art, Glasgow, UK (2CD)
11/10/96   The Richmond, Carlisle, UK (2CD)
11/13/96   Fleece & Firkin, Bristol, UK (2CD)
11/14/96   The Foundry, Birmingham, UK (2CD)
11/15/96   Boatrace, Cambridge, UK (2CD)

03/25/97   Frontierra, Rome, Italy 
                  "Not Beautiful Anymore" appears on Coma Divine
03/26/97   Frontierra, Rome, Italy (Sound check)
03/26/97   Frontierra, Rome, Italy (2CD)
                  "Bornlivedie/Signify", "Waiting 1&2", "The Sky Moves 
                  Sideways", "Moonloop" (*), 'Up The Downstair", "The 
                  Moon Touches Your Shoulder" & "Always Never"               
                  appear on Coma Divine              
03/27/97   Frontierra, Rome, Italy
                  "Dislocated Day"(*), "Sleep Of No Dreaming", "Is...not" &      

                      "Radioactive Toy" appear on Coma Divine.  All information on
                  this pertains to the re-mastered, expanded 2 CD edition.

                  (*) indicates tentative ID, as the versions from 3/26 & 3/27 are quite similar. Many thanks to   
                      Luca Benporath for this information

03/28/97   Help TV, Bologna, Italy (1CD)  -video also available-
03/28/97   CS Livello, Bologna, Italy-sound check
03/28/97   CS Livello, Bologna, Italy (2CD)
03/29/97   Leoncavallo, Milan , Italy (2CD)

05/17/97   San Remo Rock Festival, Italy (1 track)

06/07/97   Strawberry Fair, Cambridge, UK (1CD)

10/02/97   Bydgoszcz, Poland (2CD)
10/16/97   Magazzinni Generali, Milano, Italy (2CD)
10/30/97   Rock City, Nottingham, UK

11/01/97   The Wheatsheaf, Stoke, UK (2CD)
11/05/97   The Venue, Edinburgh, UK (2CD)
11/06/97   King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, UK (2CD)
11/14/97   Union Chapel, London, UK (2CD)


04/16/98   Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium (2CD)
04/17/98   Grand Cafe Verderop, Delft, The Netherlands (2CD)
04/18/98   De Nieuwe Pul, Uden,  The Netherlands (2CD)
04/19/98   Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2CD)
04/24/98   Theatre Dunois, Paris, France (2 CD)

05/04/98   The Concord, Brighton, UK (2CD)

03/25/99  Palacisalfa, Rome, Italy (2CD)
03/27/99  Rodon, Athens, Greece (2CD)

04/08/99  Arts Center, Colchester, UK (2CD)
04/09/99  The Foundry, Birmingham, UK (2CD)
04/10/99  Pavilion Theatre, Brighton, UK (2CD)
04/16/99  The  Boardwalk, Sheffield, UK  (2CD)
04/17/99  Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, UK (2CD)
04/23/99  New Trinity Centre, Bristol, UK
04/24/99  University, Southampton, UK (2CD)
                 "Tinto Brass" appears on the Pure Narcotic CD single and   
                 on the special German edition of Lightbulb Sun

05/01/99  Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium (2CD)
05/04/99  Southampton University, UK (3 tracks)
05/07/99  Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2CD)
05/08/99  Willem II, Den Bosch, The Netherlands (2CD)
05/10/99  Bloomsbury Theatre, London UK (2CD)
05/12/99  Klub Stodola, Warsaw, Poland (2CD)  
05/13/99  Kinoteatr Zwiazkowiec, Krakow, Poland (2CD) 
05/26/99  Phantasmagoria, Wheaton, MD (1CD)
05/27/99  World Cafe Broadcast Interview (1CD)
05/27/99  Acoustic Sam Goody, NYC (1CD)
05/28/99  Knitting Factory, NYC (also available as web cast) (2CD)
05/30/99  Palace Of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA (2CD)
05/31/99  Virgin Megastore, Burbank, CA (acoustic-also video) (1CD)

06/01/99   House Of Blues, LA (1CD)
06/03/99   Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI (2CD)
06/04/99   Martyr's, Chicago, IL (2CD)
06/05/99   Phantasy, Cleveland, OH (2CD)
06/12/99   Le Divan Du Monde, Paris (2CD)

07/11/99   Vigevano Open Air, Castello Visconteo, Vigevano, Italy
07/23/99   Centralino, Rome, Italy  (2CD)

10/16/99   Club Dunois, Paris, France (2CD)
10/18/99   Transbordeur Club, Lyon, France (2CD)
10/19/99   La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France (2CD)
10/20/99   Le Splendid, Lille, France (2CD)
10/21/99   Spirit of 66,Verviers,Belgium (2CD)
10/22/99   Aluminum (Backstage), Munich, Germany (2CD)
10/25/99   Memphis Belle Club, Rome (3Tracks)
10/28/99   Auditorium Flog, Florence, Italy (2CD)
10/29/99   Radio Popolare, Milano, Italy (2CD)
10/29/99   Binario Zero, Milano, Italy (2CD)

11/04/99   Marx (Markethalle), Hamburg, Germany (2CD)
11/05/99   Underground, Koln, Germany (2CD)
11/06/99   De Kade, Zaandam, The Netherlands (2CD) 
11/08/99   The Scala, London, UK (2 CD)

02/27/00   Grand Cafe Verderop, Delft, The Netherlands (1 CD)
                  S.W. solo gig 

05/31/00   The Scala, London, UK (2CD)

06/03/00   King Tuts ,Glasgow, UK (2CD)
06/04/00   Boardwalk, Sheffield, UK (2CD)
06/17/00   New Millenium Festival, Terni, Italy (1CD)

07/15/00   Burg-Herzberg Open Air 2000 ,Breitenbach am Herzberg, 
                  Hessen, Germany

10/04/00   Salles des Spectacles, Colombes, France (1CD)
10/05/00   La Cooperative de Mai, Cleremont Ferrand, France (1CD)
10/06/00   Le Phoenix, Mulhouse, FR (1CD)
10/07/00   Filharmonie, Filderstadt - Stuttgart, Germany (1CD)
10/09/00   Astoria Hall, Bydgoszcz, Poland (1CD)
10/14/00   Maasport, Den Bosch, Holland (1CD)
10/17/00   Sheffield Octagon, Sheffield, UK (1CD)
10/19/00   University Hop and Grape, Manchester, UK (2CD)
10/20/00   University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK (1CD)
10/21/00   Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK (1CD)

11/15/00   Cinerama, Tel Aviv, Israel (1 CD)
                  Special appearance by Aviv Geffen

02/14/01   New Trinity Centre, Bristol, UK
02/15/01   Irish Centre, Leeds, UK (2CD)
02/16/01   King Tut's Wah Wah Hut ,Glasgow ,UK
02/17/01   Queens Hall, Widnes, UK

03/14/01   Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2CD)
03/15/01   013, Tilburg, The Netherlands (1CD)
03/16/01   De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands (2CD)
03/17/01   Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium (2CD)
03/18/01   MTC, Cologne, Germany (1CD)
03/20/01   Knust, Hamburg, Germany (2CD)
03/22/01   Stengade 30, Copenhagen, Denmark (2CD)
03/23/01   Kashmir, Boras, Sweden (2CD)
03/27/01   Kulturzentrum KUZ, Mainz, Germany (2CD)
03/28/01   Outpost, Gottingen, Germany (1CD)
03/29/01   Carl Zeche, Essen, Germany (1CD)
03/31/01   Colos Saal, Aschaffenbourg, Germany (2CD)

04/05/01   Proxima, Warszawa, Poland (1CD)
04/06/01   Polish Radio III, Warszawa, Poland (1CD)  
                  Upcoming Transmission Release-Late 2003
04/08/01   UPC Theatre, Krakow, Poland (2CD)
04/20/01   Rodon, Athens, Greece (1CD)
04/22/01   Mylos, Salonika, Greece (2CD)
04/24/01   Barrumba, Torino, Italy (2CD)
04/25/01   Tenax, Florence, Italy (2CD)
04/27/01   Magic Bus, Venice, Italy (2CD)
04/28/01   Leoncavallo, Milan, Italy (2CD)

05/11/01   Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK (2CD)
05/23/01   Paris Bataclan, Paris, France (1CD)
05/24/01   E-Werk, Koln, Germany  (1CD)
05/25/01   Plato Helmond, Helmond, The Netherlands (1CD)
05/26/01   Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1CD)

06/23/01   NEARFEST, Bethlehem, PA (2CD)
06/25/01   Relapse Acoustic In Store, Philadelphia, PA (1CD)
06/25/01   Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA, US (2CD)
06/26/01   The Middle East, Boston, MA, US (2CD)
06/27/01   Bottom Line, New York  (2CD)

07/13/01   De Kade, Zaandaam, The Netherlands (2CD)
07/14/01   Bospop 2000, Weert, The Netherlands (1CD)
07/20/01   Burg Herzberg Festival, Herzberg, Germany (1CD)

08/18/01   Canterbury Festival, Canterbury, UK (1CD)

12/29/01   Hangar, Tel Aviv, Israel
                  S.W. guest appearance on Aviv Geffen's anniversary show


07/22/02   Middle East, Boston, MA, US (2CD)
07/24/02   Bowery Ballroom, NYC, US (2CD)
07/26/02   Theatre Of Living Arts, Philadelphia,PA,US (2CD)  
                  "Hatesong" available on "Futile" promotional release.
07/27/02   XM Radio Studios-Acoustic Session, Washington, DC
07/27/02   Thunderdome, Baltimore, MD, US (2CD)
07/29/02   Double Door, Chicago, IL, US (2CD)

08/01/02   House Of Blues, LA (2CD)
08/02/02   Slim's, San Francisco (2CD) 

09/05/02   Elinikos Kosmos, Athens, Greece

10/27/02   Morris Performing Arts Center, South Bend, IN (1CD)
10/28/02   Schottenstein Center, Columbus ,OH (1CD)

10/30/02   Irving Plaza, New York City (1CD)

11/03/02   Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA (2CD)
11/05/02   Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY (1CD)
11/07/02   Fletcher's, Baltimore, MD, US (2CD)
11/08/02   Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA (1CD)
11/09/02   Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA (1CD)
11/11/02   New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ, US (1CD)
11/12/02   XM Radio Studios-Electric Session, Washington,DC 
                  (Broadcast 1/03) Issued on Transmission Records, July 2003-
                  Limited 1500
11/12/02   XM Radio Studios-Acoustic Session, Washington DC
11/12/02   DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC, US (1CD)
11/14/02   Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto, Canada (2CD)
11/15/02   Agora Theatre, Cleveland, OH, US (2CD)
11/16/02   Magic Stick, Detroit, MI, US (2CD)
11/17/02   Martyr's, Chicago, IL (2CD) 
11/18/02   Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI (2CD)
11/20/02   Fox Theater, Boulder, CO (2CD)
11/25/02   The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (2CD)
11/26/02   Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, CA (2CD)


01/23/03   National Israeli Radio, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                  S.W. interview and live performance  
01/24/03   The Jah-Pan Club, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                  (S.W. solo gig) Special appearance by Aviv Geffen  


03/03/03   Temple Bar Music Centre ,Dublin, Ireland (2CD)
03/04/03   Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, UK (2CD)
03/05/03   University Academy 2, Manchester, UK (2CD)
03/08/03   Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK (2CD)
03/11/03   Trabendo, Paris, France (2CD)
03/15/03   Bikini, Barcelona, Spain (2CD)
03/17/03   Ninkasi, Lyon, France (2CD)
03/27/03   Estragon, Bologna, Italy
03/28/03   Fillmore, Cortemaggoire (Piacenza), Italy (2CD)
03/29/03   Nautilus, Cardarno (Milan), Italy (2CD)
03/30/03   Abart, Zurich, Switzerland (2CD)
03/31/03   Szene Wien, Vienna, Austria

04/02/03   Gebaude 9, Cologne, Germany
04/03/03   Substage, Karlsruhe, Germany (2CD)
04/04/03   Colos Saal, Ascaffenburg, Germany (2CD)
04/06/03   Logo, Hamburg, Germany
04/08/03   Hala Wisla (Wisla Sport Hall), Krakow, Poland
04/09/03   Filharmonica Pomorska, Bydgoszcz, Poland
04/10/03   Proxima, Warsaw, Poland

04/13/03   Musikens-Hus , Gothenburg, Sweden (2CD)
04/14/03   Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden (2CD)
04/15/03   Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark (2CD)
04/16/03   013, Tilburg, Netherlands (2CD)
04/17/03   Milky Way (Old Hall), Amsterdam, Netherlands (2CD)
04/18/03   Lucky & Co, Rijssen, Netherlands (2CD)

07/08/03   Club Twilight, Tampa, Fl (2CD)
07/11/03   40 Watt Club, Athens, GA (2CD)
07/14/03   Muddy River Smokehouse, Portsmouth, NH (1CD)
07/17/03   Irving Plaza, NYC, NY (2CD)
07/18/03   Lupo's, Providence, RI, US
07/19/03   Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA (2CD)
07/20/03   The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA (2CD)
07/21/03   MHz Studios ,Washington ,DC (1CD)
07/21/03   9:30 Club, Washington, DC (2CD)
07/22/03   XM Studios, Washington, DC- Officially released as XM II
07/23/03   St Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI (2CD)
07/24/03   WCPN Broadcast, Cleveland, OH (1CD)
07/28/03   Fox Theater, Boulder, CO (2CD)
07/30/03   House Of Blues, Los Angeles, CA (2CD)

08/03/03   Showbox, Seattle, WA, US(2CD)
                  With Mikhail Akerfeldt (Opeth)
on vocals on "A Smart Kid"
08/11/03   Open Air Zofingen 2003, Zofingen, Switzerland

/05/03   Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium (2CD)
11/06/03   Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium (2CD)
11/08/03   Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland (2CD)
11/09/03   Tivoli, Utrecht, Holland 
11/10/03   Oosterport, Groningen, Holland
11/18/03   Zeche, Bochum, Germany-(
Aviv Geffen opened with
                  4 Blackfield songs, with S.W. playing on two of them)
11/19/03   Rohre, Stuggart, Germany
11/20/03   Backstage, Munich, Germany (2CD)
11/21/03   Orpheum, Graz, Austria (2CD)
11/22/03   Metro, Olten, Switzerland (2CD)
11/23/03   Thunder Road, Codevilla, Italy (2CD)
11/30/03   Astoria, London, England (2CD)


09/10/04   The Mean Fiddler,London (SW solo gig)


03/09/05  The Middle East, Boston, MA (SW solo gig)
03/10/05  The Canal Room, NYC (SW solo gig)
03/12/05  Grape Street Pub, Philadelphia, PA (SW solo gig) 
03/14/05  Iota Club, Arlingyon, VA (SW solo gig)
Above 4 shows SW opened for "unplugged" Blackfield  
03/31/05  Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK (2CD)


04/01-05  Wolfrun, Wolverhampton, UK (2CD)
04/02/05  Astoria, London, UK (2CD)
04/03/05  The Bierkeller, Bristol, UK (2CD)
04/08/05  The Garage, Glasgow, UK (2CD)

04/11/05  013,Tilburg,Holland (2CD)
04/12/05  Burgerhaus Stollwreck, Cologne, Germany (2CD)
04/13/05  Columbia Club, Berlin, Germany (2CD)
04/19/05  Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany (2CD)
04/20/05  Festhalle Durlach, Karlsruhe, Germany (2CD)
04/21/05  Elser Zusatzhalle, Munich, Germany (2CD)      
04/22/05  Z7,Pratteln,Switzerland (2CD)
04/24/05  Transylvania, Milan, Italy (2CD)
04/30/05  Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France (2CD)                                


05/13/05  9:30 Club, Washington, DC (2CD)
05/14/05  The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ (2CD)
05/18/05  Acoustic Radio Session, Boston, MA (1CD)
05/20/05  Irving Plaza, New York, NY (2CD)
05/21/05  Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA (2CD)
05/23/05  The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI (2CD)
05/27/05  Park West, Chicago, IL (2CD)
05/29/05  Fine Line Cafe, Minneapolis, MN (2CD)


06/01/05  Fox Theater, Boulder, CO (2CD)
06/08/05  The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA  (2CD)   
06/10/05  The Wilshire Theater, Los Angeles, CA (2CD)
06/11/05  The Grove Of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA (2CD)
06/13/05  The House Of Blues, San Diego, CA (2CD)
06/16/05  Roxy Theatre, Atlanta, GA (2CD)


07/14/05  Festival D'ete, Quebec City, Canada (1 CD)

........and many more to come!!!


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  • Trading for live shows is not a surrogate to purchasing the bands official recordings. Collectors you trade with should be strongly encouraged to purchase all commercially available recordings. Needless to say, trading and burning of commercially available product is strictly prohibited.

  • If at any time Porcupine Tree releases an official live recording, any audience recordings of the concerts involved should be immediately removed from trading circulation.
  • Let's be nice out there to our fellow traders. Remember the time when you only had one or 2 live shows and people graciously helped you build your collection. Let's be kind to the "newbies" out there.




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