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"Quarkspace","Live Orion","CD",


"Quebec, Ike","Blue & Sentimental","LP Vinyl",

"Quebec, Ike","Bosa Nova Soul Samba","CD",

"Quebec, Ike","Easy Living","LP Vinyl",

"Quebec, Ike","Heavy Soul","CD",

"Quebec, Ike","It Might As Well Be Spring","CD",

"Quebec, Ike","The Complete Blue Note 45 Sessions of Ike Quebec","LP Vinyl",

"Queen","A Night At The Opera","CD",

"Queen","Jammin' Uptown","LP Vinyl",

"Queen","News Of The World","CD",

"Queen","Sheer Heart Attack","CD",

"Question Mark & The Mysterians","The Dallas Reunion Tapes 96 Tears Forever","Cassette",

"Quicksilver Messenger Service","Happy Trails","LP Vinyl",

"Quicksilver Messenger Service","Just For Love","LP Vinyl",

"Quicksilver Messenger Service","Marin County Cowboys The Ultimate Anthology Volume 1","CD",

"Quicksilver Messenger Service","Quicksilver Messenger Service (Sons Of Mercury (1968-75))","CD",

"Quicksilver Messenger Service","Quicksilver Messenger Service Sons of Mercury","CD",

"Quicksilver Messenger Service","Shady Grove","LP Vinyl",

"Quicksilver Messenger Service","Smokestack Lightning","CD",

"Quicksilver Messenger Service","Smokin' Sound","CD",

"Quicksilver Messenger Service","The Wild Wild West","CD",

"Quicksilver Messenger Service","Unreleased Quicksilver Messenger Service: Lost Gold And Silver (Disc 2)","CD",

"Quicksilver Messenger Service","Unreleased Quicksilver Messenger Service: Lost Silver And Gold (Disc 1)","CD",

"Quiet Sun","Mainstream","LP Vinyl",

"Quinichette, Paul","Paul Quinichette On The Sunny Side","LP Vinyl",

"Quine, Robert","BASIC Robert Quine/Fred Maher","LP Vinyl",

"R.E.M.","Carnival Of Sorts","CD",


"Radcliff, Bobby","Dresses Too Short","LP Vinyl",

"Radcliff, Bobby","Universal blues","Cassette",

"The Radha Krsna Temple","The Radha Krsna Temple - London","CD",

"The Radiators","Law of the Fish","LP Vinyl",

"Ragin, Hugh","Feel The Sunshine","CD",

"Rai, Vasant","Autumn Song","CD",

"Rai, Vasant","Spring Flowers","LP Vinyl",

"Raices","Raices","LP Vinyl",

"Rain Tree Crow","Rain Tree Crow","CD",

"Rainbow","Live In Germany (Disc 1)","CD",

"Rainbow","Live In Germany (Disc 2)","CD",

"Rakha, Alla","The Ultimate in Taal-Vidya 1989","CD-R",

"Rakha, Ustad Alla and Zakir Hussain","Ecstasy","CD-R",

"Rakha, Ustad Alla and Zakir Hussain","Master Drummers Of India","LP Vinyl",

"Rakha, Ustad Alla and Zakir Hussain","Tabla Duet","CD",

"Rakha, Ustad Alla and Zakir Hussain","Tabla Tradition","CD-R",

"Rakha, Ustad Alla and Zakir Hussain","The Family Three","CD-R",

"Ralph, Dave","Love Parade - Berlin","CD",

"Ralph, Dave","Tranceport II - Arrivals (Disc 2)","CD",

"Ralph, Dave","Tranceport II - Departures","CD",

"Ram, Roger","""Lover Man""","LP Vinyl",

"Ram, Roger","I'll Remember April","LP Vinyl",

"Ram, Roger","Rampant Ram","LP Vinyl",

"Ramirez, Louis","Salsero","CD-R",

"Ramirez, Chamaco","Alive And Kicking","CD",

"Ramirez, Ram","The Most Crazy.....","LP Vinyl",

"Ramones","Animal Boy","LP Vinyl",

"Ramones","Leave Home","LP Vinyl",

"Ramones","Ramones","LP Vinyl",

"Ramones","Rocket to Russia","LP Vinyl",

"Ramones","Too Tough To Die","LP Vinyl",

"Rampal, Jean-Pierre","Jean-Pierre Rampal/Marielle Nordmann Music For Flute & Harp","Cassette",

"Rampal, Jean-Pierre","Teleman:Douze Fantaises Pour Flute","LP Vinyl",

"Ramses","La Leyla","LP Vinyl",

"Ramses","La Leyla/Eternity Rise","CD",

"Ramses","Light Fantastic","CD",

"Ranelin, Phil","The Town Is Now","LP Vinyl",

"Ranelin, Phil","Vibes From The Tribe","LP Vinyl",

"Raney, Jimmy","""A""","LP Vinyl",

"Ranglin, Ernest","In Search of the Lost Riddim","CD",

"Ranglin, Ernest","Memories Of Barber Mack","CD",

"Ranglin, Ernest","Modern Answers To Old Problems","CD",

"Ranglin, Ernest","Now is the Time The legendary MPS Sessions","CD",

"Rao, Vijay/Alla Rakha","Flute and Sitar Music Of India","CD-R",

"Rapone, Al & His Zyceco Expressmen","Zydeco To Go","LP Vinyl",

"Ras, Michael & The Sons of Negus","RASTAFARI + Dub","CD",

"Ratzer, Karl","Dancing On A String","LP Vinyl",

"Ratzer, Karl","Fingerprints","LP Vinyl",

"Ratzer, Karl","In Search of the Ghost","LP Vinyl",

"Ratzer, Karl","Saturn Returning","CD",

"Rava, Enrico","<AH>","LP Vinyl",

"Rava, Enrico","Enrico Rava Quartet","LP Vinyl",

"Rava, Enrico","Secrets","LP Vinyl",

"Rava, Enrico","The Pilgrim and the Stars","LP Vinyl",

"Rava, Enrico","The Plot","LP Vinyl",

"Rava, Enrico","Volver","LP Vinyl",

"The Raybeats","Guitar Beat","LP Vinyl",

"The Raybeats","It's Only A Movie","LP Vinyl",


"Red Hot Chili Peppers","Freaky Styley","LP Vinyl",

"Red Hot Chili Peppers","The Red Hot Chili Peppers","LP Vinyl",

"Red Hot Chili Peppers","The Uplift Mood Party Plan","LP Vinyl",

"Red Shirt Brigade","Home Of The Cannon Saints","CD",

"Red Shirt Brigade","Mock Election and the Post Selection","CD",

"Red Twist & Tuned Arrow","Red Twist & Tuned Arrow","LP Vinyl",

"Red, Sonny","Out Of The Blue","CD",

"Redd, Freddie","Complete Blue Note (Disc 1)","CD",

"Redd, Freddie","Complete Blue Note (Disc 2)","CD",

"Redd, Freddie","Everybody Loves a Winner","LP Vinyl",

"Redd, Freddie","Lonely City","LP Vinyl",

"Redd, Freddie","San Francisco Suite for Jazz Trio (Freddy Redd Trio)","LP Vinyl",

"Redding, Oris","Live in Europe","LP Vinyl",

"Redding, Oris","The Best of Otis Redding","LP Vinyl",

"Redman, Dewey","Choices","CD",

"Redman, Dewey","Coincide","LP Vinyl",

"Redman, Dewey","Living On The Edge","LP Vinyl",

"Redman, Dewey","Look For The Black Star","LP Vinyl",

"Redman, Dewey","Musics","LP Vinyl",

"Redman, Dewey","Soundsigns","LP Vinyl",

"Redman, Dewey","Tarik","LP Vinyl",

"Redman, Dewey","The Ear Of The Behearer","CD",

"Redman, Dewey","The Struggle Continues","LP Vinyl",

"Redman, Joshua","Joshua Redman","CD",

"Redman, Joshua","Wish","CD",

"Reece, Dizzy","Blues In Trinity","CD",

"Reece, Dizzy","Comin' On","CD",

"Reece, Dizzy","Manhattan Project","LP Vinyl",

"Reed, Eric","Pure Imagination","CD",

"Reed, Lou","A Night With Lou Reed","VHS",

"Reed, Lou","American Poet","CD",

"Reed, Lou","Bataclan","CD",

"Reed, Lou","Berlin","LP Vinyl",

"Reed, Lou","Coney Island Baby","VHS",

"Reed, Lou","Doin' The Things That We Want To (Disc 2)","CD",

"Reed, Lou","Doin' The Things We Want To (Disc 1)","CD",

"Reed, Lou","Legendary Hearts","Cassette",

"Reed, Lou","Lou Reed LIVE","LP Vinyl",

"Reed, Lou","Lou Reed Live in Italy","LP Vinyl",

"Reed, Lou","Lou Reed New York Tour Cincinnatti, OHio 1989 Vault Series","CD",

"Reed, Lou","Mistrial","LP Vinyl",

"Reed, Lou","New Sensations","LP Vinyl",

"Reed, Lou","New York","LP Vinyl",

"Reed, Lou","Poetry 11/01/01","CD",

"Reed, Lou","Poetry - the Songs","CD",

"Reed, Lou","Rock 'n Roll Animal","CD",

"Reed, Lou","Rock+Roll Heart","VHS",

"Reed, Lou","Sally Can't Dance","LP Vinyl",

"Reed, Lou","Songs For Drella","Cassette",

"Reed, Lou","The Blue Mask","CD",

"Reed, Lou","Wild Goin' Wild","CD",

"Reed, A.C.","I'm In the Wrong Business","LP Vinyl",

"Reed, Waymon","46th and 8th","LP Vinyl",

"Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra","The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra","LP Vinyl",

"Reich, Steve","Music For 18 Musicians","LP Vinyl",

"Reich, Steve","Octet-Music For Large Ensemble-Violin Phase","LP Vinyl",

"Reich, Steve","Reich Remixed","CD",

"Reich, Steve","Tehillim","LP Vinyl",

"Reid, Rufus","Perpetual Stroll","LP Vinyl",

"Reid, Rufus","Seven Minds","LP Vinyl",

"Reinhardt, Django","Django Reinhardt and the American Jazz Giants","LP Vinyl",

"Reinhardt, Django","Quintet of the Hot Club of France (recorded in 1937)","LP Vinyl",

"Reinhardt, Django","The Versatile Giant","LP Vinyl",

"The Replacements","All Shook Down","Cassette",

"The Replacements","Boink!","LP Vinyl",

"The Replacements","Don't Tell a Soul","LP Vinyl",

"The Replacements","Hootenanny","LP Vinyl",

"The Replacements","I Will Dare","LP Vinyl",

"The Replacements","Let It Be","LP Vinyl",

"The Replacements","Pleased to Meet Me","LP Vinyl",

"The Replacements","Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out The Trash","LP Vinyl",

"The Replacements","STINK","LP Vinyl",

"The Replacements","The Ledge","LP Vinyl",

"The Replacements","The Shit Hits the Fans","Cassette",

"The Replacements","Tim","LP Vinyl",

"Residents","For Elsie/Snakeywake /Pollex Christi","CD",

"Return To Forever","Boblingen 3/27/74","Cassette",

"Return To Forever","Chick Corea & Return to Forever","LP Vinyl",

"Return To Forever","Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy","LP Vinyl",

"Return To Forever","Light As A Feather","LP Vinyl",

"Return To Forever","Live (Disc 1)","CD",

"Return To Forever","Live (Disc 2)","CD",

"Return To Forever","Musikladen 1974","VHS",

"Return To Forever","No Mystery","LP Vinyl",

"Return To Forever","OGWT 1975","VHS",

"Return To Forever","Return To FOrever Hempstead, NY 11/23/75","CD",

"Return To Forever","Return to Forever at the Masonic Temple Detroit, MI 5/12/76","Cassette",

"Return To Forever","Return To The 7th Galaxy (Disc 1)","CD",

"Return To Forever","Return To The 7th Galaxy (Disc 2)","CD",

"Return To Forever","Romantic Warrior","CD",

"Return To Forever","Where Have I Known You Before","LP Vinyl",

"The Revolutionaries","Macca Roots Man Dub","CD",

"The Revolutionaries","Outlaw Dub","LP Vinyl",

"The Revolutionaries","The Revolutionaries - Gold Mine Dub","CD",

"The Revolutionaries","The Revolutionaries at Channel 1 Dub Plate Specials","CD",

"Revolutionary Ensemble","Manhattan Cycles","LP Vinyl",

"Revolutionary Ensemble","Revolutionary","LP Vinyl",

"Revolutionary Ensemble","Revolutionary Ensemble","CD",

"Revolutionary Ensemble","Revolutionary Ensemble Jerone Cooper, Sirone, Leroy Jenkins","CD",

"Revolutionary Ensemble","Revolutionary Ensemble: Vietnam 1 & 2 (at the peace church)","LP Vinyl",

"Revolutionary Ensemble","The People's Republic","LP Vinyl",

"Revolutionary Ensemble","The Psyche","LP Vinyl",

"Rhames, Arthur","Live from Soundscape","CD",

"Rhames, Arthur","Live From Soundscape","CD",

"Rhythm Devils","Play River Music","LP Vinyl",

"Ribot, Marc","Don't Blame Me","CD",

"Ray, Ricardo & Bobby Cruz","Aguzate","CD",

"Ray, Ricardo & Bobby Cruz","el Bestial Sonido de","CD",

"Ray, Ricardo & Bobby Cruz","Jammin' Live","CD-R",

"Ray, Ricardo & Bobby Cruz","Un Sonido Bestial - El Concierto (Disc 1)","CD",

"Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen","Running Wild","CD",

"Rich, Buddy","Buddy Rich/Class of '78","LP Vinyl",

"Richard, little","Here's Little Richard","LP Vinyl",

"Richards, Keith","Live At The Hollywood Palladium, December 15, 1988","CD",

"Richardson, Jerome","Midnight Oil","CD",

"Richmond, Dannie","Dannie Richmond Plays Charles Mingus","LP Vinyl",

"Richmond, Dannie","Dannie Richmond Quintet","LP Vinyl",

"Richmond, Dannie","Dionysius","LP Vinyl",

"Richmond, Dannie","Ode To Mingus","LP Vinyl",

"Rico","Tribute to Don Drummond","LP Vinyl",

"Rico","You Must Be Crazy","CD",

"RIEFLIN FRIPP GUNN","The Repercussions Of Angelic Behavior","CD",

"The Righteous Brothers","'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'""/(You're My)Soul And Inspiration""","45 RPM",

"Riley,Terry","A Rainbow In Curved Air","LP Vinyl",

"Riley,Terry","Germ-Terry Riley/Pierre Marietan","LP Vinyl",

"Riley,Terry","In C","LP Vinyl",

"Rinehart, Andy","Jason's Chord","CD",

"Rinocerose","Rinocerose NY HOB 10/11/00","CD",

"Ismael Rivera","De Todas Maneras Rosas","CD",

"Ismael Rivera","Traigo De Todo","CD",

"Rivera, Danny","Alborada","CD",

"Rivera, Mario","El Comandante","CD",

"Rivers, Sam","Colours","LP Vinyl",

"Rivers, Sam","Configuration With No L Akchot , Tony Hymas, Paul Rogers, Jacques Thollot","CD",

"Rivers, Sam","Contrasts","LP Vinyl",

"Rivers, Sam","Crystals","LP Vinyl",

"Rivers, Sam","Culmination","CD",

"Rivers, Sam","Dave Holland/Sam Rivers","LP Vinyl",

"Rivers, Sam","Dave Holland/Sam Rivers Volume 2","LP Vinyl",

"Rivers, Sam","Hues","LP Vinyl",

"Rivers, Sam","Inspiration","CD",

"Rivers, Sam","Paragon","LP Vinyl",

"Rivers, Sam","Rendez - Vous","LP Vinyl",

"Rivers, Sam","Sizzle","LP Vinyl",

"Rivers, Sam","Streams (recorded in performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival)","LP Vinyl",

"Rivers, Sam","Tangens","CD",

"Rivers, Sam","The Complete Blue Note Sam Rivers Sessions (Disc 1)","CD",

"Rivers, Sam","The Complete Blue Note Sam Rivers Sessions (Disc 2)","CD",

"Rivers, Sam","The Complete Blue Note Sam Rivers Sessions (Disc 3)","CD",

"Rivers, Sam","The Quest","LP Vinyl",

"Rivers, Sam","The Tuba Trio VOl. II","LP Vinyl",

"Rivers, Sam","Trio Live","CD",

"Rivers, Sam","Waves","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Steve","Cavern Of Sirens","CD",

"Roach, Steve","Steve Roach Live 11/5/99 St. Mary's Philly","CD",

"Roach, Max","Birth and Rebirth","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Bright Moments","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Chattahoochee Red","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Deeds, Not Words","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Easy Winners","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Freedom Now Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Historic Concerts McMillin Theatre Columbia U., New York December 15, 1979","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","In The Light","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","It's Time","CD",

"Roach, Max","Lift Every Voice and sing","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Live at Vielharmonie","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","M'Boom","CD",

"Roach, Max","Max Roach Quartet Live in Amsterdam","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Max Roach Quartet Live in Tokyo Vol. 1","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Max Roach Quintet & Sonny Rollins Trio Graz 1963 Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Max Roach/To The Max!","CD",

"Roach, Max","Members, don't git weary","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Percussion Bitter Sweet","CD",

"Roach, Max","Scott Free","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Speak, Brother Speak","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","Survivors","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","The Long March","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","The Max Roach Quartet featuring Hank Mobley","LP Vinyl",

"Roach, Max","The Max Roach Trio Featuring The Legendary Hassan","CD",

"Roach, Max","To The Max (Disc 2)","CD",

"Roach, Freddie","Good Move!","CD",

"Wasserman, Rob and Ustad Sultan Kahn","Dua","CD",

"Randolph, Robert","Live At The Wetlands","CD",

"Randolph, Robert","WDET 6/27/02","CD",

"Randolph, Robert","Word","CD",

"Roberts, Hank","Black Pastels","LP Vinyl",

"Roberts, Luckey","Luckey & The Lion Harlem Piano Solos by Luckey Roberts & Willie 'The Lion' Smith","LP Vinyl",

"Roberts, Marcus","The Truth is Spoken Here","LP Vinyl",

"Robertson, Robbie","Contact from the Underworld of Redboy","CD",

"Robertson, Herb","Shades of Bud Powell","LP Vinyl",

"Robeson, Paul","Songs Of Free Men","CD",

"Robillard, Duke","Duke Robillard and the Pleasure Kings","LP Vinyl",

"Robillard, Duke","Swing","LP Vinyl",

"Robillard, Duke","Too Hot To Handle","LP Vinyl",

"Robillard, Duke","You Got Me","LP Vinyl",

"Robinson, Fenton","I Hear Some blues Downstairs","LP Vinyl",

"Robinson, Fenton","Nightlight","LP Vinyl",

"Robinson, Fenton","Somebody Loan Me a Dime","LP Vinyl",

"Robinson, Perry","Kundalini","LP Vinyl",

"The Roches","Keep on Doing","LP Vinyl",

"Rochester/Veasley Band","One Minute of Love","LP Vinyl",

"Rocket 88","Rocket 88","LP Vinyl",

"The Rockets","Live at the Cleveland Agora","CD",

"Rockets","Live Rockets","LP Vinyl",

"Rockets","No Ballads","LP Vinyl",

"Rockets","Rockets 1979","LP Vinyl",

"The Rockets","ROCKETS at the Aragon Ballroom Chicago 1980","CD",

"Rodgers, Paul","Muddy Water Blues : A Tribute To Muddy Waters","CD",

"Roditi, Claudio","CLAUDIO!","LP Vinyl",

"Roditi, Claudio","Gemini Man","LP Vinyl",

"Rodney, Red","Bird Lives","LP Vinyl",

"Rodney, Red","Home Free","LP Vinyl",

"Rodney, Red","Modern Music From Chicago","LP Vinyl",

"Rodney, Red","Spirit Within","LP Vinyl",

"Rodney, Red","The Red Tornado","LP Vinyl",

"Rodriguez, Silvio","Al final de este viaje","CD",

"Rodriguez, Silvio","En Chile Vol. II","CD",

"Rodriguez, Silvio","Mujeres","CD",

"Rodriguez, Silvio","Silvio Rodr Guez En Chile","CD",

"Rodriguez, Alfredo","Cuba Linda","CD",

"Rodriguez, Bobby","Lead me to that Beautiful land","CD",


"Roedelius","Der Ohren Spiegel","CD",

"Roedelius","Global Trotters Project Volume 1","CD",

"Roedelius, Hans-Joachim","Gift of the Moment","LP Vinyl",

"Roedelius, Hans-Joachim","Like the Whispering of the Wind","LP Vinyl",

"Roena, Roberto","Lucky 7","CD",

"Roena, Roberto","Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound 6","CD",

"Roena, Roberto","Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound X El Progreso","CD",

"Roland, Sir Hanna","Maybeck","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Aftermath","LP Vinyl",

"The Rolling Stones","Atlantic City '89 (Disc 1)","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Atlantic City '89 (Disc 2)","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Atlantic City '89 (Disc 3)","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Beggar's Banquet","LP Vinyl",

"The Rolling Stones","Between the Buttons","LP Vinyl",

"The Rolling Stones","Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass)","LP Vinyl",

"The Rolling Stones","Black And Blue","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Bridges To Babylon","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Bridges To Babylon Tour","VHS",

"The Rolling Stones","Chicago Chess Sessions","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Emotional Rescue","LP Vinyl",

"The Rolling Stones","Exile on Main Street","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Get A Line On You","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!","LP Vinyl",

"The Rolling Stones","Get Your Leeds Lungs Out (Revisited)","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Gimme Shelter Outtakes","VHS",

"The Rolling Stones","Itchy Fingers","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Jamming With Edward","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Kentucky Fried Rockers","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Ladies & Gentlemen (Marquee 71)","VHS",

"The Rolling Stones","Let it Bleed","LP Vinyl",

"The Rolling Stones","Like A Rolling Stone","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Live in Buenos Aires","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Live Voodoo Lounge Tour 94-95","VHS",

"The Rolling Stones","Lonely At The Top","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Love In Vain","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","No Security","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Out of our Heads","LP Vinyl",

"The Rolling Stones","R.S.V.P. Front Row Center SHow #22","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Rock And Roll Circus","VHS",

"The Rolling Stones","San Diego '69","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","St.Louis,MO-12-DEC-97","VHS",

"The Rolling Stones","Steel Wheels","LP Vinyl",

"The Rolling Stones","Sticky Fingers","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Stripped","VHS",

"The Rolling Stones","Stripped","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Tattoo You","Cassette",

"The Rolling Stones","Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Time Trip Vol 1 & 2","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Voodoo Lounge","CD",

"The Rolling Stones","Wild Horses","CD",

"Rollins, Sonny","A Night at the Village Vanguard (RVG Edition)","CD",

"Rollins, Sonny","A Night at the Village Vanguard (RVG Edition)","CD",

"Rollins, Sonny","Alfie","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","Alternate Takes","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","And The Contemporary Leaders","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","East Broadway Run Down","CD",

"Rollins, Sonny","Easy Living","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","Falling In Love With Jazz","CD",

"Rollins, Sonny","Freedom Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","Here's To The People","CD",

"Rollins, Sonny","Horn Culture","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","Moving Out","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","Newk's Time","CD",

"Rollins, Sonny","Next Album","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","Nucleus","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","Old Flames","CD",

"Rollins, Sonny","On The Outside","CD",

"Rollins, Sonny","Saxophone Colossus And More","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","Sonny Rollins Volume One","Cassette",

"Rollins, Sonny","Sonny Rollins & Co. - 1964","CD",

"Rollins, Sonny","Sonny Rollins On Impulse!","CD",

"Rollins, Sonny","Sonny Rollins with the Modern Jazz Quartet","Cassette",

"Rollins, Sonny","Taking Care Of Business","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","The Blue Note Reissue Series","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","The Cutting Edge","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","The Quartets Featuring Jim Hall","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","The Solo Album","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","The Sound Of Sonny","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","The Way I Feel","Cassette",

"Rollins, Sonny","There Will Never Be Another You","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","Tour De Force","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","Way Out West","LP Vinyl",

"Rollins, Sonny","Worktime","LP Vinyl",

"Romeo, Max","Open the Iron Gate 1973-77","CD",

"Romeo, Max","War Ina Babylon","CD",

"Romero, Pepe","Boccherini - Quintets Nos. 4, 5, & 6","CD",

"Romero, Pepe","Boccherini: Quintets for guitar and strings nos 3 & 9","CD",

"Romero, Pepe","Famous Spanish Guitar Music","CD",

"Romero, Pepe","Guitar","LP Vinyl",

"Romero, Pepe","Joaquin Rodrigo:Guitar","LP Vinyl",

"Romero, Pepe","La Paloma","CD",

"Romero, Pepe","Pepe Romero - Guitar Solos","CD",

"Romero, Pepe","Rodrigo:Concierto Para Una Fiesta","LP Vinyl",

"Angel Romero","Lalo Schifrin/Villa-Lobos:Guitar Concertos","LP Vinyl",

"Pepe & Celin Romero","Famous Spanish Dances","LP Vinyl",

"Los Romeros","An Evening With The Romeros","LP Vinyl",

"Los Romeros","Bizet:""Carmen"" Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Los Romeros","Vivaldi:Guitar Concertos","LP Vinyl",

"Roney, Wallace","Detroit International Jazz Festival Sept. 2, 2001","CD",

"Roney, Wallace","Intuition","LP Vinyl",

"Roney, Wallace","Munchin'","CD",

"Roney, Wallace","The Standard Bearer","CD",

"Roni Size/Reprazent","In The M0de","CD",

"Roni Size/Reprazent","New Forms (Disc 2)","CD",

"Roni Size/Reprazent","Replica - The Remix Album","CD",

"Roni Size/Reprazent","Watching Windows","LP Vinyl",

"Ronson, Mick","Heaven And Hull","CD",

"Ronu Majumdar-Bansuri","Hollow Bamboo","CD",

"Roomful of Blues","Dance All Night","CD",

"Roomful of Blues","Dressed up to get Messed Up","LP Vinyl",

"Roomful of Blues","Hot Little Mama!","LP Vinyl",

"Roomful of Blues","Let's Have a Party","LP Vinyl",

"Roomful of Blues","Live at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel","LP Vinyl",

"Roomful of Blues","The First Album","Cassette",

"Roots Radics","Dub Fijunjo Roots Radics + Brass","CD",

"Roots Radics","Hot We Hot dub","CD",

"Roots Radics","Hot We Hot!","LP Vinyl",

"Roots Radics","King Tubby's Rockers","CD",

"Roots Radics","Live at Channel One 8/2/00","CD",

"Los Hermanos Rosario","Insuperable","CD",

"Rose, Michael & Sly and Robbie","X Uhuru","CD",

"Roseman, Josh","Cherry","CD",

"Rosnes, Renee","For The Moment","Cassette",

"Rosnes, Renee","Renee Rosnes","LP Vinyl",

"Rossini, Gioachino","Il Barbiere de Siviglia (Highlights)","CD",

"Rouse,Charlie","Epistrophy","LP Vinyl",

"Rouse,Charlie","Takin' Care Of Business","LP Vinyl",

"Rouse,Charlie","Two Is One","LP Vinyl",

"Rowe, Hansford","No Other","CD",

"Roxy Music","'Avalon'","LP Vinyl",

"Roxy Music","'Stranded' The Third Roxy Music Album","LP Vinyl",

"Roxy Music","Birmingham 2001 2 disc set","CD",

"Roxy Music","Country Life","LP Vinyl",

"Roxy Music","First Edition","CD",

"Roxy Music","First Kiss (Disc 1)","CD",

"Roxy Music","First Kiss disc 2","CD",

"Roxy Music","For Your Pleasure","LP Vinyl",

"Roxy Music","Live At The Apollo-London 2001","VHS",

"Roxy Music","Musikladen","CD",

"Roxy Music","Radio City Music Hall Out of the Blue NYC 5/26/83","Cassette",

"Roxy Music","Roxy Music Flint, MI 3/16/76 & The Clash","Cassette",

"Roxy Music","Roxy Music - Concert House Stockholm, Sweden 1/27/76","Cassette",

"Roxy Music","Siren","LP Vinyl",

"Roxy Music","The First Roxy Music Album","LP Vinyl",

"Roxy Music","The High Road","VHS",

"Roxy Music","The Thrill Of It All (Disc 1)","CD",

"Roxy Music","The Thrill Of It All (Disc 3)","CD",

"Roxy Music","The Thrill Of It All (Disc 4)","CD",

"Roxy Music","Thrill Of It All","CD",

"Roxy Music","When We Were Young","CD",

"The Royals","Pick Up The Pieces","CD",

"Rubalcaba, Gonzalo","Discovery---Live at Montreux","Cassette",

"Rubalcaba, Gonzalo","Supernova","CD",

"Rubalcaba, Gonzalo","The Blessing","CD",

"Ruby, Jack","Jack Ruby Presents The Black Foundation","CD",

"Rudd, Roswell","Broad Strokes","CD",

"Rudd, Roswell","Flexible Flyer","LP Vinyl",

"Rudd, Roswell","Inside Job","LP Vinyl",

"Rudd, Roswell","Live In New York - Soundscape Series","CD",

"Rudd, Roswell","Monk's Dream","CD",

"Rudd, Roswell","Numatik Swing Band","LP Vinyl",

"Rudder, David","Charlies Roots","LP Vinyl",

"Ruiz, Hilton","A Moment's Notice","CD",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Cross Currents","LP Vinyl",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Doin' It Right","CD",

"Ruiz, Hilton","El Camino","LP Vinyl",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Excition","LP Vinyl",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Fantasia","LP Vinyl",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Hands On Percussion","CD",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Heroes","CD",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Island Eyes","CD",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Live At Birdland","CD",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Live At Jazz Unite","LP Vinyl",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Manhattan Mambo","CD",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Montreaux Detroit Jazz Festival 9/2/01","CD",

"Ruiz, Hilton","New York Hilton","CD",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Piano Man","CD",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Something Grand","CD",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Steppin' Into Beauty","LP Vinyl",

"Ruiz, Hilton","Strut","CD",

"Rumsey, Howard","Howard Rmsey's Lighthouse All-Stars Volume three","LP Vinyl",

"Rumsey, Howard","Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars Vol. Six","LP Vinyl",

"Rumsey, Howard","Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars Volume Four","LP Vinyl",

"Rumsey, Howard","In The Solo Spotlight!","LP Vinyl",

"Rumsey, Howard","Lighthouse At Laguna","LP Vinyl",

"Rumsey, Howard","Music For Lighthousekeeping","LP Vinyl",

"Rumsey, Howard","Sunday Jazz A La Lighthouse","LP Vinyl",

"Todd Rundgren","GrokGazer","VHS",

"Rundgren, Todd","Something","LP Vinyl",

"Rundgren, Todd","Utopia","LP Vinyl",

"Rush","Run From The Fans","CD",

"Rush","Rush 5/10/90","Cassette",

"Rush, Otis","Live In Europe","CD",

"Rush, Otis","Mourning In The Morning","CD",

"Rush, Otis","Natural Man","CD",

"Rush, Otis","Screamin' And Cryin'","CD",

"Rush, Otis","So Many Roads","CD",

"Rush, Otis","Tops","LP Vinyl",

"Russell, Leon","Asylum Choir II","CD",

"Russell, Leon","Leon Live","CD",

"Russell, Leon","Leon Live (Disc 1)","CD",

"Russell, Leon","Leon Russell (Gold Disc)","CD",

"Russell, Leon","Leon Russell And The Shelter People","CD",

"Russell, Leon","Prince of Peace","CD",

"Russell, George","Electronic Sonata For Souls Loved By Nature","LP Vinyl",

"Russell, George","Ezz-Thetics","LP Vinyl",

"Russell, George","Listen To The Science","LP Vinyl",

"Russell, George","New York Big Band","LP Vinyl",

"Russell, George","Stratus Phunk","LP Vinyl",

"Russell, George","The Outer View","LP Vinyl",

"Russell, George","The Stratus Seekers","LP Vinyl",

"Russell, George","Trip to Prillarguri","LP Vinyl",

"Ryder, Mitch","Like a Rolling Stone","LP Vinyl",

"Ryder, Mitch","Live Talkies","LP Vinyl",

"Ryder, Mitch","Never Kick A Sleeping Dog","CD",

"Ryder, Mitch","Rev Up","CD",

"Ryder, Mitch","The Beautiful Toulang Sunset","CD",

"Rypdal, Terje","After The Rain","LP Vinyl",

"Rypdal, Terje","Bergen, West Germany 10/29/88","Cassette",

"Rypdal, Terje","Blue","LP Vinyl",

"Rypdal, Terje","Bootleg Box 1-5 Molde, Norway 7/20/88 6-10 Oslo 1/12/72","CD",

"Rypdal, Terje","Chaser","LP Vinyl",

"Rypdal, Terje","Cobhane/Rypdal/Bailey Versan 1994","CD",

"Rypdal, Terje","David Darling","LP Vinyl",

"Rypdal, Terje","Descendre","LP Vinyl",

"Rypdal, Terje","Double Concerto - 5th Symphony","CD",

"Rypdal, Terje","Montreal 7/3/98 Stockholm 12/5/74","CD",

"Rypdal, Terje","Odyssey","LP Vinyl",

"Rypdal, Terje","Rypdal/Vitous/??? Italy 1995","CD",

"Rypdal, Terje","Terje Rypdal","LP Vinyl",

"Rypdal, Terje","Terje Rypdal/Miroslav Vitous/JackDeJohnette","LP Vinyl",

"Rypdal, Terje","The Singles Collection","LP Vinyl",

"Rypdal, Terje","To Be Continued","LP Vinyl",

"Rypdal, Terje","Waves","LP Vinyl",

"Rypdal, Terje","What Comes After","LP Vinyl",

"Rypdal, Terje","Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away","LP Vinyl",

"Ryuichi Sakamoto","Neo Geo","LP Vinyl",

"Frederic Rzewski","First Recordings","LP Vinyl",