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"Cables, George","Phantom of the City","LP Vinyl",

"Cachao","Cachao Volume II Master Sessions","CD",

"Cachao","Master Sessions, Vol 1","CD",

"Cachao","Y Su Descarga","CD",

"Cactus","'Ot 'N'Sweaty","CD",



"Cactus","One Way...Or Another","CD",


"Cale, John","British Passport","LP Vinyl",

"Cale, John","Church of Anthrax","LP Vinyl",

"Cale, John","Mahler In Toblach","CD",

"Cale, John","Mahler in Toblach (2:2)","CD",

"Cale, John","The Island Years","CD",

"Cale, John","The Island Years (Disc 2)","CD",

"Cale, John","Words for the Dying","LP Vinyl",

"California Guitar Trio","10 Christmas Songs","CD",

"California Guitar Trio","An Opening Act: On Tour With King Crimson","CD",

"California Guitar Trio","California Guitar Trio at Nearfest","CD",

"California Guitar Trio","Cg3+2","CD",

"California Guitar Trio","Invitation","CD",

"California Guitar Trio","Live At The Key Club (With Special Guests Tony Levin And Pat Mastelotto)","CD",

"California Guitar Trio","Monday Night In San Francisco (Disc 1)","CD",

"California Guitar Trio","Monday Night In San Francisco(Disc 2)","CD",

"California Guitar Trio","Pathways","CD",

"California Guitar Trio","Rocks The West","CD",

"California Guitar Trio","Yamanashi Blues","CD",

"Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation","Atlantic Waves 2001","CD",

"Calypso Season","Calpso Season featuring Baron Bally, David Rudder, Sparrow, Duke","Cassette",

"Camel","A Live Record (Disc 2)","CD",

"Camel","A Live Record Disc 1 (Remastered)","CD",

"Camel","A Night at the Town Rotterdam September 28, 2000","CD",

"Camel","A Nod And A Wink","CD",


"Camel","Camel Buenos Aires 2001 2 Disc set","CD",

"Camel","Camel Feb 8 1979 2 disc set","CD",

"Camel","Camel Mexico City 07/04/01 2 Disc set","CD",

"Camel","Camel Tokyo Septermber 7, 2000 2 disc set","CD",


"Camel","Coming Of Age","DVD",

"Camel","Coming Of Age (Disc 1)","CD",

"Camel","Coming Of Age (Disc 2)","CD",

"Camel","Dust and Dreams","CD",

"Camel","ENCINITUS, CALIFORNIA 28 June 1976","CD",

"Camel","Gods Of Light","CD",

"Camel","Harbour Of Tears","CD",

"Camel","I Can See Your House From Here","CD",



"Camel","Music inspired by the Snow Goose","CD",

"Camel","Neon Magic","CD",

"Camel","Never Let Go (Disc 1)","CD",

"Camel","Never Let Go (Disc 2)","CD",


"Camel","On The Road 1972","CD",

"Camel","On The Road 1981","CD",

"Camel","On The Road 1982","CD",

"Camel","Pressure Points","VHS",

"Camel","Rain Dances","CD",


"Camel","Stationary Tour Live in Vredenburg, May 15, 1984","CD",

"Camel","Stationary Traveller","CD",

"Camel","The Paris Collection","CD",

"Camel","The Single Factor","CD",


"Camel","Warsaw 1997 Radio Show","CD",

"Camilla's Little Secret","Tantalizing Eyes","LP Vinyl",

"Camilla's Little Secret","The Steps","CD",

"Camilo, Michel","Michel Camilo","Cassette",

"Camilo, Michel","Suntan","CD",

"Camilo, Michel","Why Not?","CD",

"Campbell, Roy","Ancestral Homeland","CD",

"Campbell, Roy","Ethnic Stew & Brew","CD",

"Campbell, Roy","It's Krunch Time","CD",

"Cornell Campbell","I Shall Not Remove 1975-80","CD",

"Camper Van Beethoven","Camper Van Chadbourne","LP Vinyl",

"Camper Van Beethoven","Rough Trade","LP Vinyl",

"Camper Van Beethoven","Takes the Skinheads Bowling Plus 5 other tracks","LP Vinyl",

"Candido","Beautiful","LP Vinyl",

"Candido","Thousand Finger Man","CD",

"Canned Heat","'70 Concert - Live In Europe","CD",

"Canned Heat","1967-76-Boogie House Tapes","CD",

"Canned Heat","1967-76-Boogie House Tapes","CD",

"Canned Heat","Future Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Canned Heat","Historical Figures and Ancient Heads","LP Vinyl",

"Canned Heat","In Concert","CD",

"Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band","Clear Spot","LP Vinyl",

"Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band","Trout Mask Replica","LP Vinyl",

"Captain Beyond","Captain Beyond","CD",

"Caravan","""Live"" Canterbury Comes To London","CD",

"Caravan","All Over You (Limited Edition)","CD",

"Caravan","BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert","CD",

"Caravan","Better By Far","LP Vinyl",

"Caravan","Blind Dog At St.Dunstan's","CD",

"Caravan","Canterbury Everywhere","CD",

"Caravan","CARAVAN REcord Plant NYC 10/15/74","CD",

"Caravan","Caravan & The New Symphonia - The Complete Concert","CD",

"Caravan","Caravan (Remastered)","CD",

"Caravan","Caravan Live At The Fairfield Halls, 1974","CD",

"Caravan","Classic Rock Legends","DVD",

"Caravan","Cunning Stunts","CD",

"Caravan","Documentary & Live Video","VHS",

"Caravan","Ether Way","CD",

"Caravan","For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night","CD",

"Caravan","Green Bottles For Marjorie","CD",

"Caravan","If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You","CD",

"Caravan","In The Land Of Grey And Pink","CD",


"Caravan","Songs For Oblivion Fishermen","CD",

"Caravan","The Battle Of Hastings","CD",

"Caravan","Waterloo Lily","CD",

"Carbo, Gladys","Street Cries","LP Vinyl",

"Cardona, Milton","Cambucha","CD",

"Carlos,Walter","Digital Moonscapes","LP Vinyl",

"Carlos,Walter","Sonic Seasonings","LP Vinyl",

"Caron, Alain","Basse Contre Basse","CD",

"Carr, James","The Essential James Carr","CD",

"Carrasco, Joe ""King""","Bandido Rock","LP Vinyl",

"Carrasco, Joe ""King""","Tales From the Crypt","Cassette",

"Carrasco, Joe ""King""","Tex-Mex Rock and Roll","Cassette",

"Carroll, Baikida","Shadows and Reflections","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Benny","'Live And Well In Japan!","CD",

"Carter, Benny","Benny Carter at Montreux '77","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Benny","Cookin' at Carlos I","Cassette",

"Carter, Benny","Further Definitions","CD",

"Carter, Benny","In The Mood For Swing","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Benny","Jazz Giant","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Benny","More Cookin'","Cassette",

"Carter, Benny","My Man Benny/My Man Phil","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Benny","Swingin' The '20s","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Betty","'Round Midnight","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Betty","Betty Carter","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Betty","Betty Carter (Recorded live at Birthday Party held at the Vanguard, NYC)","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Betty","Droppin' Things","CD",

"Carter, Betty","Feed The Fire","CD",

"Carter, Betty","Finally - Betty Carter","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Betty","I Can't Help It","CD",

"Carter, Betty","I'm Yours, You're Mine","CD",

"Carter, Betty","Inside Betty Carter","CD",

"Carter, Betty","It's Not About The Melody","CD",

"Carter, Betty","Look What I Got!","CD",

"Carter, Betty","Meet Betty Carter & Ray Bryant","CD",

"Carter, Betty","Ray Charles And Betty Carter","CD",

"Carter, Betty","Round Midnight","CD",

"Carter, Betty","The Audience With Betty Carter","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Betty","Whatever Happened to Love?","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, James","Chasin' The Gypsy","CD",

"Carter, James","Conversin' With The Elders","CD",

"Carter, James","In Cartesian Fashion","CD",

"Carter, James","J.C. On The Set","CD",

"Carter, James","James Carter Electric Project 2 disc set","CD",

"Carter, James","Layin' In The Cut","CD",

"Carter, James","Real Quietstorm","CD",

"Carter, John","""A suite of early american folk pieces for solo - clarinet""","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, John","Castles of Ghana","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, John","Dance of the Love Ghosts","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, John","Dauwhi (The John Carter Octet)","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, John","Fields","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, John","Night Fire (The John Carter Quintet)","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, John","Shadows On A Wall","CD",

"Carter, John","Variations","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Ron","All Alone","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Ron","All Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Ron","Blues Farm","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Ron","Heart & Soul (Ron Carter/Cedar Walton Duo)","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Ron","Live at Village West (Ron Carter & Jim Hall)","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Ron","Peg Leg","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Ron","Piccolo","LP Vinyl",

"Carter, Ron","Spanish Blue","CD",

"Carter, Ron","Uptown Conversation","CD",

"Carter, Jon","James Carter Quartet/Jurassic Classic","CD",

"Carter, Jon","Live At The Social Volume 2","CD",

"Carter, Regina","Motor City Moments","CD",

"Carter, Regina","Regina Carter at the Detroit Jazz Festival 2 Disc dub","CD",

"Carthy, Martin","Life and Limb","Cassette",

"Carvin, Michael","Between Me And You","LP Vinyl",

"Carvin, Michael","First Time","LP Vinyl",

"Carvin, Michael","Michael Carvin revelation","Cassette",

"Castell, Laksley","Showcase","CD-R",

"Catalyst","The Funkiest Band You Never Heard (Disc 1)","CD",

"Catalyst","The Funkiest Band You Never Heard (Disc 2)","CD",


"Catherine, Philip","Art Of The Duo","CD",

"Catherine, Philip","Catherine/Escoude/Lockwood Trio","LP Vinyl",

"Catherine, Philip","End of August","LP Vinyl",

"Catherine, Philip","Friends Forever","CD",

"Catherine, Philip","Moods Vol. 1","CD",

"Catherine, Philip","Nairam","LP Vinyl",

"Catherine, Philip","Sleep My Love","CD",

"Catherine, Philip","Transparence","LP Vinyl",

"Cauldron","Cauldron The Sanctuary Suite","CD",

"Celia Cruz and La Sonora Ponceña","La Ceiba","CD",

"Centipede","Septober Energy (Disc 1)","CD",

"The Cesta All Stars","Cesta All Stars","CD",

"Chambers, Paul","Bass On Top","CD",

"Chambers, Paul","Chambers' Music","CD",

"Chambers, Joe","Double Exposure","LP Vinyl",

"Chambers, Joe","Joe Chambers Plays Piano","LP Vinyl",

"Chambers, Joe","Mirrors","CD",

"Chambers, Paul","Paul Chambers Quintet","CD",

"Chambers, Joe","The Almoravid","CD",

"Chambers, Paul","Whims Of Chambers","CD",

"Chambers Brothers","Love, Peace and Happiness","LP Vinyl",

"Chambers Brothers","The Time Has Come (Remastered)","CD",

"Chance, James","James Chance and the Contortions Live in New York","Cassette",

"Chance, James","Lost Chance","CD",

"Chance, James","Soul Exorcism","CD",

"Chancey, Vincent","Next Mode","CD",

"Channel Light Vessel","Automatic","CD",

"Channel Light Vessel","Excellent Spirits","CD",

"Channel Light Vessel","Live/Interview BBC 94","Cassette",

"The Chantells","Children Of Jah The Chantells & Friends 77-79","CD",

"Charig, Mark","Pipe Dream","LP Vinyl",

"Charles, Teddy","Collaboration: West","LP Vinyl",

"Charles, Teddy","Evolution","LP Vinyl",

"Charles, Teddy","Live at the Verona Jazz Festival, 1988 (Teddy Charles Quartet)","LP Vinyl",

"The Chartbusters","Chartbusters","CD",

"The Chartbusters","Maiting Call","CD",


"Chaurasia, Hariprasad","Daylight Ragas","CD",

"Chaurasia, Hariprasad","Liederhalle,Stuttgart-4-8-01","CD-R",

"Chaurasia, Hariprasad","Rag Bageshri","CD",

"Chaurasia, Hariprasad","Rag Lalit","CD",

"Chaurasia, Hariprasad","Rasdhara - Raga Kirwani","CD",

"Chaurasia, Hariprasad","Rasdhara-The Valley Series","CD",

"The Chemical Brothers","Block Rockin' Beats","CD",

"The Chemical Brothers","Brother's Gonna Work It Out","CD",

"The Chemical Brothers","Come With Us","CD",

"The Chemical Brothers","Dig Your Own Hole","CD",

"The Chemical Brothers","Dope","CD",

"The Chemical Brothers","Hey Boy Hey Girl","CD",

"The Chemical Brothers","It Began In Afrika","LP Vinyl",

"The Chemical Brothers","Live At The Social Voume 1 - Mixed By The Chemical Brothers","CD",

"The Chemical Brothers","Music: Response EP","CD",

"The Chemical Brothers","Out Of Control (Single)","CD",

"The Chemical Brothers","Star Guitar","CD",

"The Chemical Brothers","Surrender","CD",

"Cherry, Don","Actions","CD",

"Cherry, Don","Art Deco","LP Vinyl",

"Cherry, Don","BBC Jazz Legends","CD",

"Cherry, Don","Blue Lake","LP Vinyl",

"Cherry, Don","Don Cherry","LP Vinyl",

"Cherry, Don","El Corazon","LP Vinyl",

"Cherry, Don","Eternal Rhythm","LP Vinyl",

"Cherry, Don","Mu (The Complete Session)","CD",

"Cherry, Don","Multikulti","CD",

"Cherry, Don","Orient/Eagle Eye/Togetherness/SI TA RA MA","LP Vinyl",

"Cherry, Don","Relativity Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Cherry, Don","The Complete Blue Note Recordings (Disc 1)","CD",

"Cherry, Don","The Complete Blue Note Recordings (Disc 2)","CD",

"Cherry, Neneh","Buffalo Stance","LP Vinyl",

"Chestnut, Cyrus","Revelation","CD",

"Chic","Jack Le Freak","LP Vinyl",

"Chic","The Best Of Chic","CD",

"Chicago Transit Authority","Chicago Transit Authority","LP Vinyl",

"El Chicano","This is El Chicano","LP Vinyl",

"Children Of Dub","Digital Mantras For A Fucked Up World","CD",

"Children Of The Bong","Interface Reality: The U.S. Remixes","LP Vinyl",

"Children Of The Bong","Sirius Sounds","CD",

"Chilvess, Peter","Peter Chilvess Free","CD",

"Chocolate Genuis","Black Music","CD",

"Chopin - Clementi - Liszt - Scarlatti - Scriabin","Discovered Treasures (1962-1972)","CD",

"Christi, Ellen","Star of Destiny","LP Vinyl",

"Christian, Charlie","Charlie Christian with the Benny Goodman Sextet and Orchestra","LP Vinyl",

"Christian, Charlie","The Genius of the Electric Guitar","LP Vinyl",

"Ciccone Youth","Madonna On Nude Pix: So What!","LP Vinyl",

"Cipollina, John","Electric Guitarslinger","VHS",

"Cipollina, John","The John Cipollina Story Volume 2","CD",


"Circle","Paris - Concert","LP Vinyl",


"Clapton, Eric","Crossroads (Disc 1)","CD",

"Clapton, Eric","Crossroads (Disc 3)","CD",

"Clapton, Eric","Crossroads (Disc 4)","CD",

"Clapton, Eric","Crossroads - Disc 2","CD",

"Clapton, Eric","Delany Mix 12/28/00","CD",

"Clapton, Eric","Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert","CD",

"Clapton, Eric","Slowhand","CD",

"Clapton, Eric","The Unsurpassed Clapton Vol.2","CD",

"Clarinet Summit","Clarinet Summit In Concert at the Public Theater","LP Vinyl",

"Clarinet Summit","Clarinet Summit Volume II","LP Vinyl",

"Clarinet Summit","Southern Bells","LP Vinyl",

"Clark, Mike","Actual Proof","CD",

"Clark, Mike","Conjunction","CD",

"Clark, John","Faces","LP Vinyl",

"Clark, John","Il Suono","CD",

"Clark, Sonny","Cool Struttin'","LP Vinyl",

"Clark, Sonny","Dial ""S"" For Sonny","CD",

"Clark, Sonny","Leapin And Lopin","CD",

"Clark, Sonny","My Conception","CD",

"Clark, Sonny","Sonny Clark Trio","CD",

"Clark, Sonny","Sonny Clark Trio","CD",

"Clark, Sonny","Sonny's Crib","CD",

"Clark, Sonny","Voodoo","LP Vinyl",

"Clarke, Augustus","Black Foundation Dub","CD",

"Clarke, Johnny","Dreader Than Dread 1976-1978","CD",

"Clarke, Johnny","Rockers Time Now","CD",

"Clarke, Stanley","Children Of Forever","CD",

"Clarke, Stanley","Journey to Love","LP Vinyl",

"Clarke, Stanley","Live 1976-1977","CD",

"Clarke, Stanley","School Days","CD",

"Clarke, Stanley","Stanley Clarke","LP Vinyl",

"Clarke, Stanley","The Rite Of Strings","CD",

"Clarke, Kenny","Kenny Clarke meets the Detroit Jazzmen","LP Vinyl",

"Clarke, Kenny","Pieces of Time","LP Vinyl",

"The Clash","""Bank Robber""/""Rockers Galore..UK Tour""","45 RPM",

"The Clash","Clash On Broadway (Disc 1)","CD",

"The Clash","Clash On Broadway (Disc 2)","CD",

"The Clash","Clash on Broadway (Disc 3)","CD",

"The Clash","Combat Rock","CD",

"The Clash","Live: From Here to Eternity","CD",

"The Clash","London Calling","LP Vinyl",

"The Clash","London to Jamaica 10/28/00","CD",

"The Clash","London to Jamaice 10/28/00","CD",

"The Clash","Outside Broadcast/Radio Five","LP Vinyl",

"The Clash","Sandinista!","LP Vinyl",

"The Clash","Super Black Market Clash","CD",

"The Clash","This Is Video Clash","VHS",

"The Clash","Trick Or Treat","CD",

"The Clash","Westway To The World","VHS",

"Clay, James","Cookin' At The Continental","CD",

"Clay, James","Double Dose Of Soul","CD",

"Clay, James","I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart","CD",

"Clay, James","The Sound of the Wide Open Spaces","LP Vinyl",

"Clay, Otis","Soul Man Live in Japan","CD",

"Clayton, Buck","A Swingin' Dream","LP Vinyl",

"Clearlight Symphony","Clearlight Symphony","LP Vinyl",

"Cliff, Jimmy","Jimmy Cliff","CD-R",

"Cliff, Jimmy","The Harder They Come","LP Vinyl",

"Cline, Nels","Cline and Bendian Chicago 6/13/00","CD",

"Cline, Nels","Destroy All 2000","CD",

"Cline, Nels","Instrumentals","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","""P"" Is The Funk","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","Computer Games","Cassette",

"Clinton, George S.","George Clinton","LP Vinyl",

"Clinton, George S.","George Clinton","LP Vinyl",

"Clinton, George S.","George Clinton & The P-Funk All Stars -A Fifth Of Funk-","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","George Clinton Family Series Pt. 1","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","George Clinton Family Series Pt. 2","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","Greatest Hits Live 1972-1993 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","Hey Man... Smell My Finger","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","Live Greatest Hits - Disk #3","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","Live Greatest Hits 1972-1993 Disc#4","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","Live Montreux 22july 1990","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","Live Montreux 22july 1990","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","Our Gang Funky","LP Vinyl",

"Clinton, George S.","Paint The White House Black","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","PCU Motion Picture Soundtrack","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","R & B Skeletons in the Closet","LP Vinyl",

"Clinton, George S.","Some of My Best Jokes Are Friends","LP Vinyl",

"Clinton, George S.","Testing Positive 4 The Funk","CD",

"Clinton, George S.","The Cinderella Theory","LP Vinyl",

"Clinton, George S.","The Mothership Connection","DVD",

"Clinton, George S.","The Mothership Connection-Live From Houston","VHS",

"Clinton, George S.","Why Should I Dog U Out?","LP Vinyl",

"Clinton, George S.","You Shouldn't - Nuf Bit Fish""","LP Vinyl",

"Clusone 3","An Hour With ...","CD",

"Clusone 3","Rara Avis","CD",

"Cobb & Heath & Henderson","Tenor Trubute (Vol 2)","CD",

"Cobb, Arnett","Arnett Cobb and all the Muse All Stars Live at Sandy's!","LP Vinyl",

"Cobb, Arnett","Party Time","LP Vinyl",

"Cobb, Arnett","Smooth Sailing","LP Vinyl",

"Cobb, Arnett","Tenor Tribute","LP Vinyl",

"Cobham, Billy","A Funky Thide Of Sings","CD",

"Cobham, Billy","Cobham/Duke Band 3/19/76 Hofstria University","CD",

"Cobham, Billy","Crosswinds","LP Vinyl",

"Cobham, Billy","Inner Conflicts","LP Vinyl",

"Cobham, Billy","Life and Times","CD",

"Cobham, Billy","Live & Times","LP Vinyl",

"Cobham, Billy","Live Flight Time","CD",

"Cobham, Billy","Live On Tour In Europe","CD",

"Cobham, Billy","Observations &","LP Vinyl",

"Cobham, Billy","Paradox","CD",

"Cobham, Billy","Schwer Casino, Montreaux 7/19/78","Cassette",

"Cobham, Billy","Shabazz/ Recorded Live in Europe","LP Vinyl",

"Cobham, Billy","Smokin'","LP Vinyl",

"Cobham, Billy","Spectrum","CD",

"Cobham, Billy","Total Eclipse","LP Vinyl",

"Cocker, Joe","Joe Cocker A & M","LP Vinyl",

"Cocker, Joe","Mad Dogs & Englishman","CD",

"Cocker, Joe","The Long Voyage Home (Disc 1)","CD",

"Cocker, Joe","The Long Voyage Home (Disc 2)","CD",

"Cocker, Joe","The Long Voyage Home (Disc 3)","CD",

"Cocker, Joe","The Long Voyage Home (Disc 4)","CD",


"Cocteau Twins","The Pink Opaque","LP Vinyl",

"Code Talkers","The Code Talkers with Mike Gordon Set One and Set Two","CD",

"Codona","Codona","LP Vinyl",

"Codona","Codona 2","LP Vinyl",

"Codona","Codona 3","LP Vinyl",

"Codona","Saafelden, Austria 5/29/81","CD",

"Cohen, Porky","Rhythm And Bones","CD",

"Cohn, Al","Body And Soul","CD",

"Cohran, Philip","On The Beach","CD",

"Colaiuta, Vinnie","Jing Chi","CD",

"Cold Sweat","4 PLAY","Cassette",

"Cold Sweat","Cold Sweat Plays J.B.","LP Vinyl",

"Cole, Lloyd","Don't Get Wierd on me, Babe","Cassette",

"Cole, Nat 'King""","After Midnight","LP Vinyl",

"Cole, Richie","Alto Madness","LP Vinyl",

"Cole, Richie","Battle of the Saxes Volume I","LP Vinyl",

"Cole, Richie","Hollywood Madness","LP Vinyl",

"Cole, Richie","Keeper of the Flame","LP Vinyl",

"Cole, Richie","Side By Side","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Steve","Drop Kick","CD",

"Coleman, Steve","Motherland Pulse","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Steve","On The Edge of Tomorrow","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Steve","Rhythm In Mind","CD",

"Coleman, Steve","sine die","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Steve","Steve Coleman And Five Elements Rhythm People","Cassette",

"Coleman, Steve","World Expansion (By the M-Base Neophyte)","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","At The Golden Circle, Volume 1","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","At the Golden Circle, Volume 2","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Beauty Is A Rare Thing (Disc 1 of 6) - Complete Atlantic Recordings","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Beauty Is A Rare Thing (Disc 3 of 6) - Complete Atlantic Recordings","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Beauty Is A Rare Thing (Disc 5 of 6) - Complete Atlantic Recordings","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Beauty Is A Rare Thing (Disc 6 of 6) - Complete Atlantic Recordings","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Beauty Is A Rare Thing - (Disc 2 of 6) - Complete Atlantic Recordings","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Beauty Is A Rare Thing - (Disc 4 of 4) - Complete Atlantic Recordings","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Body Meta","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Broken Shadows","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Broken Shadows","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Chappaqua Suite (Disc 1)","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Chappaqua Suite (Disc 2)","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Coleman classics 1","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","Colors","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Crisis","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","Dancing In Your Head","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Forms And Sounds","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Friends and Neighbors (Ornette Live at Prince Street)","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","In All Languages","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Languages","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Love Call","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","New York Is Now","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Of Human Feelings","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","Ornette at 12","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","Ornette Coleman & Prime Time Chene park 6/6/85","Cassette",

"Coleman, Ornette","Ornette Coleman Town Hall, 1962","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","Prime Design/ Time Design","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","Science Fiction","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Skies Of America","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Soapsuds, Soapsuds","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Something Else!!!! The Music of Ornette Coleman","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","Sound Museum Hidden Man","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Sound Museum Three Women","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Stating The Case (Ornette's Suite - Part I Ornette's Suite - Part II)","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","The Belgrade Concert","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","The Empty Foxhole","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","The Great London Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","The Unprecedented Music of Ornette Coleman","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","Tomorrow is the question! The new music of Ornette Coleman","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","Tone Dialing","CD",

"Coleman, Ornette","Virgin Beauty","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Ornette","Who's Crazy?","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, Earl","Earl Coleman Returns","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, George","""Amsterdam After Dark""","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, George","At Yoshi'S","CD",

"Coleman, George","Big George (The George Coleman Octet)","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, George","Danger High Voltage","CD",

"Coleman, George","I Could Write A Book - The Music Of Richard Rogers","CD",

"Coleman, George","Manhattan Panorama","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, George","Meditation","LP Vinyl",

"Coleman, George","My Horns Of Plenty","CD",

"Coleman, George","Playing Changes","CD",

"Coles, Johnny","Katumbo (Dance)","LP Vinyl",

"Coles, Johnny","Little Johnny C","CD",

"Collette, Buddy","Flute Talk","CD",

"Collette, Buddy","Man of Many Parts","LP Vinyl",

"Collins, Kimball","Trance 2000 Episode:01","CD",

"Collins, Albert","""Live At The Fillmore West""","CD",

"Collins, Albert","Cold Snap","CD",

"Collins, Albert","Don't Lose Your Cool","LP Vinyl",

"Collins, Albert","Frostbite","LP Vinyl",

"Collins, Albert","Frozen Alive","LP Vinyl",

"Collins, Albert","Ice Pickin'","LP Vinyl",

"Collins, Albert","Live '92-'93","CD",

"Collins, Albert","Live in Japan","LP Vinyl",

"Collins, Albert","Showdown!","CD",

"Collins, Bootsy","Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby!","CD",

"Collins, Bootsy","Back In The Day: The Best Of Bootsy","CD",

"Collins, Bootsy","Blasters Of The Universe (Disc 1)","CD",

"Collins, Bootsy","Blasters Of The Universe (Disc 2/2)","CD",

"Collins, Bootsy","Keepin' Dah Funk ""Alive"" 4-1995 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Collins, Bootsy","Keepin' Dah Funk Alive 4-1995 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Collins, Bootsy","Live In Louisville 1978","CD",

"Collins, Bootsy","Stretchin' Out In","CD",

"Colon, Willie","El Juicio","CD",

"Colon, Willie","There Goes The Neighborhood Willie Colon/Mon Rivera (Se Chavo el Vecindario)","Cassette",

"Colosseum","Collector's Colosseum","CD",

"Colosseum","Daughter Of Time","CD",


"Colosseum","The Reunion Concerts 1994 - Lives","CD",

"Colosseum","Those Who Are About To Die Salutes You","CD",

"Colosseum","Valentyne Suite","CD",

"Colosseum","Walkin' In The Park","CD",

"Colosseum II","Electric Savage","CD",

"Colosseum II","Wardance","CD",

"Coltrane, Alice","A Monastic Trio","CD",

"Coltrane, Alice","Alice Coltrane: Journey In Satchidananda","CD",

"Coltrane, Alice","Eternity","CD",

"Coltrane, Alice","Huntington Ashram Monastery","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, Alice","Lord of Lords","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, Alice","Ptah, The El Daoud","CD",

"Coltrane, Alice","Radha - Drsna Nama Sankirtana","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, Alice","Transcendence","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, Alice","Transfiguration","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, Alice","Transfiguration (Disc 1)","CD",

"Coltrane, Alice","Transfiguration (Disc 2)","CD",

"Coltrane, Alice","Universal Consciousness","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, Alice","World Galaxy","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","""Bye Bye Blackbird"": John Coltrane His Greatest Concert Performance","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","1961 Village Vanguard Recordings (Disc 1)","CD",

"Coltrane, John","1961 Village Vanguard Recordings (Disc 2)","CD",

"Coltrane, John","1961 Village Vanguard Recordings (Disc 4)","CD",

"Coltrane, John","A Documentary","VHS",

"Coltrane, John","A Retrospective","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Ascension","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Bahia","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Ballads","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Ballads (Deluxe Edition Disc 2)","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Black Pearls","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Blue Train","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Coltrane","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Coltrane (Deluxe Edition Disc 2)","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Coltrane Jazz","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Coltrane Plays the blues","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Coltrane Time","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Coltrane's Sound","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Coltranology Volume One","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Complete Africa - Brass Sessions (Disc 1)","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Complete Africa - Brass Sessions (Disc 2)","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Cosmic Music","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Countdown","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Crescent","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Dakar","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Dear Old Stockholm","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Expression","CD",

"Coltrane, John","First Meditations","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Giant Steps","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Impressions","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Interstellar Space","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Jazz Casual","VHS",

"Coltrane, John","John Coltrane (A specially priced two record set)","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman","CD",

"Coltrane, John","John Coltrane quartet Live at the Half Note","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Kulu Se Mama","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Live At Birdland","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Live At The Village Vanguard Again","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Live In Japan","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Live In Japan","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Live In Japan","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Live In Japan 1/4","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Live in Seattle (Disc 1)","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Live in Seattle (Disc 2)","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Living Space","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Meditations","CD",

"Coltrane, John","More Lasting Than Bronze","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","My Favorite Things","CD",

"Coltrane, John","New Thing At Newport","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Newport '63","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Ole","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","On A Misty Night","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Rain or Shine","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Stellar Regions","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Sun Ship","CD",

"Coltrane, John","The Avant-Garde","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings (Disc 3)","CD",

"Coltrane, John","The John Coltrane Quartet Plays","CD",

"Coltrane, John","The Major Works Of John Coltrane","CD",

"Coltrane, John","The Major Works Of John Coltrane","CD",

"Coltrane, John","The Mastery of John Coltrane/Vol.III ""Jupiter Variation""","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","The Olatunji Concert: The Last Live Recording","CD",

"Coltrane, John","The Paris Concert","Cassette",

"Coltrane, John","The Stardust Session","LP Vinyl",

"Coltrane, John","Transition","CD",

"Coltrane, John","Wheelin'","LP Vinyl",

"Commander Cody","Live from Deep in the Heart of Texas","LP Vinyl",

"Commander Cody","Sleazy Roadside Stories","LP Vinyl",

"Commander Cody","We've Got a Live One Here!","LP Vinyl",

"Communards","Don't Leave Me This Way","LP Vinyl",

"Communication","Live at Fat Tuesday's New York Vol.2","LP Vinyl",

"The Conga Kings","Jazz Descargas","CD",

"Congos","Heart Of The Congos (Disc 1)","CD",

"Congos","Heart Of The Congos (Disc 2)","CD",

"Conjunto QuisqueyA","Super Exitos Del","CD",

"Connors, Bill","""Never Say Goodbye""_Variations On Layla","45 RPM",

"Connors, Bill","Assembler","CD",

"Connors, Bill","Double Up","LP Vinyl",

"Connors, Bill","Of Mist and Melting","LP Vinyl",

"Connors, Bill","Swimming With a hole in my body","LP Vinyl",

"Connors, Bill","Theme to the Gaurdian","LP Vinyl",

"Conrad, Tony","Early Minimalism Sampler","CD",

"Constanten, Tom","Nightfall Of Diamonds","CD",

"Contemporary Piano Ensemble","The Key Players","CD",

"Continuum","Mad About Tadd","LP Vinyl",


"Cooder, Ry","Chicken Skin Music","CD",

"Cooder, Ry","Get Rhythm","LP Vinyl",

"Cooder, Ry","Showtime","LP Vinyl",

"Cooder, Ry","Travelin' Man","CD",

"Cook, Junior","Junior's Cookin'","CD",

"Cook, Junior","On A Misty Night","CD",

"Cook, Junior","Senior Cookin'","CD",

"Cook, Junior","You Leave Me Breathless","CD",

"Cooper, Alice","Alice Cooper Goes to Chile LIve In Santiago, Chile 7/09/95","Cassette",

"Cooper, Alice","Killer","LP Vinyl",

"Cooper, Alice","The Alice Cooper Show","LP Vinyl",

"Cooper, Bob","Coop! The Music of Bob Cooper","LP Vinyl",

"Cooper, Jerome","In Concert From There To Hear","CD",

"Cooper, Jerome","Outer and Interactions","LP Vinyl",

"Cooper, Jerome","The Unpredictability of Predictability","LP Vinyl",

"Copeland, Johnny","Ain't Nothin' But A Party","CD",

"Copeland, Johnny","Bringin' It All Back Home","LP Vinyl",

"Copeland, Johnny","Copeland Special","LP Vinyl",

"Copeland, Johnny","Texas Twister","LP Vinyl",

"Copley, Al","A Handful of Keys......","LP Vinyl",

"Copley, Al","Automatic Overdrive","LP Vinyl",

"Copley, Al","Royal Blue","Cassette",

"Corea, Chick","Chick Corea and Gary Burton in Concert, Zurich, October 28, 1979","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","Chick Corea/David Holland/Barry Altschul","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","Chick Corea/Stanley Clarke","VHS",

"Corea, Chick","Children's Songs","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","Circling In","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","Circulus","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","Friends","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","Inner Space","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","Lyric Suite for Sextet","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","My Spanish Heart","CD",

"Corea, Chick","Now He Sings, Now He Sobs","CD",

"Corea, Chick","Piano Improvisations Vol. 1","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","Piano Improvisations Vol. 2","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","Septet","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","The Complete ""IS"" Sessions","CD",

"Corea, Chick","The Complete 'Is' Session","CD",

"Corea, Chick","The Leprechaun","CD",

"Corea, Chick","The Mad Hatter","CD",

"Corea, Chick","The Song of Singing","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","Tones For Joan's Bones","CD",

"Corea, Chick","Trio Music","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","Trio Music Live in Europe","LP Vinyl",

"Corea, Chick","Voyage","LP Vinyl",


"Cortez, Jayne","Maintain Control","LP Vinyl",

"Cortez, Jayne","Taking The Blues Back Home","CD",

"Cortez, Jayne","There It Is/Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters","LP Vinyl",

"Cortez, Jayne","Unsubmissive Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Cortijo","Cortijo & His Time Machine\Y Su Maquina Del Tiempo","CD",

"Cortijo","Ritmos Y Cantos Callejeros","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Air Dancing","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","American Odyssey","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Back Together Again","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Barefoot Boy","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Bolero","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Cedars Of Avalon","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Comin' Home","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Coryell","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Coryell/Catherine/Kuhn LIVE!","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Count's Jam Band","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Difference","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Dragon Gate","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Equipoise","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","European Impressions","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Fairyland","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Frog Island 6/27/99","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Inner Urge","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Jazz Workshop Boston 12/4/73","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Just Like Being Born","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Lady Coryell","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Larry Coryell 11th House &/31/76 Cleveland","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Larry Coryell & the Brubeck Bros. Better Than LIVE","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Larry Coryell & The Eleventh House at Montreux 1974","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Larry Coryell at the Village Gate Live January 21st and 22nd 1971","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Larry Coryell/Basics","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Level One","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Live at Detroit Jazz Fest 1987","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Live in Europe","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Major Jazz Minor Blues","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Miroslav Vitous Quartet","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Monk, Trane, Miles And ME","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","New High","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Offering","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Planet End","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Private Concert","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Return","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Scheherazade","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Shining Hour","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Sketches Of Coryell","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Solo Montreux-7/23/78","VHS",

"Coryell, Larry","Spaces","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Spaces Revisited","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Spaces Revisited-Hamburg 1997","VHS",

"Coryell, Larry","Splendid","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Standing Ovation","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Super Guitar Trio & Friends","VHS",

"Coryell, Larry","The Eleventh House","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","The Eleventh House with Larry Coryell","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","The Lion and the Ram","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","The Real Great Escape","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","The Restful Mind","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Together","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Toku Do","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Tributaries","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Twelve Frets To One Octave","CD",

"Coryell, Larry","Twin House","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Two for the Road","LP Vinyl",

"Coryell, Larry","Welcome My Darling","CD",

"Cosby, Bill","Where You Lay Your Head","Cassette",

"Cosmetic with Jamaaladeen Tacuma","So Tranquilizin'","LP Vinyl",

"The Cosmic Union","Lamp Of The Universe","CD",

"Costello, Elvis","Armed Forces","CD",

"Costello, Elvis","Blood and Chocolate","LP Vinyl",

"Costello, Elvis","Elvis Costello and the Attractions Some Like it Hot","CD",

"Costello, Elvis","Get Happy!","LP Vinyl",

"Costello, Elvis","GoodBye Cruel World","LP Vinyl",

"Costello, Elvis","IbMePdErRoIoAmL","LP Vinyl",

"Costello, Elvis","King of America","LP Vinyl",

"Costello, Elvis","Live At The El Mocambo (From The Box Set Elvis Costello & The Attractions-2 1/2 Years)","CD",

"Costello, Elvis","My Aim Is True","CD",

"Costello, Elvis","Out Of Our Idiot","CD",

"Costello, Elvis","Punch The Clock","LP Vinyl",

"Costello, Elvis","This Years Model","CD",

"Coster, Tom","Let's Set The Record Straight","CD",

"Cotton, James","Best Of The Verve Years","CD",

"Cotton, James","High Compression","LP Vinyl",

"Cotton, James","James Cotton - Living The Blues","CD",

"Cotton, James","James Cotton, Junior Wells, Carey Bell & Billy Branch ---Harp Attack!","Cassette",

"Cotton, James","Live From Chicago...Mr. Superharp Himself!","LP Vinyl",

"Cotton, James","recorded live at Antone's Night Club","LP Vinyl",

"Counce, Curtis","Carl's Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Counce, Curtis","Landslide","LP Vinyl",

"Counce, Curtis","You Get More Bounce with Curtis Counce!","LP Vinyl",

"Count Basie","Basie Jam 2","LP Vinyl",

"Count Basie","Count Basie Big Band Montreux '77","LP Vinyl",

"Count Basie","Count Basie Jam Montreux '77","LP Vinyl",

"Count Basie","Count Basie Kansas 7","CD",

"Count Basie","Kansas City 6","LP Vinyl",

"Count Basie","Long Live The Chief","CD",

"Count Basie and the Kansas City 7","Count Basie and the Kansas City 7","CD",

"Count M'Butu Orchestra","See The Sun","CD",

"Country Joe & The Fish","Acid Commericial","CD",

"Country Joe & The Fish","Acid Sound","CD",

"Country Joe & The Fish","Live! Fillmore West 1969","CD",

"Country Joe & The Fish","The Collected Country Joe & The Fish (1963-1970)","CD",

"Coursil, Jacques","""Way Ahead""","LP Vinyl",

"Coursil, Jacques","Black Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Cousins, Roy","Pick Up The Pieces","CD",

"Cousins, Roy","Roy Cousins presents Kings & Queens of Dub","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","Angel Eyes","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","Back To The Beautiful","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","Blues for the Viet Cong","LP Vinyl",

"Cowell, Stanley","Bright Passion","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","Brilliant Circles","LP Vinyl",

"Cowell, Stanley","Close To You Alone","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","Dancers In Love","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","Departure #2","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","Equipoise","LP Vinyl",

"Cowell, Stanley","Games","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","Hear Me One","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","Illusion Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Cowell, Stanley","Live at Cafe Des Copains","LP Vinyl",

"Cowell, Stanley","Live at Copenhagen Jazz House","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","Mandara Blossoms","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","MUSA:Ancestral Streams","LP Vinyl",

"Cowell, Stanley","New World","LP Vinyl",

"Cowell, Stanley","Regeneration","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","SET UP","CD",

"Cowell, Stanley","Talkin' 'bout love","LP Vinyl",

"Cowell, Stanley","Waiting for the Moment","LP Vinyl",

"Cowell, Stanley","We Three","CD",

"Cox, Anthony","Dark Metals","CD",

"Cox, Carl","F-A-C-T 2","CD",

"Cox, Carl","F-A-C-T 2 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Cox, Carl","Mixed Live At Crobar Nightclub","CD",

"Cox, Carl","The Sound Of Ultimate B.A.S.E.","CD",

"Cox, Anthony","Dark Metals","CD",

"Cox, Ida","Blues For Rampart Street","LP Vinyl",

"Cox, Kenny","Multidirection","LP Vinyl",

"Coxsone, Lloyd","Sir Coxsone Sound Kind of the Dub Rock Parts 1 & 2","CD",

"Craig, Carl","(Onsumothasheeat)","CD",

"Craig, Carl","Carl Craig Presents Abstract Funk Theory","CD",

"Craig, Carl","Designer Music V1","CD",

"Craig, Carl","DJ Kicks: Carl Craig","CD",

"Craig, Carl","House Party","CD",

"Craig, Carl","Innerzone Orchestra Programmed","CD",

"Craig, Carl","More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art","CD",

"Craig, Carl","The Climax","LP Vinyl",

"The Cray, Robert","""Phone Booth""","45 RPM",

"Crazy Backwards Alphabet","Crazy Backwards Alphabet","LP Vinyl",

"Cream","Cream Real Cream","CD",

"Cream","Farewell Concert","VHS",

"Cream","Fresh Live Cream","VHS",

"Cream","Kloots Kleet '66","CD",

"Cream","Long Time Comin'","CD",

"Cream","Lont Time Comin'","CD",

"Cream","Ricky Tick","CD",

"Cream","Secret History","CD",

"Cream","Strange Brew","VHS",

"Cream","Those Were The Days (Disc 2)","CD",

"Cream","Those Were The Days (Disc 4)","CD",

"Cream","Those Were The Days - (Disc 1)","CD",

"Cream","Those Were The Days - (Disc 3)","CD",

"Creative Construction Company","Creative Construction Company","LP Vinyl",

"Creative Construction Company","Creative Construction Company Vol. II","LP Vinyl",

"The Creatures","Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Now Buy Zulu","CD",

"Creech, Papa John","Papa Johns Friends","CD",

"Creedence Clearwater Revival","Bayou Country","LP Vinyl",

"Creedence Clearwater Revival","Cosmo's Factory","LP Vinyl",

"Creedence Clearwater Revival","Creedence Clearwater Revival","LP Vinyl",

"Creedence Clearwater Revival","Green River","LP Vinyl",

"Creedence Clearwater Revival","Willy and the Poor Boys","LP Vinyl",

"Creeley, Robert W/Massey, Torn, Swallow, Cast","Have We Told You All You'd Thought To Know?","CD",

"Criner, Clyde","Behind The Sun","LP Vinyl",

"Crispell, Marilyn","Amaryllis","CD",

"Crispell, Marilyn","Live In Berlin","CD",

"Crispell, Marilyn","Nothing Ever was, anyway","CD",

"Criss, Sonny","Portrait of Sonny Criss","LP Vinyl",

"Criss, Sonny","Sonny's Dream (Birth of the New Cool)","CD",

"Criss, Sonny","This is Criss!","LP Vinyl",

"Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young","""Ohio""/""Find The Cost Of Freedom""","45 RPM",

"Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young","Crosby, Stills & Nash","LP Vinyl",

"Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young","Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (4 Way Street)(Disc 2)(1971)","CD",

"Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young","Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Four Way Street)(Disc 1)","CD",

"Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young","Deja Vu","LP Vinyl",

"Cross, David","Exiles","CD",

"Cross, David","If I Could Only Remember My Name","LP Vinyl",


"The Crusaders","Odyssey of iska","CD",

"Cruz, Bobby","Un Sonido Bestial - El Concierto (Disc 2)","CD",

"Cuarto Espacio","Cuarto Espacio","CD",

"The Cuban All Stars","Pasaporte","CD",


"Cubanismo","Mardi Gras Mambo","CD",


"Cuber, Ronnie","Airplay","CD",

"Cuber, Ronnie","Cuber Libre","LP Vinyl",

"Cuber, Ronnie","Live At The Blue Note","CD",

"Cuccurullo, Warren","Thanks To Frank","CD",

"Cultura profetica","Ideas Nuevas","CD",

"Culture","Culture In Dub","CD",


"Culture","Harder Than The Rest","CD",

"Culture","Live Culture '98","CD",


"Culture","Tree Sides To My Story","CD",

"Culture","Two Sevens Clash","LP Vinyl",

"Culturemix With Bill Nelson","Culturemix","CD",

"Curlew","Live At The Edgefest-10/5/02","CD-R",

"Curlew","Meet The Curlews!","CD",

"Curlew","North America","CD",

"Curson, Ted","Flip Top","LP Vinyl",

"Curson, Ted","Jubilant Power","LP Vinyl",

"Curson, Ted","Tears for Dolphy","LP Vinyl",

"Curson, Ted","Ted Curson & Co.","LP Vinyl",

"Curson, Ted","Ted Curson plays Fire Down Below","LP Vinyl",

"Curson, Ted","The New Thing & The Blue Thing","CD",

"Curson, Ted","The Trio","LP Vinyl",

"King Curtis","Blues at Montreux","LP Vinyl",

"King Curtis","Enjoy.....The Best Of","LP Vinyl",

"King Curtis","Live at Fillmore West","CD",

"King Curtis","The new Scene of King Curtis","LP Vinyl",

"King Curtis","Trouble in Mind King Curtis sings the Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Cutshall, Scott","Zyphoid Process","CD",

"Cyber Zen Sound Engine","Honor Thy Mistakes As Hidden Intention","CD",

"Cypher 7","Security","CD",

"Cyrille, Andrew","Burnt Offering","CD",

"Cyrille, Andrew","Good To Go-Tribute To Bu","CD",

"Cyrille, Andrew","Junction","LP Vinyl",

"Cyrille, Andrew","Metamusicians' Stomp","LP Vinyl",

"Cyrille, Andrew","My Friend Louis","CD",

"Cyrille, Andrew","Special People","LP Vinyl",

"Cyrille, Andrew","The Navigator","LP Vinyl",

"Cyrille, Andrew","What about?","LP Vinyl