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"N'Dour, Youssou & Le Super Etoile De Dakar","Immigres","LP Vinyl",

"N'Dour, Youssou & Le Super Etoile De Dakar","Nelson Mandela","LP Vinyl",

"Milton Nascimento","ao vivo","LP Vinyl",

"Milton Nascimento","Encontro e Despedida","LP Vinyl",

"Milton Nascimento","Milton","CD",

"Nataraj XT","Tandava","CD",

"National Health","Complete (Disc 1)","CD",

"National Health","Complete (Disc 2)","CD",

"National Health","Missing Pieces","CD",

"National Health","Playtime","CD",

"National Health","The Northern Lights Polar Lights","CD",

"Naura,Michael","Phonix Voran","LP Vinyl",

"Naura,Michael","Vanessa","LP Vinyl",

"Nauseef, Kühn ","Let's Be Generous","CD",

"Nauseef, Mark","Sura","LP Vinyl",

"Nauseef, Mark","The Snake Music","CD",

"Nauseef, Mark","With Space In Mind (Solo Percussion)","CD",

"Nauseef, Mark","Wun-Wun","LP Vinyl",

"NeBeLNeST","NoVa eXPReSS","CD",

"Neel, Johnny","Late Night Breakfast","CD",

"Neill, Ben","Automotive","CD",

"Neill, Ben","Ben Neill / DJ Spooky St. Andrews Hall Detroit, MI","Cassette",

"Neill, Ben","Ben Neill/DJ Spooky","Cassette",

"Neill, Ben","Goldbug","CD",

"Neill, Ben","Shelter 9/16/98","Cassette",

"Neill, Ben","Triptycal","CD",

"Nektar","A Tab in the Ocean","CD",

"Nektar","Journey to the Center of the Eye","CD",

"Nektar","Remember The Future (Remaster)","CD",

"Nektar","Sounds Like This","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","`What Now, What Next?' (Disc 2)","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","After The Satellite Sings","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Atom Shop","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Bill Nelson - The Savoy, NYC 5/5/84","Cassette",

"Nelson, Bill","Bill Nelson WFMU NYC 5/95","Cassette",

"Nelson, Bill","Bill Nelson & Harold Budd Tokyo 1/2/92 Pt. 1","Cassette",

"Nelson, Bill","Bill Nelson & Harold Budd Tokyo 1/2/92 Steve Hackett Rochester, JY 10/81","Cassette",

"Nelson, Bill","Blue Moons And Laughing Guitars","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Buddha Head","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Crimsworth: Flowers, Stones, Fountains And Flames","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Culture Mix with Bill Nelson","Cassette",

"Nelson, Bill","Deep Dream Decoder","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Electricity Made Us Angels","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Juke Box For Jet Boy","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Magnificent Dream People","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Multiplex Disc #1 - Dream Echoes","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Multiplex Disc #2 - Spangled Moments","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Practically Wired","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Simplex","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","The Music Of Bill Nelson","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Weird Critters","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","What Now, What Next? (Disc 1)","CD",

"Nelson, Bill","Whistling While The World Turns","CD",

"Nelson, David & Band","High Adventure In Japan","VHS",

"Nelson, David & Band","Keeper Of The Key","CD",

"Nelson, David & Band","Limited Edition","CD",

"Nelson, Oliver","Black,Brown and Beautiful","LP Vinyl",

"Nelson, Oliver","Images","LP Vinyl",

"Nelson, Oliver","Live From Los Angeles","LP Vinyl",

"Nelson, Oliver","Meet Oliver Nelson","LP Vinyl",

"Nelson, Oliver","More Blues and The Abstract Truth","LP Vinyl",

"Nelson, Oliver","Nocturne","CD",

"Nelson, Oliver","Soul Battle","LP Vinyl",

"Nelson, Oliver","Stolen Moments","LP Vinyl",

"Nelson, Oliver","Three Dimensions","LP Vinyl",

"Nelson, Robert","When The World Turns Around","LP Vinyl",

"Neptune's Lair","Drexciya","CD",

"Neu!","Neu! 1971","LP Vinyl",

"Neu!","Neu! 1976","LP Vinyl",

"Neu!","Neu! 2","LP Vinyl",

"Neville Brothers","A History of the neville Brothers","LP Vinyl",

"Neville Brothers","Fiyo On The Bayou","CD",

"Neville Brothers","Live At The House Of Blues","VHS",

"Neville Brothers","Live On Planet Earth","CD",

"Neville Brothers","Neville-ization","Cassette",

"Neville Brothers","Treacherous Too!","CD",

"Neville Brothers","Uptown","LP Vinyl",

"Neville Brothers","Yellow Moon","LP Vinyl",

"Neville, Aaron","My Greatest Gift","LP Vinyl",

"Neville, Aaron","Nevillization II Live at Tipitina's Volume II","LP Vinyl",

"Neville, Aaron","Orchid In The Storm","LP Vinyl",

"Neville, Aaron","Warm Your Heart","LP Vinyl",

"New Orleans Funk","New Orleans: The Original Sound of Funk 1960 - 1975","CD",

"New Order","""Round and Round""/Best and Marsh","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert","CD",

"New Order","Bizarre Love Triangle","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","Blue Monday 1988","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","Brotherhood","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","ENGLAND New Order World In Motion","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","Fac 103","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","Factory Benelux","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","Factus 10","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","Factus 12","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","Factus 8 1981 - 1982","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","Fine Time, Don't Do It","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","Low Life","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","New Order Kohseinenken Hall Tokyo 6/1/85","Cassette",

"New Order","New ORder - City Gardens Trenton, New Jersey 6/10/83","Cassette",

"New Order","Pumped Full Of Drugs-Tokyo-May 2,1985","VHS",

"New Order","Shellshock","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","Streetwise","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","Taras Shevchenko-Live At The Ukranian National Home 11/18/81","VHS",

"New Order","Technique","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","True Faith/ 1963","LP Vinyl",

"New Order","Video 586 (Single)","CD",

"New Riders Of The Purple Sage","Before Time Began","LP Vinyl",

"New Riders Of The Purple Sage","Gypsy Cowboy","LP Vinyl",

"New Riders Of The Purple Sage","Home, Home on the Road","LP Vinyl",

"New Riders Of The Purple Sage","Keep On Keepin' On","CD",

"New Riders Of The Purple Sage","Live In Japan","CD",

"New Riders Of The Purple Sage","Live On Stage","CD",

"New Riders Of The Purple Sage","Midnight Moonlight","CD",

"New Riders Of The Purple Sage","New Riders Of The Purple Sage","LP Vinyl",

"New Riders Of The Purple Sage","Powerglide","LP Vinyl",

"New Riders Of The Purple Sage","The Adventures of Panama Red","LP Vinyl",

"New Riders Of The Purple Sage","Vintage NRPS","LP Vinyl",

"New York Bass Violin Choir","""Baby Sweets""","LP Vinyl",

"New York Art Quartet","35th Reunion","CD",

"New York Dolls","New York Dolls","LP Vinyl",

"New York Dolls","Night of the Living Dolls","LP Vinyl",

"New York Jazz Quartet","Blues For Sarka","LP Vinyl",

"New York Jazz Quartet","In Concert In Japan","LP Vinyl",

"New York Jazz Quartet","Oasis","LP Vinyl",

"New York Jazz Quartet","Surge","LP Vinyl",

"New York Unit","Naima","CD",

"Newborn, Phineas","A World Of Piano!","LP Vinyl",

"Newborn, Phineas","C Jam Blues","CD",

"Newborn, Phineas","Fabulous Phineas","CD",

"Newborn, Phineas","Harlem Blues","CD",

"Newborn, Phineas","Here Is Phineas","CD",

"Newborn, Phineas","Look Out","LP Vinyl",

"Newborn, Phineas","Phineas' Rainbow","CD",

"Newborn, Phineas","Please Send Me Someone To Love","LP Vinyl",

"Newborn, Phineas","Solo - Phineas Newborn","CD",

"Newborn, Phineas","Solo Piano","CD",

"Newborn, Phineas","Stockholm Jam Session Volume 1","CD",

"Newborn, Phineas","Stockholm Session Vol.2","CD",

"Newborn, Phineas","The Great Jazz Piano Of","LP Vinyl",

"Newborn, Phineas","The Newborn Touch","LP Vinyl",

"Newborn, Phineas","While My Lady Sleeps","CD",

"Newman, David 'Fathead'","Blue Head","CD",

"Newman, David 'Fathead'","Fire!","LP Vinyl",

"Newman, David 'Fathead'","Heads Up","LP Vinyl",

"Newman, David 'Fathead'","It'S Mister Fathead","CD",

"Newman, David 'Fathead'","Keep The Spirits Singing","CD",

"Newman, David 'Fathead'","Lone Star Legend","CD",

"Newman,Joe","Good 'n' Groovy","LP Vinyl",

"Newman,Joe","In A Mellow Mood","LP Vinyl",

"Newman,Joe","Jive At Five","LP Vinyl",

"Newton, James","Axum","LP Vinyl",

"Newton, James","Crystal Text","LP Vinyl",

"Newton, James","If Love","CD",

"Newton, James","In Venice","LP Vinyl",

"Newton, James","It'S Mister Fathead","CD",

"Newton, James","James Newton","LP Vinyl",

"Newton, James","Luella","LP Vinyl",

"Newton, James","Paseo Del Mar","LP Vinyl",

"Newton, James","Portraits","LP Vinyl",

"Newton, James","Romance and Revolution","LP Vinyl",

"Newton, James","Solomon's Sons","LP Vinyl",

"Newton, James","Suite For Frida Kahlo","CD",

"Newton, James","The African Flower","LP Vinyl",

"Newton, James","The Mystery School","LP Vinyl",

"Newton, James","Water Mystery","LP Vinyl",

"Newton,Laureen","Timbre","LP Vinyl",


"Niacin","High Bias","CD",

"Niacin","Live in Tokyo","VHS",

"Niacin","Live! ~Blood, Sweat & Beers","CD",


"Niacin","Time Crunch","CD",

"Nice","America - The BBC Sessions","CD",

"Nice","Elegy","LP Vinyl",

"Nice","Five Bridges","CD",


"Nice","The Swedish Radio Sessions","CD",

"Nicholas and Gallivan with Larry Young","Love Cry Want","CD",

"Nico","Chelsea Girls","CD",

"Nico","Janitor Of Lunacy","CD",

"Nico","Nico Icon","VHS",

"Nico","The End...","CD",

"Nicol, Simon","Before Your Time","LP Vinyl",

"Nicol, Simon","Consonant Please Carol","CD",

"Niney The Observer","Microphone Attack 1974-78","CD",

"Niney The Observer","Sledgehammer DUB in the Streets of Jamaica","CD",



"Nistico,Sal","Neo/Nistico","LP Vinyl",

"Nix, Bern","Alarms & Excursions","CD",

"No-Man","Assorted Tracks + Other Artists","CD-R",

"No-Man","Carolina Skeletons","CD",

"No-Man","Days in the trees---side B to the Culture Mix (Bill Nelson)","Cassette",

"No-Man","Dry Cleaning Ray","CD",



"No-Man","Heaven Taste","CD",

"No-Man","Housewives Hooked On Heroin","CD",

"No-Man","Lost Songs: Volume One","CD",

"No-Man","Love Blows and Love Cries","Cassette",

"No-Man","No Man Is An Island","CD",

"No-Man","No-Man Radio Sessions","CD",

"No-Man","Returning Jesus","CD",

"No-Man","The Ocean Song","CD",

"No-Man","Wild Opera","CD",

"Nock,Mike","Ondas","LP Vinyl",

"Nodens Ictus","Live at Club Dog 2 disc set","CD",

"Nodens Ictus","Spacelines","CD",

"Nookie","In At The Deep End","CD",

"North Mississippi All Stars","51 Phantom","CD",

"North Mississippi All Stars","Live at St. Andrews 2000","CD",

"North Mississippi All Stars","Shake Hands with Shorty","CD",

"Norum, John","Face The Truth","CD",

"Norvo,Red","Music To Listen To Red Norvo By","LP Vinyl",

"Novato, Frank","Rock N' Roll Heaven","CD",

"Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & MIchael Brook","Night Song","CD",

"Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & MIchael Brook","Star Rise","CD",

"O'Connor, Sinead","I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got","Cassette",

"O'Connor, Sinead","The Lion and The Cobra","LP Vinyl",

"O'Farrill, Arturo","Blood Lines","CD",

"O'Farrill, Arturo","Night In Tunisia","CD",

"Chico O' Farrill","Carambola","CD",

"Chico O' Farrill","Heart Of Legend","CD",

"Chico O' Farrill","Pure Emotion","CD",

"The O'Jays","""Back Stabbers""/""992 Arguments""","45 RPM",

"O.G. Funk","Out Of The Dark","CD",

"Oakenfold, Paul","Perfecto Presents Another World (Disc 1)","CD",

"Oakenfold, Paul","Perfecto Presents Another World (Disc 2)","CD",

"Oakenfold, Paul","Tranceport","CD",

"Obmana, Vidna","Tremor","CD",

"Ocho","The Best Of Ocho","CD-R",

"Ochoa, Eliades","Chanchaneando","CD-R",

"Ochoa, Eliades","CubAfrica","CD",

"Ochoa, Eliades","Cuidadito Compay gallo","CD-R",

"Ochoa, Eliades","Son De Santiago","CD-R",

"Ochoa, Eliades","Sublime Ilusion","CD-R",

"Odean Pope & Dave Burrell","Changes & Changes","CD",

"OHGR","Majestic Theater 6/7/01 Detroit, Michigan","CD",

"Ohio Players","Jam","CD",

"Olatunji, Babatunde","Dance To The Beat Of My Drum","CD",

"Olatunji, Babatunde","Drums Of Passion","LP Vinyl",

"Olatunji, Babatunde","Drums Of Passion: The Invocation","CD",

"Olatunji, Babatunde","Olatunji and his Drums of Passion","VHS",

"Olatunji, Babatunde","Zungo!","LP Vinyl",

"Old And In The Way","Breakdown","CD",

"Old And In The Way","Old & In The Way","CD",

"Old And In The Way","That High Lonesome Sound (Live)","CD",

"Old And New Dreams","A Tribute To Blackwell","LP Vinyl",

"Old And New Dreams","Old And New Dreams-Black Saint","LP Vinyl",

"Old And New Dreams","old And New Dreams-ECM","LP Vinyl",

"Old And New Dreams","Playing","LP Vinyl",

"Oldfield, Mike","Amarok","CD",

"Oldfield, Mike","Exposed (Disc 1)","CD",

"Oldfield, Mike","Exposed (Disc 2)","CD",

"Oldfield, Mike","Hergest Ridge","CD",

"Oldfield, Mike","Tubular Bells","LP Vinyl",

"Oldfield, Mike","Tubular Bells Live From Queen Elizabeth Hall June 25, 1973","CD",

"Olivencia, Tommy","""El Negro Chombo""","CD",

"Olivencia, Tommy","Juntos De Nuevo","CD",

"Olivencia, Tommy","La Primerisima","CD",

"Olivencia, Tommy","Lo Mejor De Tommy Olivencia","CD",

"Olivencia, Tommy","Plante Bandera","CD",

"Olivencia, Tommy","Secuestro - Cantan: Paquito Guzman Y Sammy Gonzalez","CD",

"Lake, Oliver","Again And Again","CD",

"Lake, Oliver","Otherside","CD",

"Lake, Oliver","Zaki","CD",

"1.8.7","Quality Rolls","CD",

"1.8.7","The Cities Collection","LP Vinyl",

"1.8.7","The Cities Collection","CD",

"One Speed Bike","Droopy Butt Begone!","LP Vinyl",

"Other Ones","Nassau,NY-30/6/98","VHS",

"Other Ones","The Strange Remain","CD",

"Other Ones","The Strange Remain","CD",

"Ono, Yoko","Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band","LP Vinyl",

"Open Systems","Open Systems Assif Tsahar, Hugh Ragin, Peter Kowald, Hamid Drake","CD",

"Open Sky","Open Sky","LP Vinyl",

"Open Sky","Spirit In The Sky","LP Vinyl",

"Oquendo, Manny","On Timbales","VHS",

"The Orb","""Perpetual Dawn"" (Big Life/Mercury 867 547-2)","CD",

"The Orb","Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld (Disc 1)","CD",

"The Orb","Ambient Meditations 2","CD",

"The Orb","Anthology","CD",

"The Orb","Anthology 2","CD",

"The Orb","Asylum","CD",

"The Orb","Asylum (Disc 2)","CD",

"The Orb","Aubrey Mixes. The Ultraworld Excursions","CD",

"The Orb","Auntie Aburey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty (Part 2) (Disc 2)","CD",

"The Orb","Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty","CD",

"The Orb","Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty (Disc 2)","CD",

"The Orb","Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty (Part 2) (Disc 1)","CD",

"Orb","Bob 1","LP Vinyl",

"Orb","Bob 2","LP Vinyl",

"Orb","Bob 3","LP Vinyl",

"Orb","Bob 4","LP Vinyl",

"Orb","Bob 4.5","LP Vinyl",

"Orb","Bob 5","LP Vinyl",

"Orb","Bob 6","LP Vinyl",

"Orb","Bob 7","LP Vinyl",

"Orb","Bob 8","LP Vinyl",

"Orb","Bob 9 - 13","LP Vinyl",

"The Orb","Brixton Academy London 10/23/92","CD",

"Orb","Cydonia","LP Vinyl",

"The Orb","Cydonia","CD",

"The Orb","Cydonia","CD",

"The Orb","Dipping Into The Cyberworld","CD",

"The Orb","Live 93 (Disc 1)","CD",

"The Orb","Live 93 Disk B","CD",

"Orb","Orb Once More...Mark's Slide Mix","LP Vinyl",

"Orb","Orb....Once More Bedrock Edit 2","LP Vinyl",

"The Orb","Orblivion","CD",

"The Orb","Orbscure Trax - The Rare Excursions","CD",

"The Orb","Orbus Terrarvm","CD",

"The Orb","Oxbow Lakes","CD",

"The Orb","Patterns & Textures","VHS",

"The Orb","Peel Sessions","CD",

"The Orb","Pomme Fritz","CD",

"The Orb","The Assassin Mixes","CD",

"The Orb","The Bomb Factory 7/27/97 Dallas, Texas","CD",

"The Orb","The Little Fluffy Clouds Mixes","CD",

"The Orb","The Oobe Adventure Companion CD","CD",

"The Orb","The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld","CD",

"The Orb","The Peel Sessions","CD",

"The Orb","Toxygene","CD",

"The Orb","Toxygene [Single 1 Of 2]","CD",

"The Orb","U.F. Orb","CD",

"The Orb","U.F.Off (Disc 2)","CD",

"The Orb","U.F.Off The Best Of The Orb","CD",

"The Orb","U.F.Orb (Disc 2)","CD",

"The Orb","Unidentified ORB","CD",

"The Orb","Voyage Into Paradise","CD",

"Orbital","Back To Mine","CD",

"Orbital","Brown Album","CD",

"Orbital","Detroit 7/1/96","Cassette",


"Orbital","Funny Break [One Is Enough] (Disc 1)","CD",

"Orbital","Funny Break [One Is Enough] (Disc 2)","CD",

"Orbital","House of Blues 1996 2 disc set","CD",

"Orbital","In Sides (Bonus Disc)","CD",

"Orbital","In Sides (Disc 1)","CD",




"Orbital","Satan Live (Disc 1)","CD",

"Orbital","Satan Live - Three","CD",

"Orbital","Satan Live - Two","CD",


"Orbital","Style (Single) (Disc 1)","CD",

"Orbital","Style [Single - CD Two]","CD",

"Orbital","The Altogether (Disc 1)","CD",

"Orbital","The Altogether (Disc 2)","CD",

"Orbital","The Middle Of Nowhere","CD",

"Orbital","The Saint (Single)","CD",

"Orchestra Baobab","Pirates Choice","CD",

"Orchestra Baobab","Pirates Choice","CD",

"Orchestra Rytmo Africa-Cubana","Orq. Rytmo Africa-Cubana","CD",

"Oregon","Crossing","LP Vinyl",

"Oregon","Distant Hills","LP Vinyl",

"Oregon","Ecotopia","LP Vinyl",

"Oregon","Friends","LP Vinyl",

"Oregon","In Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Oregon","Moon And Mind","LP Vinyl",

"Oregon","Music Of Another Present Era","LP Vinyl",

"Oregon","Oregon","LP Vinyl",

"Oregon","Oregon/Elvin Jones Together","LP Vinyl",

"Oregon","Our First Record","LP Vinyl",

"Oregon","Violin","LP Vinyl",

"Oregon","Winter Light","LP Vinyl",

"Orlando Cachaito Lopez","Cachaito","CD",

"Öröm, Korai","Korai Orom 1995","CD",

"Öröm, Korai","Korai Öröm '93-96'","CD",

"Öröm, Korai","Korai Orom 1997","CD",

"Öröm, Korai","Recycled","CD",

"Öröm, Korai","Sound and Vision","CD",

"Orquesta Reve","La Explosion Del Momento!","Cassette",

"Osbourne, Johnny","Nightfall Showcase","CD",

"Osby, Greg","Man-Talk for Moderns Vol. X","Cassette",

"Osby, Greg","Season Of Renewal","CD",

"Osby, Greg","The Invisible Hand","CD",



"Osibisa","The Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 Of 2","CD",

"Osibisa","The Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 Of 2","CD",


"Count Ossie","Count Ossie & Mystic Revelation of Rastafari","CD",

"Other Dimensions In Music","Now!","CD",

"Other Dimensions In Music","Time is of the Essence is Beyond Time","CD",

"The Other Quartet","13 Pieces","CD",

"The Other Quartet","Live At The Edgefest-10/3/02","CD-R",

"The Otherside","(Don't Look Back) Behind The Shack","CD",

"Otiel and the Peacemakers","Love Of A Lifetime","CD",

"Otis, Shuggie","Inspiration Information","CD",

"Otis, Shuggie","The New Johnny Otis Show","LP Vinyl",

"Our Boys Steel Orchestra","Pan Night and Day","LP Vinyl",

"Out Of The Blue","Live At Mt.Fuji","LP Vinyl",

"Qwens,Jimmy","No Escaping It!!!","LP Vinyl",

"Ozkan, Talip","The Dark Fire","Cassette",


"Ozric Tentacles","Afterswish","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Afterswish (Disc 2)","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Arborescence","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Become The Other","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Boulder, Colorado 4/26/94","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Chesnut Cabarez Philadelphia, PA 4/20/94","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Chicago The Metro 4/23/94","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Curious Corn","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Erpland","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Erpsongs","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Fillmore,San Francisco,CA,6-5-98","VHS",

"Ozric Tentacles","Floating Seeds Remixed","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Fox Theatre,Boulder,CO,10/2/94","VHS",

"Ozric Tentacles","Fridge,Brixton,5/19/81","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Jurassic Shift","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Lawrence,KS,10/1/94","VHS",

"Ozric Tentacles","Limelight-NYC 4/19/94","VHS",

"Ozric Tentacles","Live At The Pongmaster's Ball (Disc 1)","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Live At The Pongmaster's Ball (Disc 2)","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Live Ethereal Cereal","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Live Underslunky","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Los Angeles 94","VHS",

"Ozric Tentacles","Majestic Theatre Detroit, Mi 7/17/99","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","MTV Video","VHS",

"Ozric Tentacles","Orbit Room,Grand Rapids-9/28/94","CD-R",

"Ozric Tentacles","Oslo 9/06/01","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Ozric Tentacles Boston 4/16/94","Cassette",

"Ozric Tentacles","Ozric Tentacles NYCII/BostonII (Encore)","Cassette",

"Ozric Tentacles","Ozric Tentacles NYC 4/19/94","Cassette",

"Ozric Tentacles","Ozric Tentacles - Wetlands, NYC 7/25/93 I","Cassette",

"Ozric Tentacles","Ozric Tentacles at St. Andrews Hall Detroit, MI 9/29/94","Cassette",

"Ozric Tentacles","Ozric Tentacles II Wetlands Preserves 7/25/93","Cassette",

"Ozric Tentacles","Pungent Effulgent","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Pyramidion","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Royal Standard Walthumestow, UK 11/15/01","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Santa Fe-La Luna-10/10/94","Cassette",

"Ozric Tentacles","Spice Doubt","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","St.Andrews Hall,Detroit,9/29/94","VHS",

"Ozric Tentacles","Strangeitude","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Swirly Termination","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Tantric Obstacles","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","The Bits Between The Bits","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","The Hidden Step","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","There Is Nothing","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Waterfall Cities","CD",

"Ozric Tentacles","Wetlands,NYC,1994","VHS",

"Ozric Tentacles","Wyandotte-Entourage-4/13/93","Cassette",

"P-Funk Allstars","Hydraulic Funk","CD",

"P-Funk Allstars","Live At The Beverly Theater","CD",

"P-Funk Allstars","Live At The Beverly Theater (Disc 2)","CD",

"Pablo, Augustus","Dubbint With The Don","CD",

"Pablo, Augustus","El Rocker's","LP Vinyl",

"Pablo, Augustus","King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown","CD",

"Pablo, Augustus","Let's Get Started","CD",

"Pablo, Augustus","Live in Tokyo, Japan Augustus Pablo","CD",

"Pablo All Stars Jam","Montreux 77","LP Vinyl",

"Pablo, Augustus","Pablo Augustus: The Melodica King","LP Vinyl",

"Pablo, Augustus","Pablo's Last Stand","CD",

"Pablo, Augustus","Showcase","CD-R",

"Pablo, Augustus","The Great Pablo 10/13/00","CD",

"Pablo, Augustus","This Is...","CD",

"Pablo, Augustus","Valley Of Jehosaphat","CD",

"Pacheco","Tres De Cafe Y Dos De Azucar","CD",

"Page, Jimmy & Robert Plant","Gallows Pole [Single]","CD",

"Page, Jimmy & Robert Plant","Gallows Pole [U.K. Single]","CD",

"Page, Jimmy & Robert Plant","No Quarter","CD",

"Page, Jimmy & Robert Plant","Simple Truth","CD",

"Page, Jimmy & Robert Plant","Simple Truth (Disc2)","CD",

"Pahinui, Gabby & Hawaiian Band","Pure Gabby","LP Vinyl",

"Pahinui, Gabby & Hawaiian Band","Volume 1 - Featuring Ry Cooder","CD",

"Palermo, Ed & the Big Band","Plays the Music of Frank Zappa","CD",

"Palmieri, Charlie","Latin Bugalu","CD",

"Palmieri, Eddie","Arete","CD",

"Palmieri, Eddie","At Sing Sing Vol. II","CD",

"Palmieri, Eddie","Eddie Palmieri Detroit '94","Cassette",

"Palmieri, Eddie","El Rumbero Del Piano","CD",

"Palmieri, Eddie","El Sonido Nuevo","CD",

"Palmieri, Eddie","La Perfecta II","CD",

"Palmieri, Eddie","Lalo Rodriguez - Unfinished Masterpiece","CD",

"Palmieri, Eddie","Live","CD",

"Palmieri, Eddie","Live_at_Sing_Sing","CD",

"Palmieri, Eddie","Palmas","CD",

"Palmieri, Eddie","Sentido","CD",

"Palmieri, Eddie","The Sun Of Latin Music","CD",

"Palmieri, Eddie","Vortex","CD",

"Pandit Kamalesh Maitra / Trilok Gurtu","Tabla Tarang - Melody on Drums","CD",

"Paoli, Antonio","Lebendige Vergangenheit","CD",

"Papasov, Ivo","Balkanology","Cassette",

"PARADOX","The First Second","CD",

"Paradox Trio","Flying At A Slant","CD",

"The Paragons","The Legendary Paragons","CD-R",

"Paris Reunion Band","For Klook","CD",

"Paris Reunion Band","French Cooking","LP Vinyl",

"Parker, Andrea","DJ-Kicks","CD",

"Parker, Graham","Howlin' Wind","CD",

"Parker, Graham","Squeezing Out Sparks","LP Vinyl",

"Parker, Maceo","Dial M-A-C-E-O","CD",

"Parker, Maceo","Funk Overload","CD",

"Parker, Maceo","Life On Planet Groove","CD",

"Parker, Maceo","Mo' Roots","CD",

"Parker, Maceo","My Name Is Maceo","VHS",

"Parker, Maceo","Roots Revisited","CD",

"Parker, Maceo","Southern Exposure","CD",

"Parker, William","Bob's Pink Cadillac","CD",

"Parker, William","Bob's Pink Cadillac (Disc 1)","CD",

"Parker, William","Compassion Seizes Bed-Stuy","CD",

"Parker, William","In Order To Survive","CD",

"Parker, William","Lifting The Sanctions","CD",

"Parker, William","Mayor Of Punkville 1","CD",

"Parker, William","O'neal's Porch","CD",

"Parker, William","Painter'S Spring","CD",

"Parker, William","Posium Pendasem","CD",

"Parker, William","Raincoat In The River","CD",

"Parker, William","Raining On The Moon","CD",

"Parker, William","Sunrise In The Tone World (Disc 1)","CD",

"Parker, William","Sunrise In The Tone World (Disc 2)","CD",

"Parker, William","Testimony","CD",

"Parker, William","The Peach Orchard","CD",

"Parker, William","The Peach Orchard - Vol. 2","CD",

"Parker, William","Through Acceptance Of The Mystery Peace","CD",

"Parker, William","Vermont Spring 1986","LP Vinyl",

"Parker, William","Volume 1: Piercing The Veil","CD",

"Parker,Charlie","At Storyville","LP Vinyl",

"Parker,Charlie","Bird With Strings","LP Vinyl",

"Parker,Charlie","Bird/Encores Vol.2","LP Vinyl",

"Parker,Charlie","Charlie Parker","LP Vinyl",

"Parker,Charlie","Jazz At The Philharmonic","LP Vinyl",

"Parker,Charlie","Norman Granz Jam Sessions:The Charlie Parker Sides","LP Vinyl",

"Parker,Charlie","One Night In Birdland","LP Vinyl",

"Parker,Charlie","Summit Meeting at Birdland","LP Vinyl",

"Parker,Charlie","The Greatest Jazz Concert Ever","LP Vinyl",

"Parker,Charlie","The Verve Years (1948-50)","LP Vinyl",

"Parker,Charlie","The Verve Years (1952-54)","LP Vinyl",

"Kim Parker and the Kenny Drew Trio","""havin myself a time""","LP Vinyl",

"Parker,Leo","Rollin' With Leo","LP Vinyl",

"Parlan, Horace","""Arrival""","LP Vinyl",

"Parlan, Horace","Frank-ly Speaking","LP Vinyl",

"Parlan, Horace","Like Someone In Love","LP Vinyl",

"Parlan, Horace","Little Esther","LP Vinyl",

"Parlan, Horace","Mosaic - 2","CD",

"Parlan, Horace","Mosaic - 5","CD",

"Parlan, Horace","Mosaic Horace Parlan 1","CD",

"Parlan, Horace","Mosaic Horace Parlan 3","CD",

"Parlan, Horace","Mosaic Horace Parlan 4","CD",

"Parlan, Horace","No Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Parlan, Horace","The Maestro","LP Vinyl",

"Parlet","The Best Of Parlet","CD",

"Parliament","Chocolate City","CD",

"Parliament","Dope Dogs","CD",

"Parliament","Funk Essentials: The 12"" Collection And More","CD",

"Parliament","Funkentelechy vs. The Placebo Syndrome","LP Vinyl",

"Parliament","Gloryhallastoopid (or pin the tale on the funky)","LP Vinyl",

"Parliament","Mothership Connection","LP Vinyl",

"Parliament","Motor Booty Affair","LP Vinyl",

"Parliament","P.Funk Earth Tour LIVE","LP Vinyl",


"Parliament","Rocky Mountain Shakedown","CD",

"Parliament","Tear The Roof Off (Disc 2)","CD",

"Parliament","Tear The Roof Off 1974-1980 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Parliament","The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein","LP Vinyl",

"Parliament","The P-Funk Guitar Army Tribute To Jimi Hendrix","CD",

"Parliament","Trombipulation","LP Vinyl",

"Parliament","Up For The Down Stroke","CD",

"Parsons, Gram","Grievous Angel","LP Vinyl",

"Part,Arvo","Arbos","LP Vinyl",

"Part,Arvo","Passio","LP Vinyl",

"Part,Arvo","Tabula Rasa","LP Vinyl",

"Pascoal,Hermeto","Cobblestone","LP Vinyl",

"Pascoal,Hermeto","Slaves Mass","LP Vinyl",

"Pass,Joe","""Chops""","LP Vinyl",

"Pass,Joe","""We'll Be Together Again""","LP Vinyl",

"Pass,Joe","I Remember Charlie Parker","LP Vinyl",

"Pass,Joe","Montreux 77","LP Vinyl",

"Pass,Joe","Northsea Nights","LP Vinyl",

"Pass,Joe","Quadrant","LP Vinyl",

"Pass,Joe","Tudo Bem!","LP Vinyl",

"Pastorius, Jaco","4/30/85 w.Jimmy Page","Cassette",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Curtain Call","CD",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Invitation","LP Vinyl",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Jaco Pastorius","CD",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Jaco Pastorius Jonathan Swift's in Cambridge, MA 2/26/86","Cassette",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Jaco Pastorius 12/21/85 NYC","Cassette",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Kool Jazz Festival Avery Fisher Hall 6/27/82 2 disc set","CD",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Live In Montreal","VHS",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Live In N.Y. City - Vol. 1","CD",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Live In New York City - Volume Two","CD",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Live In New York City Vol.6","CD",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Live In New York City Vol.7","CD",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Live In New York City Volume Three","CD",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Live In New York City, Volume Four: Trio 2","CD",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Pastorius Live In New York City Volume Five Ra A","CD",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Pastorius, Jaco (The Birthday Concert)","CD",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Stuttgart Aria","CD",

"Pastorius, Jaco","Word Of Mouth","CD",

"Patterson, Don","Boppin' & Burnin'","CD",

"Patterson, Don","Dem New York Dues","CD",

"Patterson, Don","Just Friends","CD",

"Patterson, Don","Legends Of Acid Jazz","CD",

"Patterson, Don","Steady Comin' At 'Ya","CD",

"Patterson, Don","The Genius of the B-C Eddie Daniels, Ted Dunbar, Freddie Waits","Cassette",

"Patto","Hold Your Fire","CD",

"Patto","Patto 1","CD",

"Patton, John","Accent On The Blues","CD",

"Patton, John","Along Came John","CD",

"Patton, John","Blue John","CD",

"Patton, John","Blue Planet Man","CD",

"Patton, John","Boogaloo","CD",

"Patton, John","Got A Good Thing Goin'","LP Vinyl",

"Patton, John","Let 'em Roll","CD",

"Patton, John","Memphis To New York Spirit","CD",

"Patton, John","Minor Swing","CD",

"Patton, John","Oh Baby","CD",

"Patton, John","Soul Connection","LP Vinyl",

"Patton, John","The Way I Feel","CD",

"Patton, John","This One's For Ja","CD",

"Patton, John","Understanding","CD",

"Paunetto, Bobby Vince","Commit To Memory","CD",

"Paunetto, Bobby Vince","Composer In Public","CD",

"Paunetto, Bobby Vince","Paunetto's Point","CD",

"Payne, Cecil","Bird Gets The Worm","LP Vinyl",

"Payne, Cecil","Scotch & Milk","CD",

"Payne, Cecil","Zodiac","LP Vinyl",


"Peacock,Gary","December Poems","LP Vinyl",

"Peacock,Gary","Guamba","LP Vinyl",

"Peacock,Gary","Shift In The Wind","LP Vinyl",

"Peacock,Gary","Tales Of Another","LP Vinyl",

"Peacock,Gary","Voice from the Past-PARADIGM","LP Vinyl",

"Pearson, Jack","Step Out!","CD",

"Pearson, Duke","Prairie Dog","CD",

"Pearson, Duke","Sweet Honey Bee","CD",

"Pearson, Duke","The Right Touch","CD",

"Pearson, Duke","Wahoo","CD",

"Pedersen, Niels","Dancing On The Tables","LP Vinyl",

"Pedersen, Niels","Double Bass","LP Vinyl",

"Pedersen, Niels","Jaywalkin'","LP Vinyl",

"Pedersen, Niels","Pictures","LP Vinyl",

"Pedersen, Niels","The Eternal Traveller","LP Vinyl",

"Pedersen, Niels","Trio 1","LP Vinyl",

"Pedersen, Niels","Trio 2","LP Vinyl",

"Pegg, Dave","Birthday Party","CD",

"Pegg, Dave","The Cocktail Cowboy Goes It Alone...","CD",

"The Pentangle","Sweet Child","CD",

"Pentangle","Think Of Tomorrow","Cassette",

"Pepper, Art","""Smack Up""","LP Vinyl",

"Pepper, Art","Art Pepper + Eleven","LP Vinyl",

"Pepper, Art","Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disc 1 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disc 13 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disc 14 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disc 15 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disc 16 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disc 2 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disc 3 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disc 5 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disc 6 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disc 7 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disc 8 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Friday Night At The Village Vanguard","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Gettin' Together","LP Vinyl",

"Pepper, Art","In Copenhagen 1981 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","In Copenhagen 1981 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","Intensity","LP Vinyl",

"Pepper, Art","living legend","LP Vinyl",

"Pepper, Art","meets The Rhythm Section","LP Vinyl",

"Pepper, Art","Modern Art","CD",

"Pepper, Art","More For Les: At The Village Vanguard, Vol. 4","CD",

"Pepper, Art","No Limit","LP Vinyl",

"Pepper, Art","Saturday Night At The Village Vanguard","CD",

"Pepper, Art","The Art Of Pepper (Alladin Recordings -Volume Three)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","The Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disc 4 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","The Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disk 10 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","The Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disk 11 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","The Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disk 12 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","The Complete Galaxy Recordings (Disk 9 Of 16)","CD",

"Pepper, Art","The Return Of Art Pepper-The Complete Aladdin Recordings Vol. 1","CD",

"Pepper, Art","The Trip","LP Vinyl",

"Pepper, Art","The Way It Was","LP Vinyl",

"Pepper, Art","Thursday Night At The Village Vanguard","CD",

"Percussion Profiles","Percussion Profiles","LP Vinyl",

"Pere Ubu","The Tenement Year","LP Vinyl",

"Perkins, Pinetop","After Hours","LP Vinyl",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Arkology Reel II - Dub Shepherd","CD",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Arkology Reel III","CD",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Black Ark","CD",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Black Ark-Showcase Volume 1","CD-R",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Born in the Sky 3/20/01","CD",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Divine Madness...Definitely","LP Vinyl",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","From The Secret Laboratory","LP Vinyl",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","History Mystery & Prophesy","CD",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Lee ""Scratch"" Perry Meets Bullwackie in Satan's Dub 8/28/99","CD",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Lost Treasures Of The Ark Disc >1","CD",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Lost Treasures Of The Ark Disc >2","CD",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Lost Treasures Of The Ark Disc >3","CD",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Staan Kicked the Bucket","LP Vinyl",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Technomajikal","CD",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","The Arkology - Reel 1 - Dub Organiser","CD",

"Perry, Lee 'Scratch'","Upsetter In Dub","CD",

"Charli Persip and Superband","In Case You Missed It","LP Vinyl",

"Charli Persip and Superband","No Dummies Allowed","LP Vinyl",

"Person, Houston","Goodness!","LP Vinyl",

"Person, Houston","Houston Person-75","LP Vinyl",

"Person, Houston","Legends Of Acid Jazz, Houston Person","CD",

"Persuasions","Frankly A Cappella: The Persuasions Sing Zappa","CD",

"Persuasions","Might As Well: The Persuasions Sing The Grateful Dead","CD",

"Peterson, Oscar","ans the Bassists","LP Vinyl",

"Peterson, Oscar","In Russia (Disc 1)","CD",

"Peterson, Oscar","In Russia (Disc 2)","CD",

"Peterson, Oscar","Night Rider","CD",

"Peterson, Oscar","Oscar Peterson Jam-Montreux 77","LP Vinyl",

"Peterson, Oscar","SKOL","LP Vinyl",

"Peterson, Oscar","The Good Life","LP Vinyl",

"Peterson, Hannibal Marvin","Hannibal In Antibes","CD",

"Peterson, Ralph","Presents The Fo'tet","CD",

"Peterson, Ralph","Triangular","LP Vinyl",

"Peterson, Ralph","V","LP Vinyl",

"Peterson, Ralph","Volition","CD",

"Petrucciani,Michael","100 Hearts","LP Vinyl",

"Petrucciani,Michael","Michael plays Petrucciani","LP Vinyl",

"Petrucciani,Michael","Power Of Three","LP Vinyl",

"Pettiford, Oscar","Deep Passion","CD",

"Pettiford, Oscar","The New Oscar Pettiford Sextet","LP Vinyl",

"Pettiford, Oscar","Vienna Blues","Cassette",


"PHD","PHD & DRS Present: Ascendant Moods","CD",

"The Philadelphia Experiment","The Philadelphia Experiment","CD",

"Philip, Catherine","Blue Prince","CD",

"Philip, Catherine","Guitar Groove","CD",

"Philip, Catherine","I Remember You","CD",

"Philip, Catherine","Moods Vol 2","CD",

"Philip, Catherine","Philip Catherine Quartet ""Live""","CD",

"Philip, Catherine","Spanish Nights","CD",

"Pickett, Philip with Richard Thompson","The Bones Of All Men","CD",

"The Phillip Wilson Project","The Phillip Wilson Project","CD",

"Phillips,Barre","Aquarian Rain","LP Vinyl",

"Phillips,Barre","For All It Is","LP Vinyl",

"Phillips,Barre","Journal Violone II","LP Vinyl",

"Phillips,Barre","Mountainscapes","LP Vinyl",

"Phillips,Barre","Music By...","LP Vinyl",

"Phillips,Barre","Three Day Moon","LP Vinyl",


"Phish","Live In Stowe","CD",


"The Piano Choir","Handscapes","LP Vinyl",

"The Piano Choir","Handscapes 2","LP Vinyl",

"The Piano Choir","Handscapes 95","CD",

"Piazzola,Astor","La Camorra:La Soledad De La Provocacion Apasionada","LP Vinyl",

"Piazzola,Astor","LIve","LP Vinyl",

"Piazzola,Astor","Tango:Zero Hour","LP Vinyl",

"Piazzola,Astor","The New Tango","LP Vinyl",

"Piazzola,Astor","The Rough Dancer And The Cyclical Night","LP Vinyl",

"Picchio Dal Pozzo","Camere Zimmer Rooms","CD",

"Piccolo, Greg","Heavy Juice","Cassette",

"Picotto, Mauro","Rush Hour","CD",

"Pieces","I Need 5 Minutes Alone","CD",

"Pieranunzi,Enrico","Isis","LP Vinyl",

"Nat Pierce-Dick Collins Nonet","The Nat Pierce-Dick Collins Nonet/The Charlie Mariano Sextet","LP Vinyl",

"Pigpen","Ain't It Crazy","CD",

"Pike,Dave","On A Gentle Mind","LP Vinyl",

"Pike,Dave","Times Out Of Mind","LP Vinyl",

"Pilgrimage","Pilgrimage: 9 Songs of Ecstasy","CD",

"Pink Floyd","1969 More","CD",

"Pink Floyd","1969 Ummagumma (Studio)","CD",

"Pink Floyd","A Saucerful Of Secrets","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Animals (Limited Edition Trance Remix)","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Atom Heart Mother - Limited Edition Trance Remix","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Foreigh Legion","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Interstellar Encore (Disc 1)","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Interstellar Encore (Disc 2)","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Live In Pompeii/Echoes","VHS",

"Pink Floyd","Meddle","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Meddle - Limited Edition Trance Remix","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Meddler","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Obscured By Clouds - Limited Edition Trance Remix","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Pink Floyd - The Man & The Journey","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Pink Floyd Absolutely Ambient - The Ultimate Remix Collection","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Relics","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Sing to me","CD",

"Pink Floyd","The Dark Side of the Moon","LP Vinyl",

"Pink Floyd","The Dark Side Of The Moon - Trance Remix","CD",

"Pink Floyd","The Piper at the Gates of Dawn","LP Vinyl",

"Pink Floyd","Ummagumma (Disc 1 of 2)","CD",

"Pink Floyd","Wish You Were Here - Trance Remixes Limited Edition","CD",

"Pirchner,Werner","Werner Pirchner/Harry Pepl/Jack DeJohnette","LP Vinyl",

"Plaid","Double Figure","CD",

"Plaid","Peel Session 08/01/98","CD",

"Plastikman","Artifakts (bc)","CD",


"Plastikman","Musik","LP Vinyl",

"Plastikman","Sheet One","LP Vinyl",


"Pleasure,King","King Pleasure Sings","LP Vinyl",

"Plumeri, Terry","He Who Lives In Many Places w/Herbie Hancock Abercrombie","CD",

"Poco","Deliverin'","LP Vinyl",

"The Police","Ghost In The Machine","LP Vinyl",

"The Police","Reggatta de Blanc","LP Vinyl",

"The Police","Synchronicity","LP Vinyl",

"Ponce,Daniel","Arawe","LP Vinyl",

"Ponce,Daniel","Chango Te Llama","LP Vinyl",

"Ponce,Daniel","New York Now!","LP Vinyl",

"Ponder, Jimmy","Jump","LP Vinyl",

"Ponder, Jimmy","Mean Streets-No Bridges","LP Vinyl",

"Ponder, Jimmy","Steel City Soul","CD",

"Ponty, Jean-Luc","Enigmatic Ocean","LP Vinyl",

"Ponty, Jean-Luc","Imaginary Voyage","LP Vinyl",

"Ponty, Jean-Luc","Jean-Luc Ponty Experience","LP Vinyl",

"Ponty, Jean-Luc","Ponty Plays Zappa : King Kong","CD",

"Pop, Iggy","Blah-Blah-Blah","LP Vinyl",

"Pope, Odean","Almost Like Me","LP Vinyl",

"Pope, Odean","Collective Voices","CD",

"Pope, Odean","Ebioto","CD",

"Pope, Odean","The Ponderer","LP Vinyl",

"Pope, Odean","The Saxophone Shop","LP Vinyl",

"Porcupine Tree","""4 Chords That Made A Million""/""Orchidia""","45 RPM",

"Porcupine Tree","""Piano Lessons""/""Oceans Have No Memory""","45 RPM",

"Porcupine Tree","""Pure Narcotic""/""Nine Cats (Acoustic Version)""","45 RPM",

"Porcupine Tree","""Shesmovedon""/""Novak""","45 RPM",

"Porcupine Tree","""Stranger By The Minute""/""Hallogallo""","45 RPM",

"Porcupine Tree","4 Chordes That Made A Million (Single)","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","4 Courds That Made A Million (Limited Edition Single - 0889 Of 2000)","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","April 18, 1998 De Pul, Uden, The Netherlands","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","April 24, 1998 Paris, France Theatre Dunois","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Bowery Ballroom NYC 7/24/02","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Burbank,Acoustic 1999","VHS",

"Porcupine Tree","Bydgoszcz, Poland 1997 2 CD Set","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Coma Divine","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Coma Divine II Spiral Circus","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Concert Hall Panstwowa Filharmonia,Krakow,Poland,Oct 1,1997","CD-R",

"Porcupine Tree","De Nieuwe Pul,Uden,The Netherlands-1-7-94","VHS",

"Porcupine Tree","Delerium EP","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Den Bosch ,Holland-2/10/95","VHS",

"Porcupine Tree","Dream Tree Volume 2","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","February 12, 1995 Paard, Den Haag, The Netherlands","Cassette",

"Porcupine Tree","House of Blues, Los Angeles, CA June 1, 1999","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","House Of Blues-LA,8/1/02","CD-R",

"Porcupine Tree","In Absentia","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","In Absentia","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","In Absentia-Demos","CD-R",

"Porcupine Tree","Insignificance Demos + Out Takes 1995/ 1996","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Internet Songs","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","June 3, 1999 Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI, US","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Lightbulb Sun","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Live at the Cinerama Tel0Aviv, Israel November 15, 2000","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Manchester November 2, 1994","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","March 28, 1997 CS Livello, Bologna, Italy","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","May 12, 1996 Duchess, Leeds, UK","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","May 15, 1996 Cellar Bar, South Shields, UK","Cassette",

"Porcupine Tree","May 17, 1997 San Remo Rock Festival PT Live Pieces","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","May 22, 1996 Princess Charlotte, Leicester, UK","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","May 3, 1996 Market Tavern, Kidderminster, UK","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","May 8, 1996 Beirkeller, Bristol, UK","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Metanoia","LP Vinyl",

"Porcupine Tree","Metanoia","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Middle East, Boston, MA 7/22/02","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Milano, 1995","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Moonloop","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","NEARFEST 2001-VHS","VHS",

"Porcupine Tree","New Millenium Tierni, 2000","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","New York City, NY 27th May 1999 Sam Goody's New York City, NY","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","October 11, 1995 Roadmender's, Northampton, UK","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","October 13, 1995 The Roadhouse, Manchester, UK","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","October 14, 2000 Den Bosche The Dream Tree","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","October 18, 1999 Transbordeur Club, Lyon, France","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","October 21, 1999 Spirit of '66, Verviers, Belgium","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","October 31, 1995 Radio Rock, Roma, Italy","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","On The Sunday Of Life","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Phantasmageria 1999","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Philadelphia - Theatre For the Living Arts","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Piano Lessons","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Polish Sun Warszawa, Poland June 4, 2001","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Porcupine Tree at NEARfest 2001","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Porcupine Tree Sampler 2002.3","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Porcupine Tree The BBC Sessions 1993","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Progscape 6/26/96","VHS",

"Porcupine Tree","PT in Concert June 4, 1994 De Kuip, Uden, The Netherlands","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","PT in Concert July 6, 1995 De Arena, Amsterdam, The Netherlands","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Pure Narcotic (Single)","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Recordings","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Relapse Records,Philadelphia-2001","VHS",

"Porcupine Tree","Shesmovedon","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Shesmovedon","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Signify","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Slim's-San Francisco-8/2/2002","CD-R",

"Porcupine Tree","Staircase Infinities","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Stars Die (Single)","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Stars Die - The Delerium Years '91 - 97 - Disc A 1991 - 93","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Stars Die - The Delerium Years 1991 - 1997 - Disc B 1994-97","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Stranger By The Minute","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Stupid Dream","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Stupid Dream Demos","CD-R",

"Porcupine Tree","The Bottom Line New York City 6/27/01","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","The Rhine Will Flow","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","The Sky Moves Sideways","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Thunderdome-Baltimore 7/27/02","CD-R",

"Porcupine Tree","Up The Downstair","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Voyage 34 - The Complete Trip","CD",

"Porcupine Tree","Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape Archive Material 1984 - 91","LP Vinyl",

"Porcupine Tree","Zaandam, Netherlands ""De Kade"" 2 7/13/2001","CD",

"Pork Pie","The Door Is Open","LP Vinyl",

"Pork Pie","Transitory","LP Vinyl",

"Port Of Harlem Jazzmen","The Complete Recordings Of The Port Of Harlem Jazzmen","LP Vinyl",

"Porter, George Jr.","Runnin' Partner","LP Vinyl",

"Portishead","Zenith-Paris 2/16/98","CD-R",

"Powell, Bud","A Portrait Of Thelonious","CD",

"Powell, Bud","Alternate Takes","LP Vinyl",

"Powell, Bud","Bouncing with Bud","LP Vinyl",

"Powell, Bud","Bud Powell In Paris","CD",

"Powell, Bud","The Bud Powell Trio Plays","CD",

"Powell, Bud","The Complete Bud Powell Blue Note Recordings (1949-1958)","LP Vinyl",

"Powell, Cozy","The Best Of Cozy Powell","CD",

"Powell,Baden","Images On Guitar","LP Vinyl",

"Power, Duffy","Innovations","LP Vinyl",

"Power Tools","Live at the Knitting Factory Radio Broadcast 11/89","CD",

"Power Tools","Power Tools","LP Vinyl",


"Praxis","Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)","CD",

"Premiata Forneria Marconi","Per Un Amico","CD",

"Premiata Forneria Marconi","Photos Of Ghosts","CD",

"Preservation Hall Jazz Band","""When The Saints Go Marchin' In""","LP Vinyl",

"Presley, Elvis","The Memphis Record","LP Vinyl",

"Presley, Elvis","The Sun Sessions","LP Vinyl",

"Preston, Billy","That's The Way God Planned It","CD",

"Preston, Don","Transformation","CD",

"Pretenders","Learning To Crawl","LP Vinyl",

"Pretenders","Pretenders","LP Vinyl",

"Pretenders","The Singles","CD",

"Previn,Andre","Double Play","LP Vinyl",

"Previn,Andre","Gigi","LP Vinyl",

"Previn,Andre","Like Previn!","LP Vinyl",

"Previn,Andre","Pal Joey","LP Vinyl",

"Previn,Andre","West Side Story","LP Vinyl",

"Price, Sam","Rib Joint Roots of Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 7","LP Vinyl",

"Priester, Julian","Keep Swingin'","CD",

"Priester, Julian","Love,Love","LP Vinyl",

"Priester, Julian","Polarization","LP Vinyl",

"PRIMO","Primo Carol's Place, New York 12/19/88","Cassette",

"Prince","""America""/""Girl""","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","""I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man""/""Hot Thing""","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","""Pop Life""/""Hello""","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","""Sign of the times"" /la la la he he hee","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","1999","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","Black Album","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","Black Funk Invitation","CD",

"Prince","Dirty Mind","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","Grand Slam East","CD",

"Prince","I would Die 4 U","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","If I Was Your Girlfriend","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","Let's Go Crazy","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","Osaka, Japan 2/12/89","CD",

"Prince","Prince Alla Only Love Can Conquer","CD",

"Prince","Purple Rain (music from the motion picture)","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","Raspberry Beret....She's Always In My Hair","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","Sign of the Times 1987","LP Vinyl",

"Prince","Sign Of The Times-VHS","VHS",

"Prince","Small Club","CD",

"Prince","U Got The Look","LP Vinyl",

"Prince Fari","Jamaican Heroes","LP Vinyl",

"Prince Jammy","Kamikazi Dub","CD",

"Prince Jammy","The Crowning of Prince Jammy","LP Vinyl",

"Prince Lasha Quintet featuring Sonny Simmons","The Cry!","CD",

"Prince Lincoln","Humanity","LP Vinyl",

"Problem Child","It's Not My Fault","CD",

"Procol Harum","Live in Concert wiht the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra","LP Vinyl",

"The Progressive Music Society: Various Artists","Portals - MOvements - Structures","CD",

"Project Lo","Black Canvas","CD",

"Project Logic","Live At Wetlands, NYC","CD",

"Project One","Live At The Jazz Cafe","CD",

"Project Z","Project Z","CD",

"Les Projectionjistes","Firefly Club Ann Arbor 10/5/01","CD",

"ProjeKct Four","The Roar Of P4 - Live In San Francisco","CD",

"ProjeKct Four","West Coast Live","CD",

"ProjeKct Three","Masque","CD",

"ProjeKct Two","Space Groove - Vol. One: Space Groove","CD",

"ProjeKct Two","Space Groove Volume Two: Vector Patrol","CD",

"ProjeKct Two","The Collectors King Crimson vol 6 - Live in Northampton MA","CD",

"ProjeKct X","Heaven And Earth","CD",


"Psychedelic Guitar Circus","Psychedelic Guitar Circus","CD",

"Puente, Tito","""Goza Mi Timbal""","Cassette",

"Puente, Tito","Cuban Carnival","CD",

"Puente, Tito","Dancemania","LP Vinyl",

"Puente, Tito","Dancemania '98-Live At Birdland","CD",

"Puente, Tito","El Rey","LP Vinyl",

"Puente, Tito","Golden Latin Jazz_Grabado En Directo_93","CD",

"Puente, Tito","In Session","CD",

"Puente, Tito","Jazzin'","CD",

"Puente, Tito","Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival 1980","VHS",

"Puente, Tito","Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival 1980","LP Vinyl",

"Puente, Tito","Live At The Playboy Jazz Festival","CD",

"Puente, Tito","Mambo Birdland","CD",

"Puente, Tito","Mambo Diablo","LP Vinyl",

"Puente, Tito","Mambo Of The Times","CD",

"Puente, Tito","Master Timbalero","CD",

"Puente, Tito","Masterpiece/Obra Maestra","CD",

"Puente, Tito","On Broadway","LP Vinyl",

"Puente, Tito","Out Of This World","CD",

"Puente, Tito","Puente In Percussion","LP Vinyl",

"Puente, Tito","Puente, Tito - Tito's Idea","CD",

"Puente, Tito","Royal T","CD",

"Puente, Tito","Salsa Meets Jazz","LP Vinyl",

"Puente, Tito","Sensacion","LP Vinyl",

"Puente, Tito","Special Delivery","CD",

"Puente, Tito","Top Percussion","CD",

"Puente, Tito","Un Poco Loco","LP Vinyl",

"Pukwana, Dudu","Diamond Express","CD",

"Pullen, Don","Capricorn Rising","LP Vinyl",

"Pullen, Don","Healing Force","CD",

"Pullen, Don","Kele Mou Bana","CD",

"Pullen, Don","Live...Again","CD",

"Pullen, Don","Milano Strut","CD",

"Pullen, Don","Montreux Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Pullen, Don","New Beginnings","LP Vinyl",

"Pullen, Don","Ode To Life","CD",

"Pullen, Don","Random Thoughts","CD",

"Pullen, Don","Solo Piano Album","LP Vinyl",

"Pullen, Don","The Magic Triangle","LP Vinyl",

"Pullen, Don","The Sixth Sense","LP Vinyl",

"Pullen, Don","Tomorrow's Promises","CD",

"Pullen, Don","Warriors","LP Vinyl",

"Pullen, Stacey","DJ-Kicks","CD",

"Pullen, Stacey","Stacey Pullen Presents Black Odyssey (The Stand)","LP Vinyl",

"Pulse","Pulse Remix","CD",

"Purdie, Pretty","Stand By Me (Whatcha See is Whatcha Get)","LP Vinyl",

"Purim, Flora","500 Miles High","CD",

"Purim, Flora","Butterfly Dreams","LP Vinyl",

"Purim, Flora","Encounter","LP Vinyl",

"Purim, Flora","Open YourEyes You Can Fly","LP Vinyl",

"Purim, Flora","Stories To Tell","LP Vinyl",

"Purrone, Tony","Electric Poetry","CD",

"Purrone, Tony","In The Heath Zone","CD",

"Purrone, Tony","Set 'em Up","CD",

"Purrone, Tony","Six-String Delight","CD",

"Purrone, Tony","Temperament","CD",

"Purrone, Tony","The Tonester","CD",

"Pyle, Pip","7 Year Itch","CD",

"Pyle, Pip","Equipe Out","CD",