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"J. Geils Band","Full House ""live""","LP Vinyl",

"J. Geils Band","I Can't Do My Homework Anymore!","CD-R",

"J.B.E.","Funky Good Time: The Anthology (Disc 1)","CD",

"J.B.E.","Funky Good Time: The Anthology (Disc 2)","CD",

"Jackson, Milt","""all too soon""","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","""Brother Jim""","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","'Live' at the Village Gate","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","A Date in New York","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","Bags & Trane","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","Bags meets Wes!","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","Be Bop","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","Bean Bags","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","Big Bags Milt Jackson Orchestra","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","Feelings","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","For Someone I Love","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","In A New Setting","CD",

"Jackson, Milt","In The Beginning","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","Invitation","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","It don't Mean a Thing if You Can't Tap Your Foot To It","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","Milt Jackson Quartet","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","Milt Jackson/Ray Brown Jam Montreux '77","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Milt","Statements","CD",

"Jackson, Milt","Sunflower","CD",

"Jackson, Milt","The Harem","Cassette",

"Jackson, Willis","Bar Wars","CD",

"Jackson, Willis","Cool ""Gator""","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Willis","Headed and Gutted","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Willis","Please Mr. Jackson","LP Vinyl",

"D.D. Jackson","Anthem","CD",

"D.D. Jackson","Detroit Jazz Fest 9/2/02","CD",

"D.D. Jackson","Paired Down Volume Two","CD",

"D.D. Jackson","Paired Down, Volume 1","CD",

"D.D. Jackson","Peace-Song","CD",

"D.D. Jackson","Rhythm-Dance","CD",

"D.D. Jackson","Sígame","CD",

"D.D. Jackson","So Far","CD",

"Jackson, Fred","Hootin' 'n Tootin'","CD",

"Jackson, Joe","Big World","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Joe","Night and Day","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Joe","Will Power","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Michael Gregory","Karmonic Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Barbeque Dog","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Decode Yourself","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Eye On You","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Live At the Caravan of Dreams","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Live in Warsaw","CD",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Man Dance","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Montreaux Jazz Festival","CD",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Nasty","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Pulse","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Red Warrior","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Shannon's House","CD",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Street Priest","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Taboo","CD",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","Texas","LP Vinyl",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","What Spirit Say","CD",

"Jackson, Ronald Shannon","When Colors Play","LP Vinyl",

"Willis, Jackson","Willis...With Pat","CD",

"Jacky Terrasson Trio","Alive","CD",

"Jacquet, Illnois","Bottoms Up","LP Vinyl",

"Jacquet, Illnois","Jumpin' at Apollo","CD",

"Jacquet, Illnois","The Blues; That's Me!","LP Vinyl",

"Jacquet, Illnois","The Soul Explosion","Cassette",

"Jah Lloyd","A Double Helping of Jah Lloyd and King Tubby","CD-R",

"Jah Stitch","Original Ragga Muffin (1975 -77)","CD",

"Jahson, David","Natty Chase The Barber Away","CD-R",

"The Jam","Extras","CD",

"The Jam Beat","Surrender","LP Vinyl",

"Jamal, Ahmad","Freeflight","CD",

"Jamal, Ahmad","The Essence, Part 1","CD",

"Jamal, Khan","Infinity","LP Vinyl",

"James, Christopher","Detroit 7/6/85","Cassette",

"James Gang","16 Greatest Hits","Cassette",

"James Gang","Bang","CD",

"James Gang","James Gang Allen Theatre Cleveland, Ohio 2/25/01","CD-R",

"James Gang","Live in Concert","LP Vinyl",

"James Gang","Miami","CD",

"James Gang","Rides Again","CD",

"James Gang","Thirds.","CD",

"James, Rick","Street Songs - Deluxe Edition (Disc 1)","CD",

"James, Rick","Street Songs - Deluxe Edition (Disc 2)","CD",

"Jane Bunnett-Don Pullen","New York Duets","CD",

"Jansen, Steve & Richard Barbieri","Kinoapparatom","CD",

"Jansen, Steve & Richard Barbieri","Live at the Milky Way","Cassette",

"Jansen, Steve & Richard Barbieri","Other Words In A Small Room","CD",

"Jansen, Steve & Richard Barbieri","Stone To Flesh","CD",

"Jansen, Steve & Richard Barbieri","Stories Across Borders","CD",

"Jansen, Steve & Richard Barbieri","Worlds In A Small Room","Cassette",

"Jansson, Benny","Virtual Humanity","CD",

"Japan","Gentlemen Take Polaroids","CD",

"Japan","Oil On Canvas","CD",

"Japan","Oil On Canvas-VHS","VHS",

"Japan","Tin Drum","CD",


"Jarman, Joseph","Earth Passage - Density","LP Vinyl",

"Jarman, Joseph","Egwu-Anwu (Sun Song) (Disc 1)","CD",

"Jarman, Joseph","Egwu-Anwu (Sun Song) (Disc 2)","CD",

"Jarman, Joseph","Out Of The Mist","CD",

"Jarrett, Keith","Arbour Zena","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Backhand","CD",

"Jarrett, Keith","Belonging","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Book of Ways","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Byablue","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Changeless","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Changes","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Concerts","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Dark Intervals","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","El Juicio (The Judgement)","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Expectations","CD",

"Jarrett, Keith","Eyes of the Heart","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Facing You","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","G.I. Gurdjieff Sacred Hymns","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Hymns Spheres","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","In The Light","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Inside Out","CD",

"Jarrett, Keith","Invocations The Moth and the Flame","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Keith Jarrett Solo concerts","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Luminessence","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","My Song","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Mysteries","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Nude Ants","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Personal Mountains","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Ritual","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Ruta and Daitya","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Spirits","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Staircase","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Standards Live","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Standards, Vol. 1","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Standards, Vol. 2","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Still Live","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Sun Bear Concerts Piano Solo","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","The Celestial Hawk","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","The Impulse Years - Death And The Flower","CD",

"Jarrett, Keith","The Impulse Years - Fort Yawuh (Disc 2)","CD",

"Jarrett, Keith","The Impulse Years - Treasure Island","CD",

"Jarrett, Keith","The Impulse Years Fort Yawuh (Disc 1)","CD",

"Jarrett, Keith","The Koln Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","The Survivors' Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Jarrett, Keith","Tribute","LP Vinyl",

"Jarvi, Neeme","Roussel: Symphony 3/Ravel: La Valse etc.","CD",

"Jason and the Scorchers","Fervor","LP Vinyl",

"Jason and the Scorchers","Lost and Found","LP Vinyl",

"Jason and the Scorchers","Still Standing","LP Vinyl",

"Jazz Jamaica","skaravan","CD-R",

"Jazz Contemporaries","Reasons In Tonality","LP Vinyl",

"The Jazz Corps","The Jazz Corps","CD",

"Jazz Is Dead","Blue Light Rain","CD",

"Jazz Is Dead","Boulder, Colorado 4/13/99 2 disc set","CD",

"Jazz Is Dead","Great Sky River","CD",

"Jazz Is Dead","Laughing Water ""Wake Of The Flood Revisited""","CD",

"The Jazz Tribe","The Next Step","CD",


"Jefferson Airplane","Airplane Farm","CD-R",

"Jefferson Airplane","Bless Its Pointed Little Head","CD",

"Jefferson Airplane","Flying High (Disc 1)","CD",

"Jefferson Airplane","Flying High (Disc 2)","CD",

"Jefferson Airplane","Glidin' Over Fillmore East","CD",

"Jefferson Airplane","Jefferson Airplane (Volunteers)","CD",

"Jefferson Airplane","Jefferson Airplane Loves You (Disc 1)","CD",

"Jefferson Airplane","Jefferson Airplane Loves You (Disc 2)","CD",

"Jefferson Airplane","Jefferson Airplane Loves You (Disc 3)","CD",

"Jefferson Airplane","Live At The Filmore East","CD",

"Jefferson Airplane","Starship Trippers","CD-R",

"Jefferson Airplane","Surrealistic Pillow","LP Vinyl",

"Jefferson Airplane","The Volunteers Sessions","CD",

"Jefferson, Carter","The Rise of Atlantis","LP Vinyl",

"Jefferson, Eddie","Come Along With Me","LP Vinyl",

"Jefferson, Eddie","Still On The Planet","LP Vinyl",

"Jefferson, Eddie","The Live-liest","LP Vinyl",

"Jefferson, Eddie","The Main Man","LP Vinyl",

"Jefferson, Eddie","There I Go Again","LP Vinyl",

"Jefferson, Eddie","things Are Getting Better","LP Vinyl",

"Jefferson, Eddie","Vocal Ease","CD",

"Jefferson Starship","Deep Space/Virgin Sky","CD",

"Jefferson Starship","Greatest Hits Live At The Fillmore","CD",

"Jenkins, Leroy","For Players Only","LP Vinyl",

"Jenkins, Leroy","Leroy Jenkins Solo","CD",

"Jenkins, Leroy","Lifelong Ambitions","LP Vinyl",

"Jenkins, Leroy","Live!","CD",

"Jenkins, Leroy","Mixed Quintet","LP Vinyl",

"Jenkins, Leroy","Solo Concerts","LP Vinyl",

"Jenkins, Leroy","Space Minds, New Worlds, Survival of America","LP Vinyl",

"Jenkins, Leroy","The Legend of Ai Glatson","LP Vinyl",

"Jenkins, Leroy","Themes/Improvisations/Panorama","CD",

"Jenkins, Leroy","Urban Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Jenkins, Johnny","Jenkins, Kordan and Timmons","LP Vinyl",

"Jenkins, Johnny","Ton-Ton Macoute!","CD",

"Jethro Tull","20 Years Of J.Tull CD2 -Flawed Gems And The Other Sides Of Tull","CD",

"Jethro Tull","20 Years of Jethro Tull (CD3) - The Essential Tull","CD",

"Jethro Tull","20 Years Of Jethro Tull CD1 -The Radio Archives And Rare Tracks","CD",

"Jethro Tull","20th Anniversary Video","VHS",

"Jethro Tull","25 Lightyears","CD",

"Jethro Tull","25th Anniversary Box Set - Disc 1 - Remixed - Classic Songs","CD",

"Jethro Tull","25th Anniversary Box Set - Disc 2 - Carnegie Hall, N.Y. - Recorded Live New York City 1970","CD",

"Jethro Tull","25th Anniversary Box Set - Disc 3 - The Beacons Bottom - Tapes","CD",

"Jethro Tull","25th Anniversary Box Set - Disc 4 - Pot Pourri - Live Across The World & Through The Years","CD",

"Jethro Tull","25th Anniversary Video","VHS",

"Jethro Tull","A Little Light Music","CD",

"Jethro Tull","A Passion Play","LP Vinyl",

"Jethro Tull","Aqualung","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Beacon Theatre,NYC-14-Nov-95","VHS",

"Jethro Tull","Benefit","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Catfish Rising","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Heavy Horses","CD",

"Jethro Tull","In Concert (BBC)","CD",

"Jethro Tull","J-Tull Dot Com","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Jethro Tull","LP Vinyl",

"Jethro Tull","Jones Beach-NY-30-Aug-96","VHS",

"Jethro Tull","Living In The Past (Disc 1)","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Living In The Past (Disc 2)","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Living With The Past","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Masonic Temple,Detroit,1-19-77","Cassette",

"Jethro Tull","Nightcap (Disc 2) - Unreleased & Rare Tracks","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Nightcap - Chateau D'Isaster","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Rock Island","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Rocks On The Road","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Rocks On The Road CD Single 1","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Rocks On The Road E.P.","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Roots to Branches","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Slipstream","VHS",

"Jethro Tull","Songs From The Wood","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Stand Up","CD",

"Jethro Tull","The Anniversary Collection (CD 2)","CD",

"Jethro Tull","The Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)","CD",

"Jethro Tull","The Broadsword And The Beast","CD",

"Jethro Tull","The Pied Piper","CD-R",

"Jethro Tull","Thick As A Brick","CD",

"Jethro Tull","This Was","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Tunnel Of Love","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Upper Darby 1987 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Jethro Tull","Utrecht 6/27/93 2 disc set","CD-R",

"Jethro Tull","War Child","LP Vinyl",

"Jethro Tull","When Minstrels Came To Play - 1","CD",

"Jethro Tull","When Minstrels Came To Play - 2","CD",

"Jett, Joan","Up Your Alley","Cassette",

"Jewels And Binoculars","Live At The Edgefest-10/03/02","CD-R",

"Jewels And Binoculars","The Music Of Bob Dylan","CD",

"Jibilian/Glass","Galaxy Rodeo","CD-R",

"Jibilian/Glass","Galaxy Rodeo","CD",

"Jiménez, Andres","""El Gobierno Arana""/""Cancion Del Pescador""","45 RPM",

"Jiménez, Andres","1898: Cien Años Despues","CD",

"Jiménez, Andres","A Los Santos Inocentes","CD",

"Jiménez, Andres","Cien Anos Con albiz","Cassette",

"Jiménez, Andres","El Rosario De La Aurora","CD",

"Jiménez, Andres","En La Última Trinchera","CD",

"Jiménez, Andres","Serenata Jíbara","CD",

"Jimenez, Flaco","Flaco's Amigos","LP Vinyl",

"Jimenez, Flaco","One Night At Joey's","CD",

"Jimenez, Flaco","Partners","CD",

"Jimenez, Flaco","The Accordion Strikes Back","LP Vinyl",

"Jimenez, Flaco","Viva Seguin","LP Vinyl",

"Jobim, Antonio Carlos","Antonio Carlos Jobim 3/5/84 Austria","Cassette",

"Jobim, Antonio Carlos","Stone Flower","CD",

"Jobim, Antonio Carlos","The Composer of "" Desafinado"" Plays","CD",

"Jobim, Antonio Carlos","Tide","CD",

"Jobim, Tom","Jobim","CD",

"Johanson, David ","Live","CD",

"Johansson, Jens","Fission","CD",

"Anders Johansson","Heavy Machinery","CD",

"John, Elton","17-11-70","CD",

"John, Elton","A Truly Great Rocker","CD-R",

"John Jenkins","With Kenny Burrell","CD",

"Johnson, J.J.","""Concepts In Blue""","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","""Things Are Getting Better All The Time""","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","Blue Trombone","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","Heroes","CD",

"Johnson, J.J.","J.J. Inc.","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","J.J.'s Broadway","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","JJ Johnson & Nat Adderley The Yokohama Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","Let's Hang Out","CD",

"Johnson, J.J.","Mad Be Bop","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","Pinnacles","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","Proof Positive","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","Quintergy","CD",

"Johnson, J.J.","Recorded In Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","Say When","CD",

"Johnson, J.J.","Standards - Live At The Village Vanguard","CD",

"Johnson, J.J.","The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson Volume 2","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Volume 1","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","The Great Kai & J.J.","CD",

"Johnson, J.J.","The Trombone Master","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","Trombone By Three","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, J.J.","Vivian","CD",

"Johnson, Robert","The Complete Recordings","CD",

"Johnson, Robert","The Complete Recordings","CD",

"Johnson, Marc","Bass Desires","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, Marc","Jonathan Swift-Boston 3/11/86","CD-R",

"Johnson, Marc","Marc Johnson's Bass Desires Second Sight","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, Marc","Wiesson, Austria 7/10/88","CD",

"Johnson, Alphonso","Spellbound","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, Brother Vernard","Rocking The Gospel","Cassette",

"Johnson, Budd","Budd Johnson and the Four Brass Giants","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, David Earle","""Hip Address""","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, David Earle","Skin Deep - Yeah!","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, David Earle","Time is Free","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, Eric","TONES","Cassette",

"Johnson, Howard & Gravity","GRAVITY!!!","CD",

"Johnson, Howard & Gravity","Right Now! Featuring Taj Mahal","CD",

"Johnson, Jef Lee","Communion","CD",

"Johnson, Jimmy","Bar Room Preacher","LP Vinyl",

"Johnson, Luther ""Guitar Junior""","I Want To Groove With You","Cassette",

"Johnson, Luther ""Guitar Junior""","It's Good To Me","Cassette",

"Johnson, Pete","The Pete Johnson/Earl Hines/Teddy Bunn Blue Note Sessions","LP Vinyl",

"Jon Sa Trincha","Naked Ibiza","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","Brother John","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Sharon","Dar Dippin with...","CD-R",

"Jones, Elvin","Dear John C.","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","Elvin Jones is ""On the Mountain"" with Jan Hammer and Gene Perla","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Elvin Jones Jazz Machine ""Live in Japan 1978""","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Elvin Jones Live","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Elvin Jones McCoy Tyner Quintet Reunited","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Elvin!","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Going Home","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","Heart To Heart","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Heavy Sounds","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","Illumination","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","In Europe","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","It Don't Mean A Thing","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","Live at Pit Inn","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Live At The Village Vanguard","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Live At The Village Vanguard - Vol. 1","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","New Agenda","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Skyscrapers","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Skyscrapers Vol. 2","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Skyscrapers Vol. 3","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Skyscrapers Vol. 4","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Soul Train","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Summit Meeting","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","The Complete Blue Note Elvin Jones Sessions (Disc 1)","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","The Complete Blue Note Elvin Jones Sessions (Disc 2)","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","The Complete Blue Note Elvin Jones Sessions (Disc 3)","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","The Complete Blue Note Elvin Jones Sessions (Disc 4)","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","The Complete Blue Note Elvin Jones Sessions (Disc 5)","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","The Complete Blue Note Elvin Jones Sessions (Disc 6)","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","The Complete Blue Note Elvin Jones Sessions (Disc 7)","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","The Complete Blue Note Elvin Jones Sessions (Disc 8)","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","The Main Force","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Time Capsule","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","Tribute To John Coltrane Live At ""Pit Inn"" Tokyo","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","Very R.A.R.E.","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Elvin","When I Was At Aso-Mountain","CD",

"Jones, Elvin","Youngblood","CD",

"Jones Brothers","Keepin' Up With The Jones","CD",

"Jones, Grace","Island Life","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Grace","Nightclubbing","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Grace","Private Life (Compass Point Session) CD1 + 2","CD",

"Jones, Grace","Private Life (Compass Point Session) CD1 + 2","CD",

"Jones, Grace","Warm Leatherette","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Hank","'Bop Redux","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Hank","Ain't Misbehavin'","Cassette",

"Jones, Hank","Bluebird","CD",

"Jones, Hank","Favors","CD",

"Jones, Hank","Groovin' High","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Hank","Handful Of Keys","CD",

"Jones, Hank","Hank Jones/Red Mitchel Duo","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Hank","I'm All Smiles","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Hank","Inner City","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Hank","Just For Fun","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Hank","Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Volume Sixteen","CD",

"Jones, Hank","The Oracle","Cassette",

"Jones, Hank","Upon Reflection","CD",

"Jones, Quincy","This Is How I Feel About Jazz","CD",

"Jones, Rodney","Articulation","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Rodney","My Funny Valentine","CD",

"Jones, Sam","Changes & Things","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Sam","Something In Common","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Sam","Something New","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Sam","The Chant","CD",

"Jones, Sam","The Soul Society","CD",

"Jones, Bobby","The Legacy of Bobby Jones","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Etta","Don't Go To Strangers","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Etta","Lonely And Blue","CD",

"Jones, Etta","Love Shout (Recorded Nov. 1962 And Feb. 1963)","CD",

"Jones, Etta","Something Nice","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Hank Meets Cheick-Tidane Seck and the Mandinkas","Sarala","CD",

"Jones, Johnny","Johnny Jones with Billy Boy Arnold","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Philly Joe","Big Band Sounds","CD",

"Jones, Philly Joe","Blues For Dracula","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Philly Joe","Drum Songs","CD",

"Jones, Philly Joe","Elvin Jones / Philly Joe Jones & Elvin Jones, Together!","CD",

"Jones, Philly Joe","Look Stop Listen","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Philly Joe","Philly Mignon","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Philly Joe","Showcase","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Philly Joe","To Tadd With Love","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Thad","Live in Munich","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Thad","Mean What You Say","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Thad","New Life (Dedicated to Max Gordon)","LP Vinyl",

"Jones, Thad","Suite for Pops","LP Vinyl",

"The Jones, Thad","The Complete Solid State Recordings (Disc 2)","CD",

"Jones, Thad","The Fabulous Thad Jones","LP Vinyl",

"The Jones, Thad","The Maginificent Thad Jones","CD",

"Jones, Thad","The Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Quartet","LP Vinyl",

"The Jones, Thad","The Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Quartet","Cassette",

"Jones/Lewis","Solid State Recordings 1/5","CD",

"Jones/Lewis","Solid State Recordings 3/5","CD",

"Jones/Lewis","Solid State Recordings 4/5","CD",

"Jones/Lewis","Solid State Recordings 5/5","CD",

"Joplin, Janis","Amsterdam 4/11/69","CD-R",

"Joplin, Janis","Blow All My Blues Away (Disc 4)","CD",

"Joplin, Janis","Farewell Song","LP Vinyl",

"Joplin, Janis","I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!","CD",

"Joplin, Janis","In Concert","CD",

"Joplin, Janis","Janis (Disc 1)","CD",

"Joplin, Janis","Janis (Disc 2)","CD",

"Joplin, Janis","Janis (Disc 3)","CD",

"Joplin, Janis","Live At Winterland Big Brother and the Holding Company","CD",

"Joplin, Janis","Pearl (Remastered)","CD",

"Joplin, Janis","Rare Pearls","CD",

"Jordan, Stanley","""Touch Of Blue""","45 RPM",

"Jordan, Stanley","Cornucopia","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Stanley","Magic Touch","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Stanley","Standards Volume 1","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Duke","Change a Pace","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Duke","Duke's Artistry","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Duke","Duke's Delight","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Duke","Flight To Denmark","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Duke","Flight To Jordan","CD",

"Jordan, Duke","In Concert From Japan","CD",

"Jordan, Duke","In Concert From Japan","CD",

"Jordan, Duke","Midnight Moonlight","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Duke","Misty Thursday","CD",

"Jordan, Duke","the Great Session","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Duke","Tivoli One","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Duke","Truth","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Duke","Two Loves","CD",

"Jordan, Clifford","Bearcat","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","Blowing In From Chicago","CD",

"Jordan, Clifford","Cliff Craft","CD",

"Jordan, Clifford","Clifford Jordan & The Magic Traiangle ON STAGE Vol. 1","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","Clifford Jordan & The Magic Triangle ON STAGE Vol. 2","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","Clifford Jordan & The Magic Triangle ON STAGE Vol. 3","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","Clifford Jordan Quartet Live at Ethell's","Cassette",

"Jordan, Clifford","Down Through The Years","CD",

"Jordan, Clifford","Dr. Chicago","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","Firm Roots","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","Four Play","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","Glas Bead Games","CD",

"Jordan, Clifford","Glass Bead Games","CD",

"Jordan, Clifford","Half Note","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","Hello, Hank Jones","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","Inward Fire","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","MOSAIC","CD",

"Jordan, Clifford","Night of the Mark 7","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","Play What You Feel","CD",

"Jordan, Clifford","Repetition","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","Soul Fountain","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","Spellbound","CD",

"Jordan, Clifford","The Adventurer","CD",

"Jordan, Clifford","The Highest Mountain","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","The Pentagon","LP Vinyl",

"Jordan, Clifford","These Are My Roots","CD",

"Jordan, Sheila","Sheila","CD",

"Jordan, Steve","El Bro","LP Vinyl",

"Jose Alberto El Canario","Back To The Mambo/Tribute To Machito","CD",

"Joy Division","Heart And Soul (Disc 2)","CD",

"Joy Division","Heart And Soul (Disc 4)","CD",

"Joy Division","Heart And Soul 1","CD",

"Joy Division","Heart And Soul 3","CD",

"Joy Division","Les Bains Douches","LP Vinyl",

"Joy Division","Paris 12/18/79","Cassette",

"Joy Division","Preston 28 February 1980","LP Vinyl",

"Joy Division","The Complete BBC Recordings","CD",

"Juan Formel y los Van Van","Lo Ultimo En Vivo","CD",

"Julia, Luis Enrique","CARIBE","Cassette",

"Juno Reactor","Beyond the Infinite","CD",

"Just Music","Just Music","LP Vinyl",

"Brij Bhushan Kabra","Raga Puriya Alap","LP Vinyl",

"Kaiser, Henry","""Truth or Consequences""","45 RPM",

"Kaiser, Henry","Devil in the Drain","LP Vinyl",

"Kaiser, Henry","Eternity Blue","CD",

"Kaiser, Henry","Heart's Desire","CD",

"Kaiser, Henry","Hope You Like Our New Direction","CD",

"Kaiser, Henry","Those Who Know History are Doomed to Repeat It","CD",

"Kaiser, Henry","Yo Miles! (Disc 1)","CD",

"Kaiser, Henry","Yo Miles! (Disc 2)","CD",

"Kako","New York's After Hours Orchestra-Tributo A Noro Morales","CD",

"Karsh Kale","Realize","CD",

"Karsh Kale","Redesign","CD",

"Kale, Karsh","Distance","LP Vinyl",

"Kamal & The Brothers","Dance!","LP Vinyl",

"Kamuca, Richie","West Coast Jazz in Hifi","LP Vinyl",

"Kanda Bongo Man","Amour Fou/Crazy Love","LP Vinyl",

"Kanda Bongo Man","Kwassa Kwassa","LP Vinyl",


"Kantner, Paul","Blows Against The Empire","LP Vinyl",

"Karn, Mick","Bestial Cluster","CD",

"Karn, Mick","Classico II Rome, Italy 2/13/94","CD-R",

"Karn, Mick","Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters","CD",

"Karn, Mick","Each Eye A Path","CD",

"Karn, Mick","Jsazz Cafe London 2/23/94","CD-R",

"Karn, Mick","M.Karn,D.Torn,T.Bozzio,M.Isham-Club Eastbrook,Grand Rapids,MI-10/9/88","CD-R",

"Karn, Mick","The Tooth Mother","CD",

"Karn, Mick","Titles","CD",

"Jansen Barbieri Karn","_Ism","CD",

"Jansen Barbieri Karn","Beginning To Melt","CD",

"Jansen Barbieri Karn","Changing Hands","CD",

"Jansen Barbieri Karn","Club Diamond Hall Nagogu 7/21/97","CD-R",

"Jansen Barbieri Karn","Dutch TV 2 Meter Session","CD-R",

"Jansen Barbieri Karn","London Astoria II 12 April 1997","CD-R",

"Jansen Barbieri Karn","Playing In A Room With People","CD",

"Jansen Barbieri Karn","Seed","CD",

"Karush, Larry","Larry Karush/Glen Moore May 24, 1976","LP Vinyl",

"Kim Kashkashian/Robert Levin","Elegies","LP Vinyl",

"Kim Kashkashian/Robert Levin","Paul Hindemith-Sonatas for Viola and Piano and Viola Alone","LP Vinyl",

"Kassav'","Vini Pou","LP Vinyl",

"Kaukonen, Jorma","Blue Country Heart","CD",

"Kaukonen, Jorma","Christmas","CD",

"Kaukonen, Jorma","Embryonic Journey","CD",

"Kaukonen, Jorma","Gathering On The Mountain","CD",

"Kaukonen, Jorma","Jorma","LP Vinyl",

"Kaukonen, Jorma","Jorma Kaukonen with Michael Falzarano Webster Theatre 1/11/01","CD-R",

"Kaukonen, Jorma","Magic Two","CD",

"Kaukonen, Jorma","Quah","LP Vinyl",

"Kaukonen, Jorma","The Land Of Heroes","CD",

"Kaukonen, Jorma","Too Hot To Handle","LP Vinyl",

"Kaukonen, Jorma","Too Many Years...","CD",

"Ani & Ida Kavafian","Mozart:Duo/Moszkowski:Suite/Saraste:Navarra","LP Vinyl",

"Keezer, Geoff - trio","Here and Now","CD",

"Keezer, Geoff - trio","World Music","CD",

"Keezer, Geoff - trio","Zero One","CD",

"Keita, Salif","AMEN","Cassette",

"Keita, Salif","Ko-Yan","LP Vinyl",

"Keita, Salif","SORO","Cassette",

"Kelly, Wynton","Kelly Blue","LP Vinyl",

"Kelly, Wynton","Last Trio Session","LP Vinyl",

"Kelly, Wynton","Wynton Kelly, Piano","LP Vinyl",

"Kelly, Wynton","Wynton Kelly/George Coleman in Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Kelvynator","Refunk A Nation","CD",

"Kirkland, Kenny","Kenny Kirkland","CD",

"Kenso","Fabulis Mirabilibus de Bombycosi Scriptis","CD-R",

"Kenyatta, Robin","Girl From Martinique","LP Vinyl",

"Kessel, Barney","""to swing or not to swing"" Barney Kessel, Vol.3","LP Vinyl",

"Kessel, Barney","'Easy Like'","LP Vinyl",

"Kessel, Barney","Feeling Free","LP Vinyl",

"Kessel, Barney","Kessel Plays Carmen","LP Vinyl",

"Kessel, Barney","Kessel Plays Standards","LP Vinyl",

"Kessel, Barney","Poll Winners Ride Again!","LP Vinyl",

"Kessel, Barney","Some Like It Hot","LP Vinyl",

"Kessel, Barney","The Poll Winners","LP Vinyl",

"Kessel, Barney","The Poll Winners Straight Ahead","LP Vinyl",

"Keystone-Trio","Newklear Music / The Songs Of Sonny Rollins","CD",

"Amjad Ali Khan","1995","CD-R",

"Khan, Steve","Blades","LP Vinyl",

"Khan","Space Shanty","LP Vinyl",

"Khan, Steve","Tokyo 2/5/82","Cassette",

"Khan, Chaka","I Feel For You","LP Vinyl",

"Khan, Ali Akbar","From Father To Son","CD",

"Khan, Ali Akbar","Live In Concert","CD-R",

"Khan, Ali Akbar","Sweet Pain","LP Vinyl",


"Kikoski, David","Almost Twilight","CD",

"Kikoski, David","Inner Trust","CD",

"The Kimbos","Lagrimas Negras","CD",

"Kimock, Steve","East Meets West","CD",

"Kimock, Steve","East Meets West","CD",

"Kimock, Steve","Live From The West Coast","CD",

"Kimock, Steve","Magic Bag Ferndale, Michigan 11/06/2001","CD-R",

"King Tubby","...At The Controls","CD",

"King Tubby","Augustus Pablo Presents The Late King Tubby","CD-R",

"King Tubby","Chant Down Babaylon Kingdom","CD-R",

"King Tubby","Dangerous Dub","CD",

"King Tubby","Dub Gone 2 Crazy","CD",

"King Tubby","Dub Gone Crazy","CD",

"King Tubby","Dub Like Dirt 1975-1977","CD",

"King Tubby","Freedom Sounds in Dub","CD",

"King Tubby","In Dub Conference Volume 1& 2","CD-R",

"King Tubby","In Roots Vibes","CD",

"King Tubby","Lost Treasures","CD-R",

"King Tubby","Majestic Dub","CD-R",

"King Tubby","Meets Scientist In A World Of","CD",

"King Tubby","Meets The Upsetter At The Grass roots Of Dub","CD-R",

"King Tubby","On The Mix Vol 1 & 2","CD-R",

"King Tubby","Rod Of Correction Showcase","CD-R",

"King Tubby","The Fatman Tapes","CD",

"King Tubby","Tribute to...King Tubbys Firehouse Crew & Dean Fraser","LP Vinyl",

"King Tubby","Unleashed Dub Vol.1","CD-R",

"King, Albert","Albert King LIVE","Cassette",

"King, Albert","Born Under a Bad Sign","LP Vinyl",

"King, Albert","I Wanna Get Funky","LP Vinyl",

"King, Albert","In Session (Live)","CD",

"King, Albert","King Of The Blues Guitar","CD",

"King, Albert","Live Wire/Blues Power","LP Vinyl",

"King, Albert","The Lost Session","LP Vinyl",

"King, Albert","Thursday Night in San Francisco","LP Vinyl",

"King, Albert","Truckload Of Lovin'","CD",

"King, Albert","Wednesday Night in San Francisco","LP Vinyl",

"King Crimson","A Weird Person's Guide To King Crimson (Vol. 1)","CD",

"King Crimson","A Weird Persons Guide To... Vol. 2","CD",

"King Crimson","Absent Lovers (Disc 1)","CD",

"King Crimson","Absent Lovers (Disc 2)","CD",

"King Crimson","B'boom (Disc 1)","CD",

"King Crimson","B'boom (Disc 2)","CD",

"King Crimson","Beat","CD",

"King Crimson","Celebration of the Lizard","CD-R",

"King Crimson","Cirkus [2 - Fractured]","CD",

"King Crimson","Colours Out of Time","CD-R",

"King Crimson","Discipline","CD",

"King Crimson","Earthbound","LP Vinyl",

"King Crimson","Earthbound","CD",

"King Crimson","Elephant Talk","LP Vinyl",

"King Crimson","Epitaph (Disc 1)","CD",

"King Crimson","Epitaph (Disc 2)","CD",

"King Crimson","Epitaph (Disc 3)","CD",

"King Crimson","Epitaph (Disc 4)","CD",

"King Crimson","Frame By Frame [1 - 1969-71]","CD",

"King Crimson","Frame By Frame [2 - 1972-4]","CD",

"King Crimson","Frame By Frame [3 - 1981-4]","CD",

"King Crimson","Frame By Frame [4 - 1969 (Live)]","CD",

"King Crimson","Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With","CD",

"King Crimson","Heavy ConstrucKction (Disc 3)","CD",

"King Crimson","Heavy ConstruKction (Disc 2)","CD",

"King Crimson","Heavy Construkcution (Disc 1)","CD",

"King Crimson","In The Court Of The Crimson King","CD",

"King Crimson","In The Wake Of Poseidon","CD",

"King Crimson","Islands","CD",

"King Crimson","King Crimson U.S.A.","LP Vinyl",

"King Crimson","Larks'Tongues In Aspic","CD",

"King Crimson","Level Five","CD",

"King Crimson","Live At Cap D'Agde, 1982","CD",

"King Crimson","Live at Circus Krone Munchen, Germany June 4, 2000","CD",

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"King Crimson","Live At Plymouth, 1971 (Disc 2)","CD",

"King Crimson","Live At Summit Studios, 1972","CD",

"King Crimson","Live At The Marquee 1969","CD",

"King Crimson","Live At The Zoom Club (Disc 1)","CD",

"King Crimson","Live At The Zoom Club (Disc 2)","CD",

"King Crimson","Live In Argentina 1994","VHS",

"King Crimson","Live in Berkeley, CA (Collectors club 16)","CD",

"King Crimson","Live In Central Park, NYC 1974","CD",

"King Crimson","Live In Detroit, MI (Disc 1)","CD",

"King Crimson","Live In Detroit, MI (Disc 2)","CD",

"King Crimson","Live in Hyde Park July 5, 1969","CD",

"King Crimson","Live In Japan","VHS",

"King Crimson","Live In Mainz 19740330","CD",

"King Crimson","Live in Mexico City, August 2 - 4 1996","CD",

"King Crimson","Live In Nashville, TN 2001","CD",

"King Crimson","Live in Portland, OR 8/10/01","CD",

"King Crimson","Lizard","CD",

"King Crimson","Manicured Noise","CD",

"King Crimson","Michigan Theatre,Ann Arbor,MI-6/10/95","LP Vinyl",

"King Crimson","Mirrors","CD",

"King Crimson","Nashville Rehearsals 1997","CD",

"King Crimson","Nitro's Detroit, MI 11/9/81","Cassette",

"King Crimson","On Broadway","CD",

"King Crimson","On Broadway","CD",

"King Crimson","ProjeKct Two - Live Groove","CD",

"King Crimson","Red","CD",

"King Crimson","Rhapsody Sun Plaza hall Tokyo May 3, 1984","LP Vinyl",

"King Crimson","San Diego,CA,28-June-95","VHS",

"King Crimson","Schizoid Man (CD EP)","CD",

"King Crimson","Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream (EP)","CD",

"King Crimson","Sleepless","LP Vinyl",

"King Crimson","Solve Et Coagula","CD-R",

"King Crimson","Starless And Bible Black","CD",

"King Crimson","The Beat Club Bremen 1972","CD",

"King Crimson","The ConstruKction Of Light","CD",

"King Crimson","The Double Trio","CD",

"King Crimson","The Great Deceiver (Disc 1)","CD",

"King Crimson","The Great Deceiver [2 - Sleight Of Hand]","CD",

"King Crimson","The Great Deceiver [3 - ... Acts Of Deception]","CD",

"King Crimson","The Great Deceiver [4 - ... But Neither Are They Otherwise]","CD",

"King Crimson","The Mince","CD",

"King Crimson","The Night Watch - Live 1973 (Disc 1)","CD",

"King Crimson","The Night Watch - Live 1973 (Disc 2)","CD",

"King Crimson","The Noise-Frejus 82","VHS",

"King Crimson","The Return Of The Crimson King","CD",

"King Crimson","The Vrooom Sessions","CD",

"King Crimson","The Young Person's Guide to King Crimson","LP Vinyl",

"King Crimson","Thrak","CD",

"King Crimson","Thrakattak","CD",

"King Crimson","Three Of A Perfect Pair","CD",

"King Crimson","Three Of A Perfect Pair:Live In Japan","VHS",

"King Crimson","Toad Place NewHaven, Connecticut 3/4/82","CD-R",

"King Crimson","Town Hall,NYC-03/Jun/95","VHS",

"King Crimson","USA","CD",

"King Crimson","VRoOM Vroom Disc 1- Live In Mexico City","CD",

"King Crimson","VRoOM Vroom Disc 2 - Live In New York","CD",

"King Crimson","Vrooom","CD",

"King Sunny Ade & His African Beats","Synchro System","Cassette",

"King, B.B.","B.B. King: Live at the Regal","LP Vinyl",

"King, B.B.","L.A. Midnight","LP Vinyl",

"King, Earl","""Glazed""","LP Vinyl",

"King, Earl","Sexual Telepathy","LP Vinyl",

"King, Freddie","Freddie King (1934 - 1976)","LP Vinyl",

"King, Freddie","Just Pickin'","LP Vinyl",

"King, Jonny","Meltdown","CD",

"Kingfish","Kingfish 1976","LP Vinyl",

"Kingfish","Kingfish 1985","LP Vinyl",

"Kinsey, Big Daddy & Sons","Can't Let Go","CD",

"The Kinsey Report","Edge of the City","LP Vinyl",

"The Kinsey Report","Midnight Drive","CD",

"The Kinsey Report","Powerhouse","CD",

"Kinsey, Don","Don Kinsey and the Chosen Ones","LP Vinyl",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","""Rahsaan"" The Complete Mercury Recordings (Disc 1)","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","""Rahsaan"" The Complete Mercury Recordings (Disc 2)","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","""Rahsaan"" The Complete Mercury Recordings (Disc 3)","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","""Rahsaan"" The Complete Mercury Recordings (Disc 4)","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","""Rahsaan"" The Complete Mercury Recordings - Disc 8","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","""Rahsaan"" The Complete Mercury Recordings Disc 10","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","""Rahsaan"" The Complete Mercury Recordings Disc 6","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","""Rahsaan"" The Complete Mercury Recordings Disc 7","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","""Rahsaan"" The Complete Mercury Recordings Disc 9","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","(I, Eye, Aye) - Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland 1972","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","A Standing Eight (Disc 1)","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Blacknuss","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Bright Moments (Disc 1)","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Bright Moments (Disc 2)","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Dog Years In The Fourth Ring","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Dog Years In The Fourth Ring (Disc 2)","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Funk Underneath","LP Vinyl",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Here Comes The Whistleman","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Ira Sillivan","LP Vinyl",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Kirk In Copenhagen Vol.1","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Left & Right [Disc 1 Of 4: ""Aces Back To Back""]","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Live In Paris 1970 Vol. 1","LP Vinyl",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Natural Black Inventions: Root Strata","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Ornette Coleman Quartet - Ornette!","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Other Folks' Music","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Paris 1976","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Prepare Thyself To Deal With A Miracle","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Rahsaan Rahsaan","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Rip, Rig And Panic; Now Please Don't You Cry...","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Roller Coaster","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Separate But Equal - Disc 1 - Rahsaan Roland Kirk-The Case Of The 3 Sided Dream In Audio Color","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","The Inflated Tear","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","The Man Who Cried Fire","CD",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","The One Man Twins","VHS",

"Kirk, Rahsaan Roland","Volunteered Slavery","CD",

"Kirkpatrick, John","The Compleat Dancing Master","LP Vinyl",

"Kloss, Eric","One Two Free","CD",

"Kloss, Eric","Sky Shadows In The Land Of The Giants","CD",

"Knepper, Jimmy","Cunningbird","LP Vinyl",

"Knepper, Jimmy","I Dream Too Much","LP Vinyl",

"The Knitters","Poor Little Critter In The Road","LP Vinyl",

"KNOWLEDGE","Straight Outta Trenchtown 1975 - 1980","CD",

"Koch, Hans","Acceleration","LP Vinyl",

"KONG","Earmined 97","CD",

"KONG","Freak Control 1999","CD",

"KONG","Pushes Comes to Shove 1995","CD",

"Konitz, Lee","I Concentrate On You (A Tribute To Cole Porter)","LP Vinyl",

"Konitz, Lee","Ideal Scene","LP Vinyl",

"Konitz, Lee","Jazz a Juan","LP Vinyl",

"Konitz, Lee","Jazz A Juan","CD",

"Konitz, Lee","Live at Laren","LP Vinyl",

"Konitz, Lee","Lone-Lee","LP Vinyl",

"Konitz, Lee","New York Album","CD",

"Konitz, Lee","Pyramid","LP Vinyl",

"Konitz, Lee","Round & Round","Cassette",

"Konitz, Lee","Satori","LP Vinyl",

"Konitz, Lee","Subconscious-Lee","LP Vinyl",

"Konitz, Lee","The Lee Konitz Duets","LP Vinyl",

"Konitz, Lee","WINDOWS","CD",

"Konitz, Lee","Yes, Yes, Nonet","LP Vinyl",

"Konk Pack","Big Deep","CD",

"Korai Orom","Korai Orom 2002","LP Vinyl",

"Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated","R & B From The Marquee","CD",

"The Kouyate, Ousmane","Domba","Cassette",

"Kowald, Peter","Bass Duets","CD",

"Kowald, Peter","Was Da Ist","CD",

"Kraan","2001 Live","CD",

"Kraan","Andy Nogger","LP Vinyl",


"Kraan","Kraan Live","CD",

"Kraan","Let it Out","LP Vinyl",


"Kraftwelt","Deranged In Space","CD",

"Kraftwelt","Electric Dimension","CD",

"Kraftwerk","Concert Classics","CD",

"Kraftwerk","Electric Cafe","CD",

"Kraftwerk","Expo Remix","LP Vinyl",


"Kraftwerk","Kraftwerken in Detroit June 11, 1998","CD",


"Krall, Dianna","The Making Of Love Scenes","VHS",

"Kramer, Wayne","Citizen Wayne","CD",

"Kramer, Wayne","Cocaine Blues from Michael's D.D. ""Who else"" 11/29/00","CD",

"Kramer, Wayne","Dangerous Madness","CD",

"Kramer, Wayne","The Hard Stuff","CD",

"Kramer, Wayne","Wayne Kramer-LLMF","CD",

"Krantz, Wayne","2 Drink Minimum","CD",

"Krantz, Wayne","Long To Be Loose","CD",

"Krantz, Wayne","Signals","CD",

"Kremer,Gideon","Edition Lockenhaus Volume 1","LP Vinyl",

"Kremer,Gideon","Edition lockenhaus-Vol.3","LP Vinyl",

"Krieger, Robby","Cinematix","CD",

"Krieger, Robby","No Habla","CD",

"Krieger, Robby","Versions & Robby Kriegger","CD",

"Krimsky, Katrina","Stella Malu","LP Vinyl",

"Kronos Quartet","Five Tango Sensations","CD",

"Kronos Quartet","Kronos Quartet - Pieces Of Africa","CD",

"Kronos Quartet","Kronos Quartet - Released 1985-1995 / Unreleased 1/2","CD",

"Kronos Quartet","Kronos Quartet - Released 1985-1995 / Unreleased 2/2","CD",

"Kronos Quartet","Monk Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Kronos Quartet","Music Of Bill Evans","LP Vinyl",

"Kronos Quartet","Sculthorpe/Salinen/Glass/Nancarrow/Hendrix","LP Vinyl",

"Kronos Quartet","White Man Sleeps","LP Vinyl",

"Kruder Dorfmeister","The K & D Sessions","LP Vinyl",

"Krust","Coded Language","CD",

"Krust","Krustdecoded","LP Vinyl",

"Krust","Through The Eyes","CD",

"Krust","Through The EyesV.2 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Kühn, Joachim","Charisma","LP Vinyl",

"Kühn, Joachim","From Time To Time Free","CD",

"Kühn, Joachim","Hip Elegy","LP Vinyl",

"Kühn, Joachim","Situations","LP Vinyl",

"Kühn, Joachim","Spring Fever","LP Vinyl",

"Kühn, Joachim","Sunshower","LP Vinyl",

"Kühn, Joachim","Transformation","LP Vinyl",

"Kuhn, Steve","Ecstasy","LP Vinyl",

"Kuhn, Steve","Last Year's Waltz","LP Vinyl",

"Kuhn, Steve","Motility","LP Vinyl",

"Kuhn, Steve","Non-Fiction","LP Vinyl",

"Kuhn, Steve","Playground","LP Vinyl",

"Kuhn, Steve","raindrops...Steve Kuhn","LP Vinyl",

"Kuhn, Steve","Trance","LP Vinyl",

"Kuti, Femi","shoki shoki","CD",

"Kvhw","Kvhw Live In Concert 9/28/98 And 10/24/98","CD",

"Kynard, Charles","Legends Of Acid Jazz","CD",

"Kynard, Charles","The Soul Brotherhood","CD",