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"Paquito D'Rivera","40 Years Of Cuban Jam Session","CD",

"Paquito D'Rivera","Presents 'cuba Jazz'","CD",

"D'Rivera, Paquito","Celebration","LP Vinyl",

"D'Rivera, Paquito","Explosion","LP Vinyl",

"D'Rivera, Paquito","Manhattan Burn","LP Vinyl",

"D'Rivera, Paquito","Mariel","LP Vinyl",

"D'Rivera, Paquito","Paquito Blowin'","LP Vinyl",

"D'Rivera, Paquito","Paquito D'Rivera Live at Keystone Korner","LP Vinyl",

"D'Rivera, Paquito","Paquito D'Rivera, Arturo Sandoval REUNION","Cassette",

"D'Rivera, Paquito","Why Not?","LP Vinyl",

"D.F.A.","Work in progress - Live at Nearfest 2000","CD",

"Da Costa, Paulinho","Agora","LP Vinyl",

"Dailey, Albert","That Old Feeling","LP Vinyl",

"Dale, Dick","""King of the Surf Guitar""","LP Vinyl",

"Dale, Dick","Better Shred Than Dead (Disc 1)","CD",

"Dale, Dick","Better Shred Than Dead (Disc 2)","CD",

"Dale, Dick","Dick's Pick Live at the Santa Monica Pier 7/18/96","CD",

"Dale, Dick","Spacial Disorientation","CD",

"Dale, Dick","Tribal Thunder","CD",

"Dali's Car","The Waking Hour","CD",

"Dalto, Jorge","Rendezvous","LP Vinyl",

"Dalto, Jorge","Urban Oasis","LP Vinyl",

"Dameron, Tad","Fontainbleau","LP Vinyl",

"Dameron, Tad","The Magic Touch","LP Vinyl",

"Dameronia","Live At The Theatre Boulogne","CD",


"Dandy's Dandy, A Latin Affair","Johny Rodriguez, Jr.","CD",

"Danny And The Fat Boys","American Music","CD",

"Danny Thompson Trio","Live 1967","CD",

"Dark","Dark","LP Vinyl",

"Dark","Tamna Voda","CD",

"Dark Matter","Seeing Strange Lights","CD",

"Darling, David","Cycles","LP Vinyl",

"Darling, David","Journal October Solo Cello","LP Vinyl",

"Darriau, Matt","Paradox Trio","CD",

"Darriau, Matt","Source","CD",

"Dauner, Wolfgang","Output","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Walter Jr.","Abide With Me","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Walter Jr.","Davis Cup","CD",

"Davis, Walter Jr.","Illumination","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Walter Jr.","Scorpio Rising","CD",

"Davis, Walter Jr.","Walter Davis, Jr.: In Walked Thelonious","Cassette",

"Davis, Anthony","Anthony Davis, James Newton, Abdul Wadud Trio 2","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Anthony","Hidden Voices","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Anthony","I've Known Rivers","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Anthony","Of Blues and Dreams","CD",

"Davis, Anthony","Of Blues and Dreams","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Art","LIFE","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Art","Reemergence","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Charles","""Dedicated to Tadd""","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Charles","Reflections","CD",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","""Jaws""","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","Afro - Jaws","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","Eddie ""Lockjaw"" Davis & Johnny Griffin Griff & Lock","Cassette",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","Jaws in Orbit","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","Montreux '77","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","Smokin'","CD",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","Straight Ahead","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","The Eddie ""Lockjaw"" Davis Cookbook Vol. 1","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","The Eddie ""Lockjaw"" Davis Cookbook Vol. 2","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","The Heavy Hitter","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","The Rev. Eddie ""Lockjaw"" Davis Volume 2 of the Eddie ""Lockjaw"" Davis Cookbooks","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","Trane Whistle","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Eddie ""Lockjaw""","Very Saxy","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, James ""Thunderbird""","Check Out Time","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","A Tribute To Jack Johnson","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Agharta (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Agharta (Disc 2)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Another Bitches Brew (Disc2-Live)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Another Unity","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Another Unity","CD",

"Davis, Miles","At Last! Miles Davis and the Lighthouse all-Stars","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Aura","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Big Fun","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Big Fun (Disc 2)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Bitches Brew (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Black Beauty - Miles Davis At Fillmore West (Remaster 2) (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Black Beauty - Miles Davis At Fillmore West (Remaster 2) (Disc 2)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Black Satin","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Cellar Door 12/19/90","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Circle In The Round","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Circle In The Round","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (Disc 2)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Complete Columbia Recordings (Disc 6)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Complete In A Silent Way Sessions","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Complete Live At Plugged Nickel 2b","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Côte Blues","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Dark Magus (Remaster) (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Dark Magus (Remaster) (Disc 2)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Davis","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","DIG","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Directions Unreleased REcordings 1960-1970","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Double Image","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Electric Miles Davis 1973","VHS",

"Davis, Miles","En Concert","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Fillmore East 3/7/70 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","First Miles","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Friday Night Miles Davis in Person at the Blackhawk, San Francisco","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Get Up With It (Remastered) (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Get Up With It (Remastered) (Disc 2)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Green Haze","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","In Concert: Live At Philharmonic Hall (Remaster) (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","In Concert: Live At Philharmonic Hall (Remaster) (Disc 2)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Live 1970/1973","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Live 1970/1973 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Live 1970/1973 (Disc 3)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Live 1970/1973 (Disc 4)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Live at On The Corner","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Live At The Fillmore East (March 7, 1970) (Disc 2)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Live Evil (Remaster 1) (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Live Evil (Remaster 2) (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Live Miles: More Music from the Legendary Carnegie Hall Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Miles & Monk at Newport","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Ahead","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis & John Coltrane Live in Stockholm 1960","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis - Heard 'Round the World","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis at Carnegie Hall","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis At Fillmore (Remaster 2) (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis At Fillmore (Remaster 2) (Disc 2)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis Collector's Items","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis Four & More Recorded Live in Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis in Europe Recorded Live at the Antibes Jazz Festival","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis Quintet 1965-68 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis Quintet 1965-68 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis Quintet 1965-68 (Disc 3)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis Quintet 1965-68 (Disc 4)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis Quintet 1965-68 (Disc 5)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Miles Davis Quintet 1965-68 (Disc 6)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Miles in Berlin","CD",

"Davis, Miles","More Black Beauty","CD",

"Davis, Miles","More Live Evil","CD",

"Davis, Miles","My Funny Valentine Miles Davis in Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","No Blues","CD",

"Davis, Miles","On New Visions","VHS",

"Davis, Miles","On The Corner","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Pangaea","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Pangaea","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Panthalassa: The Music of Miles Davis 1969-1974","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Panthalassa: The remixes","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Porgy & Bess","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Quiet Nights (Remaster)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Saturday Night Miles Davis in Person at the Blackhawk, San Francisco Volume II","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Seven Steps to Heaven","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Sketches Of Spain","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Someday My Prince Will Come","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Sorcerer","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Spanish Key 11/2/69","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Tallest Trees","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (Disc 3)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (Disc 4)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Columbia Recordings, 1955-1961 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Columbia Recordings, 1955-1961 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Columbia Recordings, 1955-1961 (Disc 3)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Columbia Recordings, 1955-1961 (Disc 4)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Columbia Recordings, 1955-1961 (Disc 5)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions (Disc 3)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Live At The Plugged Nickel 1965","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Live At The Plugged Nickel 1965","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Live At The Plugged Nickel 1965","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Live At The Plugged Nickel 1965","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Live At The Plugged Nickel 1965 (2a/8)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Live At The Plugged Nickel 1965 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Complete Live At The Plugged Nickel 1965 (Disc 5)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","The Silent Way Sessions","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Tune in 5","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Tune Up","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","Two Miles Live - Disc 2 (Bootleg)","CD",

"Davis, Miles","Workin' and Steamin'","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Miles","You're Under Arrest","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Richard","As One","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Richard","Dealin'","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Richard","Epistrophy & Now's The Time","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Richard","Harvest","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Richard","I Remember Clifford","CD",

"Davis, Richard","Live at WDET-2/18/01","CD-R",

"Davis, Richard","Muses for Richard Davis","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Richard","One For Frederick","CD",

"Davis, Richard","Persia My Dear","CD",

"Davis, Richard","Song For Wounded Knee","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Richard","The Basist","CD",

"Davis, Richard","Total Package","CD",

"Davis, Richard","Way Out West","LP Vinyl",

"Davis, Richard","With Understanding","LP Vinyl",

"Dawkins, Ernest","Chicago Now - Thirty Years Of Great Black Music Vol. 2","CD",

"Dawkins, Ernest","Chicago Now-Thirty Years Of Great Black Music/Vol 1","CD",

"Dawkins, Ernest","Jo'burg Jump","CD",

"Dawkins, Ernest","Mother's Blue Velvet Shoes","CD",

"Dawkins, Ernest","South Street Songs","CD",

"De Lucia, Paco","Siroco","Cassette",

"De Souza, Raoul","Colors","CD",

"Dead Ringers","Dead Ringers","CD",


"Deadline","Down By Law","LP Vinyl",

"Deals,Ideas & Ideals","Deals, Ideas & Ideals","CD",

"Debriano, Santi","3-Ology","CD",

"Debriano, Santi","Obeah","LP Vinyl",

"Debriano, Santi","Panamaniacs","CD",

"Debriano, Santi","Soldiers Of Fortune","CD",

"Deep Dish","Junk Science","CD",

"Deep Dish","Renaissance Ibiza (Disc 1)","CD",

"Deep Dish","Reniassance Ibiza","CD",

"Deep Purple","1420 Beachwood Drive The 1975 California Rehearsals Part 2","CD",

"Deep Purple","Abandon","CD",

"Deep Purple","April","CD",

"Deep Purple","Australia 99-A Band Down Under","VHS",

"Deep Purple","Burn","CD",

"Deep Purple","Come Hell Or High Water","CD",

"Deep Purple","Come Taste The Band","CD",

"Deep Purple","Days May Come And Days May Go (The California Rehearsals-June 1975","CD",

"Deep Purple","Deep Purple - Live In California 1976 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Deep Purple","Deep Purple In Rock","CD",

"Deep Purple","Deep Purple Live In Japan (Osaka 15th August 1972","CD",

"Deep Purple","Fireball","CD",

"Deep Purple","Heavy Metal Pioneers","VHS",

"Deep Purple","House Of Blues,LA-07-Jan-98","VHS",

"Deep Purple","In Concert (Disc 2)","CD",

"Deep Purple","In Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra (Disc 1)","CD",

"Deep Purple","In Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra (Disc 2)","CD",

"Deep Purple","In Concert, (Disc 1)","CD",

"Deep Purple","In The Absence Of Pink - Knebworth 85","CD",

"Deep Purple","In The Absence Of Pink - Knebworth 85","CD",

"Deep Purple","Live At The California Jam","CD",

"Deep Purple","Live At The Olympia '96 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Deep Purple","Live At The Olympia '96 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Deep Purple","Live In California 1976 (Disc 2)","CD",

"Deep Purple","Live In Japan","CD",

"Deep Purple","Live In Japan 21st Anniversary Collectors 3CD Set (Disc 3)","CD",

"Deep Purple","Live In London - 1974","CD",

"Deep Purple","Machine Head - 25th Anniversary Edition","CD",

"Deep Purple","Machine Head - 25th Anniversary Edition","CD",

"Deep Purple","Made In Europe","CD",

"Deep Purple","Made in Japan","CD",

"Deep Purple","Made in Japan","CD",

"Deep Purple","Mk III The Final Concerts (Disc 1)","CD",

"Deep Purple","Mk III The Final Concerts (Disc 2)","CD",

"Deep Purple","New, Live And Rare","CD",

"Deep Purple","Nobody's Perfect","Cassette",

"Deep Purple","Perfect Strangers","CD",

"Deep Purple","Pine Knob 98","VHS",

"Deep Purple","Purpendicular","CD",

"Deep Purple","Scandinavian Nights (Disc 1)","CD",

"Deep Purple","Scandinavian Nights Disc 1+2","CD",

"Deep Purple","Shades of Deep Purple","CD",

"Deep Purple","Singles A's & B's","CD",

"Deep Purple","Starstorm","CD",

"Deep Purple","Stormbringer","CD",

"Deep Purple","The Battle Rages On","CD",

"Deep Purple","The Book Of Taliesyn","CD",

"Deep Purple","The House Of Blue Light","CD",

"Deep Purple","This Time Around - Live In Tokyo (Disc 1)","CD",

"Deep Purple","This Time Around - Live In Tokyo (Disc 2)","CD",

"Deep Purple","Total Abandon (Disc 1)","CD",

"Deep Purple","Total Abandon Live In Australia '99 2-2","CD",

"Deep Purple","Who Do We Think We Are?","CD",

"DEEP RUMBA","A Calm In The Fire Of Dances","CD",

"DeFrancesco, Joey","All In The Family","CD",

"DeFrancesco, Joey","DetroitJazz Festival-9/3/02","CD-R",

"DeFrancesco, Joey","Incredible","CD",

"DeFrancesco, Joey","The Champ Round 2","CD",

"Defunkt","A Blues Tribute: Jimi Hendrix & Muddy Waters","CD",

"Defunkt","Avoid the Funk","LP Vinyl",


"Defunkt","Hannibal","LP Vinyl",

"Defunkt","In America","CD",

"Defunkt","Live & Reunified","CD",

"Defunkt","Live At The Knitting Factory NYC","CD",

"Defunkt","Thermo Nuclear Sweat","LP Vinyl",

"DeGraaff, Rein","""New York Jazz""","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Album Album","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Audio Visualscapes","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Inflation Blues","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Irresistible Forces","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Jack DeJohnette's Directions: Cosmic Chicken","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","New Directions","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","New Directions in Europe","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","New Rags","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Oneness","CD",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Parallel Realities","Cassette",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Piano Album","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Pictures","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Sorcery","CD",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Special Edition","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","The DeJohnette Complex","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Time & Space","CD",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Tin Can Alley","LP Vinyl",

"DeJohnette, Jack","Untitled","LP Vinyl",

"Delaney & Bonnie & Friends","ON THE ROAD with Eric Clapton & George Harrison","CD",

"Delaney & Bonnie & Friends","On Tour With Eric Clapton","CD",

"Delaney & Bonnie & Friends","The Best Of Delaney And Bonnie","CD",

"Delaney & Bonnie & Friends","To Bonnie From Delaney","LP Vinyl",

"Delcloo, Claude","Africanasia","LP Vinyl",

"DeLucia, Paco","Castro Marin","LP Vinyl",

"DeLucia, Paco","Live....One summer night","LP Vinyl",

"Demenga,Thomas","Holliger/Bach","LP Vinyl",

"Amy Denio, Negativland, Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman","Promo Only - Another Knitting Factory Tour","CD",

"Dennerlein, Barbara","Hot Stuff","CD",

"Denny, Sandy","'Gold Dust' Live At The Royalty","CD",

"Denny, Sandy","Dark The Night","CD",

"Denny, Sandy","Like an Old Fashioned Waltz","LP Vinyl",

"Denny, Sandy","One Last Sad Refrain","CD",

"Denny, Sandy","Rendezvous","LP Vinyl",

"Denny, Sandy","Sandy Denny And The Strawbs","CD",

"Denny, Sandy","The Attic Tracks 1972-1984","CD",

"Denny, Sandy","The North Star Grassman and The Ravens","LP Vinyl",

"Denny, Sandy","Who Knows Where The Time Goes?","LP Vinyl",

"Denson, Karl","Dance Lesson #2","CD",

"Deodato, Eumir","Deodato 2","CD",

"Deodato, Eumir","Live At Felt Forum","CD",

"Deodato, Eumir","Prelude","CD",

"Derek & The Dominos","Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs","CD",

"Derek & The Dominos","Live at the Filmore","CD",

"Derek & The Dominos","Substance Vol. 1 Discs 1 & 2","CD",

"Derek & The Dominos","Substance Vol. 1 Discs 3 & 4","CD",

"Derek & The Dominos","The Layla Sessions - Alternate Masters, Jams And Outtakes","CD",

"Derek & The Dominos","The Layla Sessions - The Jams","CD",

"Derek Trucks Band","Joyful Noise","CD",

"Derek Trucks Band","Out Of The Madness","CD",

"Derek Trucks Band","The Derek Trucks Band","CD",

"Derome, Jean","Live At The Edgefest-10/04/02","CD-R",

"Descarga Boricua","Esta, Si Va! (Disc 1)","CD",

"Descarga Boricua","Esta, Si Va! (Disc 2)","CD",

"Desmond, Paul","Blues In Time","CD",

"Desmond, Paul","East Of The Sun","CD",

"Desmond, Paul","Like Someone In Love","CD",

"Desmond, Paul","Paul Desmond","LP Vinyl",

"Desmond, Paul","Paul Desmond Quartet featuring Don Elliott","LP Vinyl",

"Desmond, Paul","Pure Desmond","CD",

"Desmond, Paul","The Paul Desmond Quartet LIVE!","LP Vinyl",

"Detroit Stick Show","Detroit Stick Show live at Union Street Detroit, MI 10/24/01","CD",

"Detroit","Detroit with Mitch Ryder","LP Vinyl",

"Detroit Blues Band","Can't Get You Off My Mind","CD",

"Detroit Blues Band","Real Life","CD",

"Devadip Carlos Santana and Turiya Alice Coltrane","Illuminations","CD",

"Devo","Are We Not Men?","LP Vinyl",

"Devo","Devo Live!","LP Vinyl",

"Devo","E-Z Listening Disc","CD",

"Devo","E-Z Listening Disc","CD",

"Dhol Foundation with Johnny Kalsi","Big Drum: Small World 2001","CD",

"Diabate, Zani","Zani Diabate & The Super Djata Band","LP Vinyl",

"Dibano, Manu","Abele Dance","LP Vinyl",

"Dibano, Manu","Afrijazzy","CD",

"Dibano, Manu","Electric Africa","LP Vinyl",

"Diblo Dibala","Best Of Matchatcha","CD",

"Diblo Dibala","Super Soukous","LP Vinyl",

"Dick, Robert","Third Stone From The Sun","CD",

"Dickerson, Walt","Divine Gemini","LP Vinyl",

"Dickerson, Walt","I Hear You John","LP Vinyl",

"Dickerson, Walt","Impressions Of ""A Patch Of Blue""","CD",

"Dickerson, Walt","Live Rays","LP Vinyl",

"Dickerson, Walt","Peace","LP Vinyl",

"Dickerson, Walt","Serendipity","LP Vinyl",

"Dickerson, Walt","Tenderness","LP Vinyl",

"Dickerson, Walt","Visions","CD",

"'Die Like a Dog' Quartet","From Valley To Valley","CD",

"Dieng, Aiyb","Rhythmagick 1996","CD",

"Diga Rhythm Band","Diga","CD",

"Digweek, John & Sasha","Communicate (Disc 2)","CD",

"Digweek, John & Sasha","Sasha & John Digweed Communicate (Disc 1)","CD",

"Dim Stars","Dim Stars","CD",

"Di Meola, Al","Acoustic Anthology","CD",

"Di Meola, Al","CASINO","Cassette",

"Di Meola, Al","Electric Anthology","CD",

"Di Meola, Al","Land Of The Midnight Sun","CD",

"Di Meola, Al","Live At The Palladium 1992","VHS",

"Di Meola, Al","Shelton,8/3/80CT","CD-R",

"Dimitri From Paris","A Night At The Playboy Mansion","CD",


"Diorio, Joe","20th Century Impressions","CD",

"Dire Straits","Alchemy and Dire Straits Live","LP Vinyl",

"Dire Straits","Brothers In Arms","LP Vinyl",

"Dire Straits","Making Movies","LP Vinyl",

"Dire Straits","On Every Street","Cassette",

"Dirty Dozen Brass Band","Mardi Gras in Montreux LIVE!","LP Vinyl",

"Dirty Dozen Brass Band","Medicated Magic","CD",

"Dirty Dozen Brass Band","Voodoo","LP Vinyl",

"Discipline","Live & In The Studio","CD-R",

"Discipline","Push And Profit","CD",

"Discipline","Unfolded Like Staircase","CD",

"Divination","Akasha - Disc 2 Rhythm","CD",

"Divination","Akasha: Disk 1, Ambient","CD",


"The Dixie Dregs","Bring 'Em Back Alive","Cassette",

"The Dixie Dregs","California Screamin'","CD",

"The Dixie Dregs","Dixie Dregs: King Biscuit Flower Hour","CD",

"The Dixie Dregs","Free Fall","CD",

"The Dixie Dregs","Sex, Dregs & Rock 'n' Roll","CD",

"The Dixie Dregs","The Great Spectacular","CD",

"The Dixie Dregs","What If","CD",

"Dixon, Terrence","From the Far Future","LP Vinyl",

"Dixon, Willie","Hidden Charms","LP Vinyl",

"Dixon, Willie","I Am The Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Dixon, Willie","Willie's Blues","LP Vinyl",

"dj bone subject","Detroit Volume 2","CD",

"dj bone subject","DJ Bone Motor Mix Vol 1 8/7/98","Cassette",

"dj bone subject","djbonesubject: Detroitvolume2","LP Vinyl",

"Dj Cheb I Sabbah","Krishna Lila","LP Vinyl",

"Dj Cheb I Sabbah","Krishna Lila","CD",

"Dj Cheb I Sabbah","MahaMaya","CD",

"Dj Cheb I Sabbah","Shri Durga","CD",

"Dj Disciple","International House Vibes V.2","CD",

"DJ Evil P","Resonations (System Soundbar, Toronto)","CD",

"DJ Garth","San Francisco Sessions, Volume 3","CD",

"DJ I-Cue","Jah (Liquid Sky Music)","LP Vinyl",

"DJ John Kelley","High Desert SoundSystem 2","CD",

"DJ Logic","Presents Project Logic","CD",

"DJ Logic","The Anomaly","CD",

"DJ Rolando A.K.A. The Aztec Mystic","Jaguar (New remix by Derrick May)","LP Vinyl",

"DJ Soul Slinger","Don't Believe","CD",

"DJ Soul Slinger","Kurupt","LP Vinyl",

"DJ Soul Slinger","Missing Time: The Abducted Remixes","CD",

"DJ Soul Slinger","This is Jungle Sky Volume 7","LP Vinyl",

"DJ Soul Slinger","United DJs Of America Volume 14 DJ SoulSlinger","CD",

"DJ Soul Slinger","Upload: A Continuous Mix","CD",

"DJ Spooky","[The End Of Utopia]","CD",

"DJ Spooky","Backwards Forwards","LP Vinyl",

"DJ Spooky","DJ Spooky + Totemplow template 23 mixes 12"" ep","LP Vinyl",

"DJ Spooky","File Under Futurism","CD",

"DJ Spooky","Form Or Function 10"" ep","LP Vinyl",

"DJ Spooky","Galactic Funk","LP Vinyl",

"DJ Spooky","Haunted Beats","LP Vinyl",

"DJ Spooky","Haunted Beats Volume Two","LP Vinyl",

"DJ Spooky","Necropolis: The Dialogic Project","CD",

"DJ Spooky","Nest - Fall 2001","CD",

"DJ Spooky","Object Unknown","CD",

"DJ Spooky","Optometry","CD",

"DJ Spooky","Riddim Warfare","CD",

"DJ Spooky","Songs Of A Dead Dreamer","CD",

"DJ Spooky","Stuzzicadenti","CD",

"DJ Spooky","Subliminal Minded EP","CD",

"DJ Spooky","Synthetic Fury EP","CD",

"DJ Spooky","That Subliminal Kid","LP Vinyl",

"DJ Spooky","That Subliminal Kid","CD",

"DJ Spooky","That Subliminal Kid & Merzbow","LP Vinyl",

"DJ Spooky","That Subliminal Kid + Nobukazu Takemura","LP Vinyl",

"DJ Spooky","The Quick And The Dead","CD",

"DJ Spooky","UnderTheInfluence","CD",

"DJ Spooky","Viral Sonata","CD",

"Dj T1000","Live Sabotage","CD",

"Dj T1000","The Last DJ On Earth","CD",

"DJ Wally","DJ Wally's Genetic Flaw","CD",

"DJ Wally","The Stoned Ranger Rydes Again","CD",

"Dj Zlo","Experiment","CD",

"Djam Karet","Ascension","CD",

"Djam Karet","Ascension to NEARfest 2001","CD",

"Djam Karet","Collaborator","CD",

"Djam Karet","Live At Orion","CD",

"Djam Karet","New Dark Age","CD",

"Djam Karet","Reflections From The Firepool","CD",

"Djam Karet","Still No Commercial Potential","CD",

"Djam Karet","Suspension & Displacement","CD",

"Djam Karet","The Devouring","CD",

"Djam Karet","The Ritual Continues","CD",

"DKV Trio","Baraka","CD",

"DKV Trio","Live In Wels & Chicago, 1998: Disc 1, Wels","CD",

"DKV Trio","Live In Wels & Chicago, 1998: Disc 2, Velvet Lounge","CD",

"DKV Trio","Trigonometry (Disc 1)","CD",

"DKV Trio","Trigonometry (Disc 2)","CD",

"DNA","A Taste of DNA","LP Vinyl",

"Do Make Say Think","& Yet & Yet","LP Vinyl",

"Do Make Say Think","Goodbye Enemy Airshop The Landlord is Dead","LP Vinyl",

"Dodge Main","Dodge Main","CD",

"Dolby, Thomas","Blinded By Science","LP Vinyl",

"Dolby, Thomas","Dolby's Cube","LP Vinyl",

"Dollis, Bo","I'm Back at Carnival Time!","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","'Out To Lunch!'","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Caribe","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Copenhagen Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Dash One","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Fire Waltz","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Illinois Concert","CD",

"Dolphy, Eric","Jitterbug Waltz","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Last Date","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Live in Germany/Eric Dolphy Quartet","CD",

"Dolphy, Eric","Magic","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Other Aspects","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Out There","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Outward Bound","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Quartet 1961","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Status","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","The Berlin Concerts","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","The Great Concert of Eric Dolphy","LP Vinyl",

"Dolphy, Eric","Vintage Dolphy","LP Vinyl",

"Dom Romao Um","Dom Um Romao","CD",

"The Domino's","A Snapshot From The 2002 Domino Ten-Day","CD",

"Donaldson, Lou","A Man With A Horn","CD",

"Donaldson, Lou","Blues Walk","CD",

"Donaldson, Lou","Everything I Play Is Funky","CD",

"Donaldson, Lou","Good Gracious!","CD",

"Donaldson, Lou","Gravy Train","CD",

"Donaldson, Lou","Here 'Tis","CD",

"Donaldson, Lou","Hot Dog","CD",

"Donaldson, Lou","Lush Life","LP Vinyl",

"Donaldson, Lou","Midnight Creeper","CD",

"Donaldson, Lou","Mr. Shing-A-Ling","CD",

"Donaldson, Lou","Pretty Things","CD",

"Donaldson, Lou","Sunny Side Up","CD",

"Donaldson, Lou","The Natural Soul","LP Vinyl",

"Donaldson, Lou","The Scorpion: Live At The Cadillac Club","CD",


"Donovan","Banzani - !","LP Vinyl",

"Donovan","Barabajagal","LP Vinyl",

"Donovan","DONOVAN The Classics Live Great Northern Arts Ltd.","Cassette",

"Donovan","Open Road Fever","CD",

"Donovan","World Power","LP Vinyl",

"The Doors","A Tribute To Jim Morrison","VHS",

"Doors","L.A. Woman","LP Vinyl",

"The Doors","Live At The Hollywood Bowl","VHS",

"Doran - Studer - Minton - Bates - Ali","Play The Music Of Jimy Hendri","CD",

"Dorge, Pierre","Ballad round the left Corner","LP Vinyl",

"Dorge, Pierre","Brikama","LP Vinyl",

"Dorge, Pierre","Even the Moon is Dancing","LP Vinyl",

"Dorge, Pierre","Johnny Lives","LP Vinyl",

"Dorge, Pierre","Pierre Dorge & New Jungle Orchestra","LP Vinyl",

"Dorham, Kenny","'Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemia: Vol I","CD",

"Dorham, Kenny","'Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemia: Vol. II","CD",

"Dorham, Kenny","2 horns/2 rhythms","LP Vinyl",

"Dorham, Kenny","Afro-Cuban","CD",

"Dorham, Kenny","Blue Spring","LP Vinyl",

"Dorham, Kenny","Jazz Contrasts","LP Vinyl",

"Dorham, Kenny","Kenny Dorham Quintet debut records","LP Vinyl",

"Dorham, Kenny","Matador & Inta Somethin'","CD",

"Dorham, Kenny","Quiet Kenny","LP Vinyl",

"Dorham, Kenny","Trompeta Toccata","CD",

"Dorham, Kenny","Una Mas (One More Time)","LP Vinyl",

"Dorham, Kenny","Whistle Stop","CD",

"Dos","Dos","LP Vinyl",

"Dose Hermanos","Live","CD",

"The Dossie Eats Project","We Are The D.E.P.","CD",

"Double Image","Dawn","LP Vinyl",

"Douglas, Dave","A Thousand Evenings","CD",

"Douglas, Dave","Charms Of The Night Sky","CD",

"Douglas, Dave","Constellations - Tiny Bell Trio","CD",

"Douglas, Dave","El Trilogy","CD",

"Douglas, Dave","In Our Lifetime","CD-R",

"Douglas, Dave","Soul On Soul","CD",

"Douglas, Dave","The Infinite","CD",

"Douglas, Dave","Witness","CD",

"Doyle, Arthur Plus Four","Alabama Feeling","CD",

"Dr. John","Anutha Zone","CD",

"Dr. John","Babylon","LP Vinyl",

"Dr. John","Destively Bonnaroo","LP Vinyl",

"Dr. John","Duke Elegant","CD",

"Dr. John","Goin' Back To New Orleans","Cassette",

"Dr. John","Gris - Gris","LP Vinyl",

"Dr. John","Gumbo & In The Right Place","CD",

"Dr. John","Hollywood Be Thy Name","CD",

"Dr. John","In A Sentimental Mood","LP Vinyl",

"Drake, Hamid","Ask The Sun","CD",

"Drake, Hamid","Brothers Together","CD",

"Drake, Hamid","Soul Bodies Vol. 1","CD",

"Dread, Mikey","African Anthem Revisited 2/16/01","CD",

"Dread, Mikey","Beyond World War III","CD",

"Dread, Mikey","Dread At The Controls","LP Vinyl",

"Dread Zeppelin","5,000,000","Cassette",

"Dread Zeppelin","It's Not Unusual","Cassette",

"Dread Zeppelin","Un - led - Ed","Cassette",

"Dream Syndicate","Medicine Show","LP Vinyl",

"Dream Syndicate","The Days Of Wine And Roses (Remastered)","CD",

"Dream Syndicate","The Dream Syndicate","LP Vinyl",

"Dreams","Dreams","LP Vinyl",

"The Dregs","Industry Standard","LP Vinyl",

"Dresser, Mark","The Marks Brothers","CD",

"Drew, Kenny","A Look Inside","CD",

"Drew, Kenny","And Far Away","LP Vinyl",

"Drew, Kenny","Dark Beauty","LP Vinyl",

"Drew, Kenny","Duo","CD",

"Drew, Kenny","Duo 2","LP Vinyl",

"Drew, Kenny","Duo Live In Concert","LP Vinyl",

"Drew, Kenny","Everything I Love","LP Vinyl",

"Drew, Kenny","Home is Where The Sould Is","LP Vinyl",

"Drew, Kenny","If You Could See Me Now","LP Vinyl",

"Drew, Kenny","In Concert","CD",

"Drew, Kenny","It Might As Weel Be Spring","CD",

"Drew, Kenny","Kenny Drew Plays The Music Of Harry Warren And Harold Arlen","CD",

"Drew, Kenny","Kenny Drew Trio At The Bewhouse","CD",

"Drew, Kenny","Lite Flite","CD",

"Drew, Kenny","Morning","LP Vinyl",

"Drew, Kenny","Recollections","CD",

"Drew, Kenny","Ruby My Dear","LP Vinyl",

"Drew, Kenny","Talkin' & Walkin'","CD",

"Drew, Kenny","The Kenny Drew Trio with Paul Chambers, Philly Joe Jones","LP Vinyl",

"Drew, Kenny","This is New","LP Vinyl",

"Drew, Kenny","Undercurrent","CD",

"Drew, Kenny","Your Soft Eyes","LP Vinyl",

"Drexciya","Harnessed The Storm","CD",

"Drummond, Ray","Susanita","LP Vinyl",

"DUB MASSACRE","Part 1 & 2 The Twinkle Brothers Inna Murder Style","CD",

"Dub Syndicate","Fear Of A Green Planet","CD",

"Dub Trees","East Of The River Ganges","CD",

"Dubadelic","Bass Invaders","CD",

"Dudek, Les","Les Dudek","CD",

"Duke, George","A Brazillian Love Affair","CD",

"Duke, George","Three Originals (Disc 1)","CD",

"Duke, George","Three Originals (Disc 2)","CD",

"Duke, Keno","Crest Of The Wave","LP Vinyl",

"DUN","Eros Soleil Atreides 03","CD",

"Dunbar, Aynsley","Blue Whale","CD",

"Dunbar, Ted","Gentle Time Alone","CD",

"Dunbar, Ted","Jazz Guitarist","LP Vinyl",

"Dunbar, Ted","Opening Remarks","LP Vinyl",

"Dunbar, Ted","Secundum Artem","LP Vinyl",

"Dunmall, Paul","Ghostly Thoughts","CD",

"Dupree, Champion Jack","Back Home in New Orleans","LP Vinyl",

"Duran Duran","Clutch Cargo 7/9/82","Cassette",

"Duran Duran","Duran Duran","LP Vinyl",

"Duran Duran","Essential Duran Duran - Night Versions","Cassette",

"Duran Duran","Rio","LP Vinyl",

"Duran, Eddie","Eddie Duran Jazz Guitarist","LP Vinyl",

"Durutti Column","Durutti Column London 6/20/81 Glasgow Nightmoves 2/19/82","Cassette",

"Durutti Column","Live At The Venue","CD",

"Durutti Column","Teatro Orfeo","CD",

"Dury, Ian","Ten Turnips","CD",

"Dyani, Johnny","Song For Biko","LP Vinyl",

"Dylan, Bob","""Subterranean Home Sick Blues""/""Positively Forth Street""","45 RPM",

"Dylan, Bob","Another Side of bob Dylan","LP Vinyl",

"Dylan, Bob","Before The Flood","LP Vinyl",

"Dylan, Bob","Blond on Blonde","LP Vinyl",

"Dylan, Bob","Blood On The Tracks","LP Vinyl",

"Dylan, Bob","Blood on the tracks","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Bob Dylan 7.6.99 St. Andrews Detroit","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Bob Dylan Live at the Warehouse","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Bringing It All Back Home","LP Vinyl",

"Dylan, Bob","Desire","LP Vinyl",

"Dylan, Bob","Don't Look Back","VHS",

"Dylan, Bob","Dylan And The Dead","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Highway 61 Revisited","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Highway 61 Revisited Again","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Isle Of Wight 8/31/69","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","John Wesley Harding","LP Vinyl",

"Dylan, Bob","Live 1966 (Disc 1)","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Live At The Cropredy Festival 1999","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Live AT The Warehouse","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Love and Theft","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Love Songs For America (Disc 1)","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Love Songs For America (Disc 2)","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Million Miles: Live Recordings, 1997~1999","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","New Morning","LP Vinyl",

"Dylan, Bob","Planet Waves","LP Vinyl",

"Dylan, Bob","Poet And The Players","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","Poet And The Players","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","San Diego Rehearsals-Volume 2","CD-R",

"Dylan, Bob","The Basement Tapes","LP Vinyl",

"Dylan, Bob","The Bootleg Series, Vol. 4: Bob Dylan Live, 1966: The Royal Albert Hall Concert [Live] (Disc 2)","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","The French Girl","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","We Didn't Really Get It On Until Oakland","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","We Had Known A Lion","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","We Had Known A Wolf Disc 1 03/10/65","CD",

"Dylan, Bob","You Figure it Out","CD",

"Sheila E.","Romance 1600","VHS",

"Eaglin, Snooks","Baby, You Can Get Your Gun!","LP Vinyl",

"Eaglin, Snooks","Out of Nowhere","LP Vinyl",

"Eardley, Jon","The Jon Eardley Seven","LP Vinyl",

"Earl, Ronnie","I Like It When It Rains","LP Vinyl",

"Earl, Ronnie","Language Of The Soul","CD",

"Earl, Ronnie","Live In Europe","CD",

"Earl, Ronnie","Peace of Mind","LP Vinyl",

"Earl, Ronnie","Smoking","LP Vinyl",

"Earl, Ronnie","Soul Searchin'","Cassette",

"Earl, Ronnie","They Call Me Mr. Earl","LP Vinyl",

"Earland, Charles","Almighty Burner","CD",

"Earland, Charles","Black Drops","CD",

"Earland, Charles","Black Talk!","LP Vinyl",

"Earland, Charles","Intensity","CD",

"Earland, Charles","Living Black! / Live At The Lighthouse","CD",

"Earland, Charles","Mama Roots","LP Vinyl",

"Earland, Charles","Organomically Correct","CD",

"Earland, Charles","Pleasant Afternoon","LP Vinyl",

"Earland, Charles","Slammin & Jammin","CD",

"Earland, Charles","Smokin'","LP Vinyl",

"Earland, Charles","The Reunion - Live At Akbar Hall","CD",

"Earth Messengers","Ivory Towers","LP Vinyl",

"Eastern Rebellion","Eastern Rebellion","LP Vinyl",

"Eastern Rebellion","Eastern Rebellion 4","LP Vinyl",

"Eat Static","Abduction","CD",

"Eat Static","B-World","CD",

"Eat Static","Crash And Burn","CD",

"Eat Static","Decadance","CD",

"Eat Static","Dionysiac","LP Vinyl",

"Eat Static","Epsylon","CD",

"Eat Static","Implant","CD",

"Eat Static","In The Nude!","CD",

"Eat Static","Prepare Your Spirit (Disc 1)","CD",

"Eat Static","PrepareYour Spirit (Disc 2)","CD",

"Eat Static","Science Of The Gods","CD",

"Eat Static","The Alien EPs","CD",

"Echo & The Bunnymen","Bedbugs and Ballyhoo","LP Vinyl",

"Echo & The Bunnymen","Echo & The Bunnymen 1987","LP Vinyl",

"Echo & The Bunnymen","Lips Like Sugar","LP Vinyl",

"Echo & The Bunnymen","Songs To Learn & Sing","LP Vinyl",

"Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials","Chicken, Gravy and Biscuits","LP Vinyl",

"Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials","Roughhousin'","LP Vinyl",

"Edison, Sweets","JawBreakers","LP Vinyl",

"Edmunds, Dave","Get It","LP Vinyl",

"Edwards, Teddy","Good Gravy!","CD",

"Edwards, Teddy","Heart & Soul","LP Vinyl",

"Edwards, Teddy","Mississippi Lad","CD",

"Edwards, Teddy","Out Of This World","LP Vinyl",

"Edwards, Teddy","Teddy's Ready!","CD",

"Edwards, Teddy","Together Again!!!!","LP Vinyl",

"EGG","Egg '69","CD",

"EGG","The Civil Surface","CD",

"EGG","The Polik Force","CD",

"8 Eyed Spy","8 Eyed Spy LIVE","Cassette",

"801","801 Live","CD",

"801","801 Live @ Hull","CD",

"Eight Bold Souls","Eight Bold Souls","LP Vinyl",

"Eight Bold Souls","Last Option","LP Vinyl",

"Eisler, Hans","An Anti-Fascist Cantata","CD-R",

"Ekoostik Hookah","Double Live - Blue Disk","CD",

"Ekoostik Hookah","Double Live - Red Disk","CD",

"Ekoostik Hookah","Dubbah Buddah","CD",

"Ekoostik Hookah","Under Full Sail","CD",

"Ekoostik Hookah","Where The Fields Grow Green","CD",

"Ekstasis","Sala Kongresowa Warsaw, Poland 6/20/98","CD",

"Ekstasis","Wake Up And Dream","CD",

"El Chicano","Chicano Chant","CD",

"El Chicano","Painting The Moment","CD",

"El Chicano","Viva! El Chicano - Their Very Best","CD",

"El Topo","El Topo - 25 Años... Cancion Del Pueblo","CD",

"El Topo","La Patria Va","CD",

"El'Zabar, Kahil","Africa N'da Blues","CD",

"El'Zabar, Kahil","Golden Sea","LP Vinyl",

"El'Zabar, Kahil","One World Family","CD",

"El'Zabar, Kahil","The Ritual","LP Vinyl",

"Elbow","Elbow at the Magic Stick 3/3/02","CD",

"Eldridge, Roy","Happy Time","LP Vinyl",

"Eldridge, Roy","Roy Eldridge 4 Montreux '77","LP Vinyl",

"Electric Orange","Electric Orange","CD",

"The Electric Flag","Old Glory: The Best Of Electric Flag","CD",

"Electric Sunshine","Electric Sunshine","CD",

"Electric Sychurch","Electric Sychurch 10/21/96 HOB French Quarter New Orleans","CD",


"Elias, Eliane","Illusions","LP Vinyl",

"Elioivson, Steve","Dawn Dance","LP Vinyl",

"Ellery Eskelin With Andrea Parkins & Jim Black","One Great Day..","CD",

"Ellington, Duke","Anatomy Of A Murder","CD",

"Ellington, Duke","Blues In Orbit","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","Duke Ellington The Blanton-Webster Band","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","Duke Ellington & John Coltrane","CD",

"Ellington, Duke","Duke Ellington and his Orchestra Featuring Paul Gonsalves","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","Ellington and his orchestra 1965-1972","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","Ellington at Newport","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","First Time! The Count Meets The Duke","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","Four Symphonic Works by Duke Ellington","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","Great Times!","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","Jazz Party","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","Latin American Suite","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","Money Jungle","CD",

"Ellington, Duke","Solos, Duets And Trios","CD",

"Ellington, Duke","The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse A Suite In Eight Parts","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","The Ellington Suites","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","The Great Ellington Units","CD",

"Ellington, Duke","The Intimacy of the Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","This One's For Blanton","CD",

"Ellington, Duke","Up in Duke's Workshop","LP Vinyl",

"Ellington, Duke","Uptown","LP Vinyl",

"Lawrence, Elliot","The Elliot Lawrence Band Plays Gerry Mulligan Arrangements","LP Vinyl",

"Ellis, Don","Don Ellis At Fillmore","LP Vinyl",

"Ellis, Don","How Time Passes","LP Vinyl",

"Ellis, Don","Live at Monterey!","LP Vinyl",

"Ellis, Don","New Ideas: Don Ellis","LP Vinyl",

"Ellis, Don","Tears of Joy","LP Vinyl",

"Ellis, Pee Wee","Blues Mission","CD",

"Ellis, Tinsley","Georgia Blue","LP Vinyl",

"Elvez","A Lad From Spain?","LP Vinyl",

"Elvez","Pure Aztec Gold","CD",

"Emergency Broadcast Network","Commercial Entertainment Broadcast","CD",

"Emergency Broadcast Network","EBN","VHS",

"Emerson, Darren","GlobalUnderground -GU015- Uruguay (Disc 1)","CD",

"Emerson, Darren","GlobalUnderground -GU015- Uruguay (Disc 2)","CD",

"Emerson, Darren","GlobalUnderground -GU020- Singapore","CD",

"Emerson, Darren","GlobalUnderground -GU020- Singapore (Disc 1)","CD",

"Emerson, Lake & Palmer","Emerson Lake & Palmer","CD",

"Emerson, Lake & Palmer","Hartford 96& Jones Beach 96","VHS",

"Emerson, Lake & Palmer","Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival","CD",

"Emerson, Lake & Palmer","Pictures at an Exhibition","CD",

"Emerson, Lake & Palmer","Pictures At An Exhibition Uncut","VHS",

"Emerson, Lake & Palmer","The Return Of The Manticore","CD",

"Emerson, Lake & Palmer","The Return Of The Manticore","CD",

"Emerson, Lake & Palmer","The Return Of The Manticore (disc1)","CD",

"Emerson, Lake & Palmer","The Return Of The Manticore (disc4)","CD",

"Emerson, Lake & Palmer","Works Orchestral Tour","VHS",

"Emery, James","Artlife","LP Vinyl",

"Emilio, Frank","A Tiempo De Danzón","CD",

"Emilio, Frank","Ancestral Reflections","CD",

"Emilio, Frank","Barbarisimo","CD",

"English Beat","Arista-Go-Feet","LP Vinyl",

"English Beat","I Just Can't Stop It","LP Vinyl",

"English Beat","Special Beat Service","LP Vinyl",

"English Beat","What is Beat?","LP Vinyl",

"Eno, Brian","""Lightness"" Music For The Marble Palace, The State Russian Muse","CD",

"Eno, Brian","A Year Cluster & Eno live in Metz, September 1977","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Ali Click","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Ambient #1 Music for Airports","LP Vinyl",

"Eno, Brian","Ambient #4 On Land","LP Vinyl",

"Eno, Brian","Another Green World","LP Vinyl",

"Eno, Brian","Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks","LP Vinyl",

"Eno, Brian","Before and after Science","LP Vinyl",

"Eno, Brian","Bonn, Germany","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Compact Forest Proposal","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Damage","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Discreet Music","LP Vinyl",

"Eno, Brian","Drawn From Life","LP Vinyl",

"Eno, Brian","Eno-Instrumental 1","CD",

"Eno, Brian","excerpts from The Khumbamela","VHS",

"Eno, Brian","Extracts from Music for White Cube","CD",

"Eno, Brian","For All Mankind","VHS",

"Eno, Brian","Fractal Zoom","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Headcandy","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Here Come The Warm Jets","LP Vinyl",

"Eno, Brian","I Dormienti","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Imaginary Landscapes","VHS",

"Eno, Brian","Instrumental (Disc 2)","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Instrumental (Disc 3)","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Kite Stories","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Music for Civic Recovery Centre ""The Quite Club""","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Music For Films","LP Vinyl",

"Eno, Brian","Neroli","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Nerve Net","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Old Land","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Sonora Portraits","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Spinner","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Taking Tiger Mountain","LP Vinyl",

"Eno, Brian","Textures","CD",

"Eno, Brian","The Drop","CD",

"Eno, Brian","The Shutov Assembly","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Thursday Afternoon","VHS",

"Eno, Brian","Vocal Box","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Vocal Box","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Vocal Box","CD",

"Eno, Brian","Wrong Way Up","CD",

"Eno, Roger","Between Tides","LP Vinyl",

"Equal Interest","Equal Interest","CD",

"Eris Pluvia","Rings Of Earthly Light","CD",

"Erskine, Peter","Peter Erskine","LP Vinyl",

"Ervin, Booker","Back From The Gig","LP Vinyl",

"Ervin, Booker","Booker 'n' Brass","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","Down In The Dumps","LP Vinyl",

"Ervin, Booker","Exultation!","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","Groovin' High","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","Gumbo!","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","Heavy!!!","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","Lament For Booker Ervin","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","Setting The Pace","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","Structurally Sound","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","That's It!","LP Vinyl",

"Ervin, Booker","The Blues Book","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","The Freedom Book","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","The In Between","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","The Song Book","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","The Space Book","CD",

"Ervin, Booker","Trance","CD",

"Escovedo, Pete","Mister E","LP Vinyl",

"Escovedo, Pete","Yesterday's Memories/Tomorrow's Dreams","LP Vinyl",

"The Essence All Stars","Bongobop","CD",

"The Essence All Stars","Organic Grooves","CD",

"Estrellas De Areito","Los Heroes (Disc 1)","CD",

"Estrellas De Areito","Los Heroes (Disc 2)","CD",

"The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble","Continuum","CD",

"The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble","Papa's Bounce","CD",

"Eubanks, Robin","Dedication","CD",

"Eubanks, Robin","Different Perspectives","CD",

"Europa String Choir","The Starving Moon","CD",

"Evans, Bill","Bill Evans at The Montreux Jazz Festival","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","Bill Evans The Solo Sessions Volume I","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","Bill Evans Trio at Shelly's Manne-Hole, Hollywood, CA","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","Bill Evans With Jeremy Steig","CD",

"Evans, Bill","Complete Fantasy Recordings","CD",

"Evans, Bill","Complete Fantasy Recordings (Disc 2)","CD",

"Evans, Bill","Complete Fantasy Recordings (Disc 3)","CD",

"Evans, Bill","Complete Fantasy Recordings (Disc 4)","CD",

"Evans, Bill","Complete Fantasy Recordings (Disc 5)","CD",

"Evans, Bill","Complete Fantasy Recordings Disk 6","CD",

"Evans, Bill","Complete Fantasy Recordings Disk 7","CD",

"Evans, Bill","Complete Fantasy Recordings Disk 8","CD",

"Evans, Bill","Complete Fantasy Recordings Disk 9","CD",

"Evans, Bill","Everybody Digs Bill Evans","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","Explorations","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","How my Heart Sings","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","Intermodulation","CD",

"Evans, Bill","Interplay","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","Jazzhouse","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","Montreux II Recorded live at the Montreux Festival, 1970","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","Moon Beams","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","More From The Vanguard","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","New Jazz Conceptions","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","Portrait in Jazz","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","The Bill Evans Album","CD",

"Evans, Bill","The Village Vanguard Sessions","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Bill","Undercurrent","CD",

"Evans, Gil","Blues In Orbit","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Gil","Bud & Bird","CD",

"Evans, Gil","Gil Evans & Ten","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Gil","Gil Evans/Steve Lacy Paris Blues","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Gil","Gil Evans: Live At The Public Theater Vol. 2 (New York 1980)","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Gil","Gil EVans: Live at the Public Theater Vol. 1 (New York 1980)","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Gil","Into The Hot","CD",

"Evans, Gil","Live at Sweet Basil","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Gil","Live at Sweet Basil Vol. 2","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Gil","New Bottle Old Wine","CD",

"Evans, Gil","Out of the Cool","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Gil","Pacific Standard Time","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Gil","Priestess","CD",

"Evans, Gil","Rhythm A Ning","CD",

"Evans, Gil","Svengali","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Gil","The Gil Evans Orchestra Play The Music Of Jimi Hendrix","CD",

"Evans, Gil","The Individualism Of Gil Evans","CD",

"Evans, Gil","There Comes A Time","CD",

"Evans, Gil","Tribute To Gil","CD",

"Evans, Gil","Tribute To Gil","CD",

"Evans, Gil","Voodoo Chile Gil Evans Orchestra","CD",

"Evans, Gil","Where Flamingos Fly","LP Vinyl",

"Evans, Gil","We Remember Jimi","CD",

"Evans, Gil","We Remember Jimi","CD",

"Everyman Band","Berlin November 1982","CD",

"Everyman Band","Everyman Band","LP Vinyl",

"Everyman Band","Everyman Band (Promotional)","CD",

"Everyman Band","Without Warning","LP Vinyl",

"Everything But The Girl","Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl","CD",

"Evidence","Live At The Edgefest-10/5/02","CD-R",

"Evora, Cesaria","Best of Cesaria Evora 8/15/00","CD",

"Eye & I","Eye & I","CD",